2023 ACA Voting: Professionals Marketing Materials

Use the marketing materials below to boost your exposure in our 2023 Aestheticians’ Choice Awards! Use these images on your social media pages, websites, e-mail signatures, and so forth.

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2023 ACA Voting: Marketing Materials

Use the marketing materials below to boost your exposure in our 2023 Aestheticians’ Choice Awards! Use these images on your social media pages, websites, e-mail signatures, and so forth.

To download the images, right-click on the image and click the "Save image as..." option.



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2023 ACAs -- Thank you for voting!

Thank you for voting in the 2023 Aestheticians' Choice Awards! Your vote has been submitted! Check out our other categories below to keep voting for your industry faves.







2023 ACAs -- Vote

Voting is open for our 2023 Aestheticians’ Choice Awards! We received thousands of nominations from you, our readers – aesthetic professionals across the country. That means, every product and aesthetic ambassador that was nominated for these prestigious awards is not only one of the best on the aesthetics market, but also aesthetician approved. Our ACA panel has narrowed down finalists for each of our voting categories and now it’s time for you to cast your votes and help us determine the winning products, brands, and people! With categories such as acne cleanser, tinted sunscreen, seaweed mask, sensitive wax, favorite aesthetician, and favorite brand educator, this year’s Aestheticians’ Choice Awards has not left anything out. Vote for your favorites now through November 30, 2022!







Ritual Skincare

Ever awed by its reparative faculties, Ritual Skincare simply worships the skin their clients live in. Reflecting an internal state of being, skin health is rooted in reasons that go beyond the surface. Ritual Skincare works from the inside out – applying a personalized program of massage modalities, herbal therapies, raw botanicals, and natural topicals to unearth luminous complexions, restore cellular vitality, and support skin’s regenerative functions in constant healing harmony. 

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Contact Information: 


(415) 340-2234  

Allyson Bohnert

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Nourish Skin Nashville

While many medical spas are newly opening in Nashville, Tennessee, Nourish Skin Nashville is offering their clients over an hour of relaxing yet nourishing me-time with results-driven treatments. Coming from the hands of owner, Kyungri Kay Mason she strongly believes the beauty of touch can make a big difference.  

Nourish Skin Nashville is all about a slow and peaceful atmosphere; there is no rush or pressure about anything. The goal is for all their clients to feel refreshed and recharged after their treatment, in addition to a visual improvement in their skin.  

However, Nourish Skin Nashville is not just good for relaxing. Addressing clients’ skin concerns from the cause is also an integral part of the practice, and this includes performing a skin analysis on every client, even her regulars. Through discussion, Mason strives to get to know her clients and start to build a lifetime relationship with them.  

Nourish Skin Nashville is dedicated to helping clients combat their skin concerns and feel like themselves again while offering a peaceful and relaxed environment. At the heart of it all is Mason’s dream and passion about skin that allows her to boost her clients’ confidence and make their day.  

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Contact Information: 

(615) 295-0055 

Brian Goodwin

What is your educational background, and how do you continue your education in the industry? 

My educational background includes medical aesthetics, spa marketing and retailing strategies, team leadership, and adult learning. I am also a master herbalist, and I continue my education in the industry through attending various seminars and training at tradeshows, as well as taking specialty courses in massage techniques, skin anatomy, medical spa modalities, and ingredient knowledge.  

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The Beautique

The story behind The Beautique unknowingly rooted nearly eight years ago when Brooke and Paul Gellici of Rhode Island chose the historic 701 Whaley St. in Columbia, South Carolina as their wedding venue. The building’s character, lighting, and overall presence immediately captured their attention and hearts, leaving a lasting impression on the couple.  

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Contact Information: 


(803) 567-9615 

Rebecca Pate

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(714) 472-1178 

2023 ACA Nominations

DERMASCOPE's 2023 Aestheticians’ Choice Awards (ACAs) and Its Categories are Live for Nominations

The time has come to vote in your favorites of the industry. DERMASCOPE’s 2023 Aestheticians’ Choice Awards (ACAs) are live for nominations! We want to recognize the best of the best in the industry, so we need you to nominate your favorite brands, products, and people that cannot be left out of these prestigious awards. Once nominations have closed, our ACA panel will narrow down finalists for each of the nomination categories and you will be able to cast your final votes to help determine the winners. With all-new categories like Hydrating Cleanser, Deep Chemical Peel, CBD Serum, and Combination Equipment, this year's Aestheticians' Choice Awards is even better! So, make your voice heard and start nominating now through August 31st for your faves to be considered! 





Mark Viktora, president of Viktoria De’Ann Peptide Cosmeceuticals

Peptide Paragon  

Mark Viktora, president of Viktoria De’Ann Peptide Cosmeceuticals, is a biochemist from a long line of scientists. The peptide research on which Viktoria De’Ann Pepide Cosmeceuticals was founded began more than 30 years ago with Viktora’s father, Dean. While researching various pharmaceutical molecules that support growth hormone therapy and target certain types of cancer, he discovered numerous new peptide actives that improve the health, repairing, and rejuvenation of skin cells. Those formulations were then tested for further evaluation.  

When these tests revealed incredible therapeutic healing benefits for burn victims and post-operative patients, it was clear that further research was warranted on these proprietary pharmaceutical therapies. Those early discoveries paved the way for the library of peptides discovered by Viktoria De’Ann researchers. 

Repeatedly hearing that their formulations were exceeding patient and healthcare provider expectations, the team realized the powerful benefits and life-changing impact these products possess. It was evident to Viktora and his team that they could improve the lives of countless people and make a significant positive impact on the skin care industry.  

That spirit of helping others led the company using their innovations to create something much more fulfilling than mere sales. Applying their collective expertise, knowledge, and vision, Viktoria De’Ann committed to the pursuit of solutions that create positive benefits through transformative treatments for those who need them. This novel approach to skin care meant that Viktoria De’Ann would only formulate professional cosmeceuticals with the distinct purpose to achieve ultimate results with no adverse effects.  

This, along with the desire to take a more holistic approach to skin care, means that Viktora and his team rely heavily on peptides, the natural messengers used by skin. Maintaining the original vision and mission, Viktoria De’Ann continues to discover innovative solutions that deliver optimal results by providing pharmaceutical-grade products that equip licensed physicians and aestheticians with a new instrument in their advanced treatment of skin. 

The Viktora family’s dream of helping others with their science-based skin care knowledge was attainable due to their unique business model as a totally vertically integrated skin care company. All peptide research, evaluation, and synthesis are conducted in an FDA-registered, state-of-the-art Viktoria De’Ann laboratory. The active peptides are formulated and manufactured into final products in-house as well.  

Viktoria DeAnn was founded on a single premise – to maintain health by researching, evaluating, and employing active, natural, and biological peptide messengers. That mission has not changed as Viktora continues to innovate and find the best solutions for Viktoria De’Ann’s clients while skipping the hype ingredients that fall short of expectations. 


“I have known Mark Viktora for over a decade and one of the things that has impressed me the most about him is his commitment to bringing the most effective peptide treatments to aestheticians that deliver amazing results. His integrity and sincere desire to change clients’ skin sets him apart.” -Susan Currey, L.E., owner of A Little Skin Studio, LLC 


Jennifer Rosenblum, founder of The Skin Games

The Aesthetician Muse 

Jennifer Rosenblum has dominated the skin care industry for over a decade as a licensed aesthetician and marketing giant. She is the brain behind The Skin Games, an international competition for skin care professionals. The Skin Games was created out of a need to shine the light on licensed aestheticians who are lurking in the corners of the billion-dollar beauty industry. These highly skilled ambassadors of health and beauty bring honest results and lasting proof to the growing public of this rapidly growing industry. The beauty industry rides upon the shoulders of these hard-working, often unnoticed professionals of skin care, and Rosenblum noticed that these aestheticians are not paid their worth due to the industry’s lack of promotion, education, encouragement, and recognition of its membership. There is also the lack of adequate business training and social networking within the industry. 

Rosenblum did not dwell on the problem but instead found a phenomenal solution that put the spotlight on professionals across the country. The Skin Games offers these professionals a refreshing opportunity, as well as resources, to take their businesses to the next level. 

Jennifer Rosenblum also known as The Aesthetician Muse has been able to merge a lot of skills which she has acquired over the years, and this has kept the wheels of The Skin Games moving. The Skin Games platform has helped – and is still in the business of helping – to push many professionals and upcoming professionals into the limelight. 


“As an expert judge for six years, I have met and learned from the best in the beauty industry. Jennifer Moore-Rosenblum, the genius behind The Skin Games, created a platform for those in the beauty business to showcase their skills on an international stage.” -Holly Brown, L.E., executive director & founder of Looking and Feeling FAB, Inc. 

Tina Abnoosi, founder and CEO of TAMA Research

The Engineer  

Few who meet TAMA Research’s founder and CEO, Tina Abnoosi fail to see that there is something more to her motivation in the aesthetic industry. This is due to her journey of innovation, cultivation, and a new approach to beauty that began with an act of love.  

It was her child’s lifelong battle with cerebral palsy that sparked Abnoosi’s inspiration to innovate electrotherapy in the aesthetic and medical industries. “Never able to walk or talk, my daughter was wheelchair-bound. Due to lack of nerve control, her limbs would become tight and spastic. To help her, I found a small amount of electrotherapy to be resourceful in providing relief to muscles, gaining balance, and in helping her body heal,” Abnoosi said. 

However, Abnoosi found the existing equipment on the market to be outdated and cumbersome, as well as uncomfortable for her daughter to receive. She also felt a lot of devices could not deliver sustainable results. 

As an experienced electrical engineer, Abnoosi was inspired to find a better solution. “After my daughter’s passing, I found the courage to pursue my vision of providing the world with a device that would connect, heal, and rejuvenate the body through electrical current, as a tribute to her,” she said. 

The development of TAMA’s groundbreaking technology and its effect on the body further inspired Abnoosi to expand her mission into the aesthetic industry. “I was disappointed that messaging directed to aging women was focused on maintaining a youthful appearance through increasingly invasive procedures. I was driven by a passion to use TAMA’s capabilities to help women find healthy aging and skin solutions by providing balance to the body as well as a holistic approach to addressing symptoms caused by the dysfunction thereof,” Abnoosi said. “When you feel better, you look better. Real beauty comes from a vibrant, healthy existence.”  

Thus, TAMA’s state-of-the-art BlueOnyx Smart Microcurrent System was born to provide aesthetic solutions through TAMA’s innovative approach to electrotherapy-based services. “The beauty and antiaging benefits you see are just a side effect. It is an external sign of what is happening on the inside to make the body whole,” she explained.  

She continued to train in the field of physiology and became licensed as an aesthetician to better connect and help her clients. Through the years, Abnoosi developed a specialty in facial rejuvenation through a total body application. She strives to provide avenues for fellow aestheticians to elevate their knowledge and approach to skin care through TAMA’s Informed Aesthetician Conferences.  


“True leaders shine through tough times. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Tina Abnoosi united TAMA practitioners in free daily Zoom training. It was uplifting and healing. Her classes and dedication helped me immensely to get through these turbulent times.” -Milla Waldman, president of Studio M 

Michael Shuey, director of education for Skin Script

The Educationist  

If asked what his key to success is, Michael Shuey will say his dyslexia. He was motivated to be the first in his family to go to college, but school was never easy. “In third grade, I could not read. There was a disconnect between what was on the page and what would come out of my mouth. It was frustrating, and I just thought that I was dumb,” Shuey recalls. At age 9, he was diagnosed as dyslexic and learned that his brain was wired differently than most people’s. It took three years of hard work with a special educator for him to learn how to adapt his dyslexia into a gift. He jokes that dyslexia gave him the superpowers of excellent abstract and critical thinking skills, along with creative problem-solving abilities, a wonderful imagination, and tremendous empathy. 

Shuey has used these skills to his advantage throughout his career. His love for education was sparked by the special education teacher who taught him that not everyone learns the same way. He received a Bachelor of Arts in learning and pedagogy from Northern Arizona University. He approaches curriculum and training from multiple learning styles to maximize the outcomes for all students.  

In 2003, he attended the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona. He became a licensed massage therapist and reiki master, using his vivid imagination nightly to visualize working in his own successful wellness center. Six months after graduation, he quit his corporate job and manifested his own holistic wellness practice, Unravel Body Therapy. He grew his practice, becoming a licensed aesthetician in 2006.  

Fascinated by the power of the mind, he became a clinical hypnotherapist in 2018. He uses his problem-solving abilities to help clients find the root cause of their issues, helping them heal. In 2012, he returned to the Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics to become an instructor and, ultimately, the director of education. As the director of education, he used his empathy skills to help struggling students identify their learning styles and adapt to their strengths – the way he was taught years before as a struggling student. 

In January of 2022, he joined Skin Script Skin Care as the director of education. He looks forward to continuing to educate aestheticians and helping them find their own superpowers. 


“Michael Shuey is a powerful educator. He is able to share his extensive industry experience and product knowledge in an effective way that is customized to all learning styles. Shuey is highly regarded and a leader in the aesthetics community.” -Autumn Grijalva, school director at Avalon Institute – Mesa 


Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff, CEO of RevitaLash

Doctor of Innovation  

In 2006, when ophthalmologist Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff created an eyelash serum to help his wife, Gayle, feel beautiful during her courageous fight against breast cancer, he never imagined that one day he would head a company that has sold over 10 million eyelash conditioners around the world. Today, the RevitaLash Cosmetics founder and CEO leads the brand that has become known as the global innovator in eyelash, eyebrow, and hair cosmetics, and he remains dedicated to honoring his wife’s legacy by supporting breast cancer initiatives year-round. 

As CEO, Dr. Brinkenhoff continues to be closely involved in RevitaLash Cosmetics’ day-to-day operations, particularly in the formulation of the brand’s physician-developed products. Over the past year, he has overseen the development of three new and groundbreaking launches: RevitaLash Advanced Pro, the brand’s first product exclusive to the professional channel; RevitaLash Advanced Sensitive, the only eyelash serum developed specifically for sensitive eyes, launching August 1st, 2022; and Lash & Brow Masque, a first-of-its-kind reparative treatment that has broken records as the brand’s most successful product launch to date. 

Reflecting on the brand’s journey from a gift of love to a global success story, Dr. Brinkenhoff says, “I am proud of what RevitaLash Cosmetics has accomplished in these past 16 years, not only in the world of beauty and aesthetics but also in the world of philanthropy and the fight against cancer. I feel we are making a positive difference in people’s lives, and that we have only just begun.” 


“Dr. Brinkenhoff is not only a visionary leader and brilliant physician but also an inspiring and thoughtful human being who has made it his life’s mission to make a positive impact on the world. His expertise, values, and love for his wife, Gayle, are woven throughout all we do at RevitaLash Cosmetics.” -Lori Jacobus, president & global chief marketing officer for RevitaLash Cosmetics 

Carol Trow, co-owner of RapidLash (ROCASUBA)

Jack of All Trades 

 For over 30 years, Carol Trow has been skin-deep running and advancing DermaConcepts, a distribution and education company for pharmaceutical-grade skin care and innovative technology for physicians’ offices, medical spas, and wellness centers. With years of passionate perseverance and spearheading the education of vitamin A and the technology that will enhance topical application of skin care in the United States, Trow is seeing her dream realized with increased awareness in the industry. She continues to grow the company with her husband and business partner, Rob Trow and now leads a team of over 50 educators, sales consultants, and distribution staff. 

 Trow has had many building blocks and stumbling blocks in her life that shaped where she is today. She graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science in nursing and became a registered nurse. After attending Brown University for graduate work, her career path was altered when circumstances lead to her being a single mother of two small children with little financial means. As a single mother caring for her children, she could not continue working as a registered nurse in hospitals, so Trow decided to change careers and began a job as a marketing assistant at a local company, allowing her to work close to home. 

 Trow quickly climbed the corporate marketing ladder, eventually achieving the position of director of marketing for a Fortune 1000 company. She became known for her expertise in professional services marketing for plastic surgeons, dermatologists, accountants, and lawyers focusing on building their practices through education and strategic partnership initiatives. 

 After a 25-year career in a corporate setting, Trow had the opportunity to establish her own consulting firm, specializing in working with the same clients she serviced as a corporate officer. Soon after going out on her own, she was hired by a plastic surgeon to help him build his cosmetic practice and also introduce a new skin care line to the United States, founded by his former colleague, Dr. Des Fernandes. This product line was Environ Skin Care which, at that time, was in its infancy.  

 Approaching 30 years, Environ has grown to become one of the premier, results-oriented medical skin care lines in the world. As fate would have it, Trow has had a lifelong fervor for skin care since her early childhood. Her experiences as a registered nurse and marketing expert could now be combined with her lifelong passion for skin health and skin care. As Trow continues to lead at DermaConcepts alongside her impassioned husband and team, it is enlightening to see a growing community of successful skin care professionals benefit from advanced education on proven and innovative skin care ingredients and technology. 


“Anyone who has worked with Carol Trow comes away with the knowledge and feeling that they have been heard. Her skills at being an extraordinary, active listener has served our company, its staff, and our clients well. The proof is in our retention rate of staff and clients, which is over 90%. Her abiding mantra is that in order to be heard, one first must listen. This has also contributed to the company doubling every four years.” -Rob Trow, CEO of DermaConcepts 


Dr. Ben Johnson, founder of Osmosis Beauty

The Revolutionary 

Dr. Ben Johnson has been in aesthetic medicine as a leader, educator, and innovator for the last 25 years. He is not the first medical doctor to become a formulator of skin care and supplements, but he may be the first medical doctor to approach skin holistically. For years, many wrote Dr. Johnson’s ideas off as the “ramblings of a madman,” but this did not deter him. He prides himself on being a disrupter and pursuer of truth regardless of how much that truth may challenge decades of medical and aesthetic belief systems. He has always remained committed to what his own research and intuition were telling him, and the result is an entirely new understanding of how skin conditions are created and how to resolve them. 

 Dr. Johnson’s rapidly growing following inspires him, but it pales in comparison to the joy he gets from helping people around the world understand how to make real changes to their skin and health. He is that rare CEO that continues to collaborate directly with individuals and professionals so that his philosophy can eventually transform the skin care and medical aesthetic landscape.  

Besides developing formulas that stand alone in creating permanent changes on skin, Dr. Johnson provides a path to resolving many health concerns after learning of the need to address the terrible triad responsible for it all – toxins, pathogens, and emotions. He discovered a new way to read the clues that skin offers, using a novel approach to skin mapping and guidance on the most common foods, medicines, and supplements that create skin and health challenges. Dr. Johnson’s passion and heartfelt commitment to help is palpable in his podcasts and videos, and they serve as an inspiration to thousands of skin care professionals and individuals to carry it forward. Taking the road less traveled can extend the journey due to frequent resistance and challenges, but the rewards for remaining steadfast and heart-centered are indescribable. 


“Dr. Ben Johnson has done something truly unique in the world of integrative aesthetics. While many give lip service to the fact that true beauty is an inside-out game, Dr. Johnson has both innovated and disrupted his field by creating next-level skin care and whole-body nutrition that enhance each other’s effectiveness, bringing skin health and wellness to a level never before achieved..” -Dr. Howard Cohn, founder of Cohn Health Institute 


Nichelle Mosley, owner of Queen City Beauty Group + Wellness

Beauty Queen 

In 2017, Nichelle Mosley used her years of experience in plastic surgeons’ offices, dermatologists’ practices, medical spas, and general practitioners’ offices to form Queen City Beauty Group + Wellness. Today, Mosley uses protocols she developed from the treatments she knew worked in each of those settings. Overly harsh treatments do not follow her progressive, not aggressive approach, which regularly produces amazing before and after results for her clientele. 

Mosley discovered the discipline of corneotherapy, also known as integrative aesthetics, in 2018 and realized many of the principles of corneotherapy aligned with the ways in which she was treating her clients. As she studied this method, she noted scientific reasons for the rapid and impressive results she experienced with her clients. At Queen City Beauty Group + Wellness, Mosley continues to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms they visit for. 

Additionally, Mosley has invented a pre-cleansing tool, The Queens Cloth. She has also launched a few product lines, including Rooted Queen Skincare. Mosley mentors other professionals, runs clinics in California and North Carolina, moderates a few online aesthetics forums, represents several well-known brands in the industry, and serves as an ambassador for quite a few brands, including DERMASCOPE magazine. 

On a lifelong journey to improve the industry as a whole, Mosley began to see gaps that made it difficult for solo skin care professionals to compete with some of their larger and better-funded competitors. Licensed professionals that work in clinics often have access to training programs and resources that solo professionals do not. As a result, Mosley is launching an online platform this year, The Skin Barrier Academy, to help any licensed professionals that want access to unbiased, honest, and well-researched information, protocols, case studies, interviews with industry leaders, and so much more. 

Mosley seeks to improve the industry’s knowledge around treating skin of color, as well. Even today, training and education around skin of color lags far behind training centered around lighter skin tones. Mosley believes the client of color deserves a professional who understands their skin and how to treat it safely and effectively. Mosley also believes each professional deserves to be able to treat anyone who comes into their business with confidence and effective treatments. When someone knows better, they can do better.  


“Nichelle Mosley is everything I aspire to be. She has encouraged me to trust in myself and my abilities. I will be forever grateful for her kindness, knowledge, and patience.” -Lynne Dicks, L.E., owner & operator of Skinology UK 

Dr. Mark Lees, president of Mark Lees Skin Care Inc.

Dr. Homecare

With a very diverse educational background and college concentrations in both animal science and theater, Dr. Mark Lees has a strong love for both science and the arts. He believes that when theater crosses with animal science, the result is impeccable skin care. 

After university graduation, Dr. Lees began his aesthetics training at Christine Valmy in New York, New York. He returned to Florida and began practicing in a full-service salon. After less than two years, Dr. Lees opened his own private practice, specializing in corrective skin care. 

He attracted many clients with acne-prone and congested skin, and even though he was successful, he was puzzled that his clients’ skin improved but still had recurring problems with pore congestion. He began researching the problem and discovered that many of his clients were using high-fat products that contained comedogenic spreading agents that were clogging the pores from the outside. 

Armed with his strong background in biology and chemistry, Dr. Lees began developing products that did not cause this external clogging. The result was the Mark Lees Skin Care line, now carried by skin care professionals across the United States. 

During this time, Dr. Lees also went back to graduate school, concentrating on studies in acne care and sun damage prevention. After receiving his master’s degree in health, he continued to receive his Ph.D. in health sciences, going to classes four nights a week for three years and then completing two additional years of doctoral research. 

A few years later, Dr. Lees published his first book, “Skin Care: Beyond the Basics,” which teaches licensed skin care professionals about real world aesthetics practice. Dr. Lees says, “It is the book I wish I had when I got out of aesthetics school!” The book is now in its fourth edition. He has also written a consumer book, “The Skin Care Answer Book,” and his latest book, “Clearing Concepts,” is all about acne treatments. 

Dr. Lees believes that the most successful professionals are the most educated professionals, ones who have an unending appetite for knowledge. His best advice to professionals is to, “Stop doing facials and start practicing skin care.” The best approach is a program approach – combing great analysis skills with treatment techniques and, most importantly, a user-friendly, carefully chosen homecare program. Dr. Lees explained, “What the client is doing to their skin at all times is what really makes the difference in skin care success.”  

Lindsay Miller, president of LYCON USA

The Sovereign of Smooth 

Lindsay Miller was working in London, England when she experienced her first LYCON wax. She had decided to try out the hottest wax bar in town where celebrities, such as the Spice Girls, went and raved about their experience. Having always been a bit fearful of the pain associated with waxing and the awkwardness of the overall service, Miller was nervous as she walked in. Much to her surprise, she left the wax bar with confidence and not feeling any pain. 

 After moving back to Canada, Miller tried to find a spa or a wax bar that would give her the same pleasant waxing experience. With no luck, she started doing her research and realized that the wax used at the wax bar in London was the answer – LYCON wax.  

Miller reached out to the Australian head office and was able to secure the distribution rights to Canada, bringing LYCON wax to the Canadian market. The following year, she continued the distribution in the United States market with the intention of growing and expanding the product line and availability.  

LYCON continues to be known as the crème de la crème of waxes and is used in over 75 countries around the world by spas and salons. Miller continues her focus on the growth of LYCON in North America with the launch of many new products, including the Pinkini Brazilian Care Collection, a first of its kind, as well as the LYCON Skin line of products which has most recently been introduced to the market.  


“Partnering with Lindsay at LyconUSA has been an amazing experience for us these last seven years. Her continued support of our company, Barely There Wax Supply, has been exceptional.” -Jennifer Vermilyea, co-founder of Barely There Wax Supply  


Jewellee Williams, founder of Crown Jewel Esthetics

The Crown Jewel  

Jewellee Williams began her journey in the aesthetics industry as a receptionist at a high-end spa. As the years passed, her love for the industry grew and she transitioned from working behind the desk to inside of the treatment room as a service provider. After many years of working for various companies and learning all the ins and outs of running a business, the COVID-19 pandemic pushed Williams to the next level in her career.  

Williams went from providing eyelash extensions and waxing out of her house in a room no larger than 115 square feet to finding herself in a three-treatment room studio in one of the most desirable areas of her city. Starting a business during a pandemic was no easy feat, but Williams attributes part of her success to many successful “esty-preneurs” who offered online coaching and mentoring during the lockdown. People, such as Kasey Boone of Glow Skincare LA, and Joelle Lee, were early mentors of Williams, providing her with both business and practical knowledge as well as inspiration for how she wanted her career to progress.  

Williams believes that networking is the key to thriving as an entrepreneur. She feels that when one realizes they do not have to know everything and can lean on others with experience around them, they will save themselves from a lot of foolish mistakes. Being consistent and not giving up when the going gets tough helps build resilience and confidence. Williams believes that in order to make the industry more enjoyable and less stagnant, it is important for professionals to stay humble and remember that they will always be a student.  

There is so much room for growth and connection in this field and Williams could not think of anything she would rather be doing than helping uplift other skin care professionals by being a resource and mentor for those who have similar beginnings as her. She cannot wait to see how this industry will expand over the years.  


“Jewellee Williams is a force to be reckoned with. Not only does she carry herself with grace, compassion, and poise but she has the natural ability to see opportunities and innovations and has the knowledge and emotional intelligence to connect those dots to create opportunities for herself and everyone around her. She is the definition of a female entrepreneur and is a natural leader who sees the light in others. Remember her name, she is part of the aesthetic industry's future success model.” -Sonia Altamura, L.E., owner of The Skin Lady 


Kaelin Jutras, founder of Herbal Skin Solutions

Green Goddess  

From formulations to client communication channels, Herbal Skin Solutions is laser focused on serving the community for the highest good by providing unique solutions rooted in sustainability.  

Every product in the Herbal Skin Solutions line has been created from a need and with a minimalist mindset. In order to keep skin care professional’s wholesale costs affordable as well as decrease consumption waste, Herbal Skin Solutions formulates their products to address multiple skin concerns and utilizes eco-conscious packaging that can be reused, recycled, and composted.   

This all-encompassing approach to formulations ensures that their products are noncomedogenic, barrier strengthening (making them sensitive skin safe), organic, sustainably sourced, and targeting brightening and graceful aging. Hereby, Herbal Skin Solutions is paving the way for their retailing professionals to maximize their client’s results with minimal expense.  

And because she understands the hardship of operating an aesthetic practice with overhead costs and limited hours while being a hands-on provider, Herbal Skin Solutions’ founder, Kaelin Jutras, has crafted not just the company’s products but also their customer support and resources with the practicing solo aesthetician in mind.  

Whether it is providing tools to encourage financial freedom, offering no minimums, having a vault of diverse protocols, providing client charting tools, contributing physical and mental wellness improvement exercises, and supplying free direct shipping or even customized hand-written cards at no additional cost, everything is in service to the professional and end consumer.  

Furthermore, the Herbal Skin Solutions team takes heart in ensuring that each order feels like a gift, and they find great joy in the details, like their petal seed paper product tags that bloom botanicals for pollinators when planted, knowing that they are not only providing another heartfelt touchpoint for the client but furthering their eco-conscious commitment.  

With a firmly held belief in the pharmacy of the fields and driven by the purpose of protecting Earth’s vital resources, Herbal Skin Solutions undoubtedly stands out as a sustainable skin care leader while facilitating healthy, glowing skin rituals that inspire clients to embrace their natural radiance and turn simple self-care moments into sacred rituals through intention.  


“Herbal Skin Solutions’ leadership in innovation and commitment to eco-conscious, organic production and natural resource replenishment is leveling up the standard for manufacturing and conscious consumerism alike!” -Guiliano Cortopassi, lead formulator for DermaSystems Cosmetics 

Alex Hernandez, lead educator for Face Reality Skin Care

The Acne Expert 


Alex Hernandez’s career in the beauty industry began a decade ago in a Massage Envy Spa. Like many people trying to break into the industry, she started off as a front desk associate selling skin care and memberships. From there, she quickly excelled to clinic manager in 2014, where she managed a team of over 30 aestheticians, licensed massage therapists, and front desk associates. As the clinic manager, Hernandez accompanied her team of aestheticians to hands-on training and classes held by brands like PCA, Murad, and Envy Medical. Attending these professional classes was the initial turning point for Hernandez; while she had once loved seeing happy clients leave their facials, she now wanted to be the one providing those results.  

After managing the clinic for two years, Hernandez enrolled in an aesthetics program and spent the next six months spending her days at school and her evenings managing the clinic. A year and a half later, she saw that Face Reality Acne Clinic was looking to add another aesthetician to their team. Luckily for her, Laura Cooksey herself was still working in the clinic and training aestheticians in her renowned acne protocol. 

Hernandez has been a Certified Acne Expert since August 2018 and has worked with hundreds of acne clients since. Her career with Face Reality Skincare mimicked her time with Massage Envy. After working as an Acne Expert, she was promoted to lead aesthetician in the clinic, then later promoted to clinic manager. Hernandez’s experience in various roles from the beginning of her career has been defined by her appetite for knowledge. As Face Reality’s lead educator, she has been able to utilize every skill she has learned in her various roles and leverages every experience to help others learn and grow. 


“From the time Alex Hernandez trained with me, I saw she was a focused, dedicated, and natural leader. She is an expert in treating acne and helping clients achieve healthy skin and confidence. I cannot think of a better person to further our mission of making clear skin possible by coaching and training aestheticians.” -Laura Cooksey, co-founder of Face Reality Skincare 


Rikki Kusy, founder and CEO of Dermaplane Pro

The Cutting Edge   

In the early 2000s, interest in dermplaning was on the rise. Aestheticians loved the results and wanted to offer the service to their clients. The problem was that there was no formal training or supplies for this service. Blades of any kind were not available for aestheticians who were not working in a medical office. 

Rikki Kusy saw a need in the market for a comprehensive dermaplaning course that included individual coaching, tools, and supplies that would be available to all aestheticians. Her degree in education was put to good use as she developed an all-encompassing dermaplane training course that included an online didactic portion as well as hands-on steps to success with a focus on safety, comfort, and excellent outcomes for both practitioner and client. Kusy also created ProStart Kits so aestheticians would have dermaplaning specific tools, products, and supplies that they could easily integrate into their existing backbar. 

Dermaplaning was originally a way to prepare skin for more even and deeper chemical peel penetration. However, Kusy saw it as having the potential to be on par with microdermabrasion’s level of exfoliation. Moving away from two-to-three feather strokes focused on the forehead and cheeks, Kusy expanded the treatment to include six-to-eight strokes that focus on the full face and sides of the neck, including contouring over eyebrows, under the eyes, around the lips, and the nose. 

Over time, dermaplaning has evolved into one of the top requested treatments in both medical and day spa settings. While dermaplaning can be performed on all skin types and tones, the traditional method of dermaplaning dry posed some challenges. With aestheticians and clients experiencing post-treatment challenges such as breakouts, bumps, and chapping, Kusy developed a serum-like blend of oils that would allow dermaplaning to be performed more effectively on all skin types. The industry responded favorably to the improved safety, comfort, client satisfaction, and improved outcomes as more clients became candidates for dermaplaning. 

Today, DermaplanePro continues to evolve their method and products to better serve the aesthetics industry. DermaplanePro now offers their signature certification course in 42 locations throughout the United States and over nine countries internationally. 


“Kusy provides exceptional training for the beauty industry and does it in a way that is approachable while building confidence for providers. Her techniques are unique, as they are designed for the provider to perform an elevated service while also keeping the physical body mechanics in mind for longevity in the treatment room. It has been an honor to know and work with her in a professional capacity.” -Rebecca Olpin, lead educator for Sorella Apothecary 


Michael Pugliese, CEO of Circadia

Power Player  

A lot can be told about a company based on how they handle challenges. The world shut down when the pandemic hit, but Michael Pugliese and the Circadia team never stopped working for their accounts. 

Seeing undisturbed products on shelves, Pugliese had an idea. He grabbed a bag and started assembling what became the lifeline to their aestheticians’ income during the height of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. At Circadia, the at-home facial kits were born. Not only were they offered complimentary, but they were also shipped directly to clients’ homes, at Circadia’s expense. Circadia’s commitment to helping support aestheticians, even when the rest of the world shut down, was proven yet again through their generosity. 

The kits took off like wildfire, and as fast as Circadia could make them, they were shipped out with orders for other best-selling products like the Vitamin C Reversal Serum and Micro-Exfoliating Honey Cleanser.  

The entire Circadia line is based on harnessing the power of the body’s circadian rhythm. It is a wellness line with generations of research and innovation behind it, supporting the body’s natural ability to repair during evening rest and optimize protection during the day. They manufacture all their products in-house in the United States, which has been a competitive advantage not only during the pandemic but also with quality control, innovation, and direct oversight.  

While Circadia prides themselves on their powerhouse products and generous education, their customer service, collaboration, and commitment to their accounts set them apart. Meeting demands and exceeding expectations is normal for the Pennsylvania-based company, and they truly believe collaboration-over-competition is the way to do business. As a result, Circadia has partnered with companies like HydraFacial and Rezenerate, charting new territory and creating synergies the industry has never seen before. Aestheticians who work with Circadia quickly find out how much value the line brings to their treatment room. 

Circadia can be found in 36 countries around the world, and through their innovative partnership with Hydrafacial, they have their potent and powerful boosters in 60 countries and counting.  


 “The education, support, and brand prestige are top-notch. Michael and his team always show up for aestheticians.” -Lori Crete, founder of Beauty Biz Club 

Patrick Johnson, CEO and President of BioPhotas, Inc.

The Guiding Light 

Nearly 11 years ago, Patrick Johnson founded BioPhotas, Inc., the manufacturer of the award-winning Celluma SERIES of light therapy devices, on a single guiding vision – to bring the vast therapeutic benefits of low-level light therapy (LLLT) affordably and effectively to the world.  

To accomplish this vision, Johnson and BioPhotas created an entirely new approach to low-level light therapy. Instead of creating a large piece of capital equipment with a rigid light canopy-style panel attached, the Celluma SERIES of devices were designed to be flexible and shape-taking, contouring closely to the area of treatment, thus leveraging the laws of optical physics, and resulting in a dramatically less expensive device that delivers a clinically optimal dose of light energy.  

With more than 50,000 devices now in clinical practices worldwide, this innovative approach to light therapy has resulted in Celluma Light Therapy becoming the global leader in light therapy machines. Celluma is currently sold in 98 countries, recently adding distribution partners in Croatia, Vietnam, and Peru. Addressing acne, aging skin, general pain conditions, and now hair restoration, the Celluma SERIES of 14 devices has won more than 50 product and design awards since 2015.  

The all-in-one Celluma RESTORE is the first LED device that is FDA-cleared for over-the-counter use to treat mature clients’ three common concerns in a single device: hair loss, aging skin, and general pain conditions. 

Commenting on the latest addition to the product line, Johnson said, “It is great to add a hair restoration indication-for-use to our long list of treatment clearances from the FDA. Providing a single device that treats whole body aches and pains, fine lines and wrinkles, and hair loss on the scalp is the ultimate antiaging device. Now a mature individual interested in feeling and looking great, and retaining their youthful appearance, can have a device at home that meets all of their rejuvenating needs.” The Celluma RESTORE is targeted directly at the multi-billion-dollar global health and wellness market, specifically, the noninvasive hair restoration segment of the medical aesthetics industry.  

At Celluma, the innovation always continues. Now with 14 award-winning models to choose from and affiliate, reseller, and retail programs available, there is truly a device and a partnership program to suit everyone. And knowing Celluma, the best is yet to come. 


“I have a great deal of admiration for the Celluma Team! Under Patrick Johnson’s guidance, they have retained steadfast adherence to providing solid, evidence-based low-level light technology.” -Ryan Spitler, Ph.D, deputy director of the Precision Health and Integrated Diagnostics Center at Stanford University School of Medicine   

Jacalyn Pantalone, operations director of Studio Sculpt

The Body   

January 2020 was not an ideal time in history to open a capital-intensive small business, but when the right technology and right team combine, great obstacles can be overcome. In February 2020, Dr. John Santa Ana and operations director, Jacalyn Pantalone were introduced to EMSCULPT by BTL Aesthetics. Pantalone, with a background in both business and wellness, was committed to finding solutions for people who felt stuck in their health and fitness journey. BTL Aesthetics provided a solution that both addressed form and function. In an immediate gratification society, the long game of wellness sometimes needs a jumpstart. The technology was recognized as revolutionary, and the journey began.  

Studio Sculpt hosted a grand opening with the local community on March 12, 2020 to introduce EMSCULPT. The 12-hour long event was packed start to finish with members of the community excited to try the technology. Unfortunately, COVID-19 shut down the entire state three days later. As a business new to the industry that heavily invested in medical aesthetic equipment, the four-month shut down was a huge setback. However, the team stayed dedicated to promoting health and wellness online during the state mandated shutdown. When allowed to re-open, the community buzz was still alive and well. The team at Studio Sculpt persistently worked to educate and help clients in their wellness journey. Client wellness was the main focus in a very relevant time.  

When BTL Aesthetics improved their technology with the launch of EMSCULPT Neo, Pantalone recognized the expanded group of people that could benefit from this machine. With a higher fat loss percentage than any device on the market and clinical studies showing reduction of visceral fat, the decision was easy. EMSCULPT Neo can help a wide variety of individuals, from new mothers to professional athletes to those who have lost muscle mass due to age or injury. Studio Sculpt was second in their state to implement EMSCULPT Neo. The team has since expanded to include lead technician Olivia Hennig, who has a background in personal training, and Michelle Camarata, a nurse practitioner. Now, in May of 2022, Studio Sculpt is one of the three busiest EMSCULPT Neo accounts in the entire nation.  


“When thinking about optimizing health, it is important to think about redesigning life in a way that supports a health span that matches one’s lifespan. That means feeling and functioning at one’s best until the end of a long, healthy life.” -Mark Hyman M.D. 

Claudio DiFiore and Marc Rosengarten, founders of Bio France Lab

Partners In Crime   

Claudio DiFiore has had over 35 years of successful experience in skin care and the retail industry – including studying horticulture and podiatry in Europe. Marc Rosengarten has had over 35 years of successful business, retail, and skin care experience. Having had bad skin through his 20s, Rosengarten’s passion to achieve perfectly balanced skin took him from a pre-medical and chemistry major at the University of California, Los Angeles to a career in skin care and a business degree.  

In 2012, DiFiore and Rosengarten created Bio France Lab. They partnered directly with a French laboratory exclusively formulating a full line of skin care, advanced jelly peel-off-masks, and patenting the new generation of cryo-freeze globes. They confidently created Bio France Lab with the vision that there would be a demand in the industry for certified botanical formulas with even greater effective targeted treatments and long-lasting results. By using the most advanced, natural, bio-engineered, plant-based, deeply penetrating formulas, Bio France lab has been able to address many pressing skin care concerns.  

DiFiore and Rosengarten believe that the most effective way to visibly counter the signs of aging is through the delivery of an intense dose of specific ingredients for focused protocols. With the second and third generation of product, Bio France Lab discovered even more effective formulas, combining unique, complex, active, clean, and natural French botanical ingredients. These formulations have even longer lasting results and assimilate lifting, filling, and resurfacing of the cells. As part of the professional skin care industry, DiFiore and Rosengarten listened to both the aestheticians and medical spa professionals to create a series of award-winning products.  

Many people think differently about what success is. Some people base success on money or self-achievement and others on climbing the corporate ladder. At Bio France Lab, success is measured through the success of the professional aesthetic community. As their formulas continue to evolve, the Bio France Lab results-driven protocols and products keep the clients coming back.  

Bio France Lab has become a skin care industry destination. DiFiore and Rosengarten look forward to formulating more products that will redefine the skin care world. Like music, Bio France Lab will never stop creating. 


“Claudio DiFiore and Marc Rosengarten attribute their success to delivering formulas with greater active ingredients, resulting in both immediate and long-term results. Each generation of products contains a more advanced formula, assuring even greater effects. Delivering excellent customer service and satisfaction is a priority. At Bio France Lab, you are not just a customer, you are part of a family.” -Lisa Schwartz, CEO and Founder of In The Clouds Day Spa 


Bella Schneider, founder of Bella Schneider Beauty

Practical Glamour  

Bella Schneider solves problems for aestheticians and her clients with her products. She focuses on results and the pulse of the industry. Because Schneider is hands-on and works in the treatment room herself, she knows clients’ current struggles. They want glamor with practicality, comfortable packaging, and protective skin care, and she is not afraid to give that to them through change and hard work. 

Unlike large corporate cosmetic suppliers, Schneider has worked as an aesthetician for 40 years. Her clients talk directly to her, and she listens. She sees how products work on clients and trains her aestheticians on a routine basis, so she has a direct feedback loop.  

Additionally, Schneider works in California with a diverse set of people from all backgrounds and skin types. Her network of long-term relationships in the beauty industry gives her insider knowledge of hot new ingredients, methods, and technologies, often before others. She provides solutions for all skin types and conditions while remaining practical. She does not marry herself to conventionality. If something better comes to the market, she is quick to implement it. 

She tries everything in her “own kitchen” first, which is with her clients and in her spas. This defines her at a time when companies are more focused on going public rather than forming true connections with clients. She cherishes long-term relationships and does this work out of passion. She capitalizes on the power of beauty to achieve success and wants her aestheticians and clients to be proud of their vanity. When one looks and feels good, they are more able to accomplish their dreams.  

By combining professional protocols with take-home retail, Schneider takes the guesswork out of aesthetics. She packages 40 years of experience into practical yet glamorous protocols that aestheticians can use with any skin condition. Bella Schneider Beauty nurtures aestheticians and clients by taking the stress out of the industry. She travels the world for the best methods, so her aestheticians do not have to. 

Schneider has always focused on women helping women and minorities. She believes that looking and feeling good gives people integrity. Her brand empowers people to succeed by combining hard work with a passion for beauty, and her brand ambassadors have been successful at the task. 


“Bella Schneider is a powerhouse of energy and by far, one of the most influential people I have ever met. She is constantly learning, educating others, and seeking out the latest advances in skin care. She has given me the best advice on the next steps in my career. I can honestly say she is the reason I have a successful career and now own my skin studio. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with and be trained by her – a true mentor.” -Deborah Pannier, L.E., Owner of Deborah Pannier Skin and Makeup 

Ashley Curtis, founder of Evolve Skin + Wellness, Ageless Ashley

The Golden Age 

After being in the aesthetics industry for over a decade, Ashley Curtis created Evolve Skin + Wellness to help clients gradually understand and improve the health of their skin and well-being. Evolve provides advanced skin therapies, luxury facials, and acne-coaching in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Francisco, California. What sets her business apart from others is her team’s ability to create a complete sensory experience from the moment a client steps through the door – candles are lit, the energy is warm and inviting, and the music is playing softly throughout the entire space.  

A client might be coming for a transformative skin treatment, but they will leave feeling more balanced and peaceful overall. This level of attention to detail will never be easy to maintain, but it is a lifelong, passionate pursuit for Curtis and her team to provide an above average experience for every single client. The biggest lessons Curtis has learned in business are to take excellent care of herself first and foremost, take her time when hiring new team members, maintain open and clean dialogue with clients and staff, and to be patient with the process of growth.  

Curtis wants the world to remember the serene spaces she creates, and she wants to have a lasting, positive impression on every person she works with. She is now pouring her energy and expertise into a new educational platform for aesthetic providers called The Golden Experience Guide and creating small-scale digital courses to help elevate industry standards and share what she has learned throughout her career. 


“Ashley Curtis embodies the mindset of abundance that the industry needs, now more than ever. I believe her’ brand of empowering aestheticians will elevate and change the industry forever.” - Josh Maniscalco, Founder of Agent RX 

Ashlee Bunkelman, national trainer for Aerolase

Skin Boss 

A low hum reverberates through Skin Boss Med Spa’s walls. It indicates Ashlee Bunkelman’s first step toward restoring another client’s skin in what will be a layered, in-spa treatment regimen – but the first step always remains the same for Bunkelman, a 17-year aesthetic entrepreneur and lead laser technician.  

The primary constant and driving factor in her successful career is centered around education. A national trainer for aesthetic brands including Glytone, Avéne, and Aerolase, Bunkelman’s knowledge flourished during an internship with a Michigan-based dermatologist and an early adopter of aesthetic therapies and technologies. There, she received an intimate understanding of treating clients of all skin types, how to combine therapies to make good results great, and familiarized herself with 19 different laser types – becoming an all-around aesthetic expert centered on modern ways to rebuild skin.  

Bunkelman’s vision of having a client-centric aesthetic practice that would be cost-efficient, personal, and incredibly effective was realized in 2019 when she was asked to lead the buildout of Dr. Terry Matthews and Catherine Mathews’ medical spa in Haslett, Michigan.  

At Skin Boss Med Spa, Bunkelman has been able to help purchase the right devices, hire the right practitioners, and add lines of skin care to build a range of services, leading to the spa establishing itself as a premier aesthetic destination in Michigan. For the past two years, Bunkelman and the Skin Boss team have championed amazing skin for clients of all ages, skin types, and for both medical and aesthetic skin concerns. She attributes 90% of her efficacy, client satisfaction, and financial success to her guidance of investing in the right devices.  

The purchase of Aerolase’s Neo Elite and Era Elite lasers are now her foundation of building each client’s journey to healthy skin. They are the low hum her clients and staff hear each day at Skin Boss. She says they have opened new, modern roads for aesthetic medicine in her facility. They are allowing her to develop layered therapies, combining lasers, peels, skin care, and other therapies together for definitive outcomes – ones she has not seen before. 

As she looks to create a long-lasting impact on the world of aesthetic medicine, Bunkelman would love to open a training and education center where her and her team of seasoned aesthetic professionals can impart what they have learned over the better part of two decades with hands-on, small group education – a growing need for aesthetics.  


“Ashlee Bunkelman embodies aesthetic medicine. Her drive to push limits and better everything in this industry – protocols, education, results, and experiences – is incredible. She is going to continue to create the amazing.” -Sean Johnson, director of marketing for Aerolase. 

Emily Rockwell Skin Clinic

Emily Rockwell Skin Clinic has a singular mission of helping people achieve and sustain total skin health. Based in Wilmington, Delaware, the clinic opened in 2016 with a vision of becoming a luxury destination for advanced skin care treatments, injectables, and customized medical-grade skin care regimens.  

As a young woman suffering from severe cystic acne and temporomandibular joint pain, Emily Rockwell, founder and nurse practitioner, became fascinated with how injectables and medical-grade skin care could help manage pain as well as provide aesthetic benefits. She knew other acne sufferers were out there, and there was a great need for a place where they could find therapeutic relief and cosmetic benefits. 

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Contact Info: 



(302) 652-3587 

Jewellee Williams

What is your educational background, and how do you continue your education in the industry? 

I actually went to college for criminal justice, so I could not be further from where I thought I would be, which was in law school. I am now a licensed aesthetician and I absolutely love continuing my education through in-person and online education. The COVID-19 pandemic made it hard to have access to in-person education, but the industry really stepped up, offering weekly webinars, podcasts, and virtual conferences. I went to an Aveda concept school, so I learned a lot about ayurvedic practices. I have studied gut health and its effects on skin, corneotherapy, treating higher Fitzpatrick types, and I am also trained in advanced modalities such as microneedling, chemical peels, Hydrafacial, LED, and more. I have goals of becoming an international educator, and I want to help bring comprehensive education to aesthetics, so it has been crucial that I learn all different types of philosophies for treating skin. 

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(267) 437-7757 

Maddie Tamashiro

What is your educational background, and how do you continue your education in the industry? 

In high school, I dual-enrolled in college courses and managed to graduate with both my high school diploma and associate of arts degree at the young age of 17. I then went to school for both my basic aesthetics license and my advanced aesthetics license. I think one of the best gifts an aesthetician has is the endless amount of learning they can do. Between continued education courses, check-ins with past educators, staying up-to-date on new state board legislation, and conversing with fellow aestheticians, I try my best to never stop learning.  

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(541) 218-2047 

Exhale Spa: NoMad

Nestled in New York City’s posh neighborhood just north of Madison Square Park, exhale spa’s 5,000 square-feet location in NoMad features five spacious spa therapy rooms known for providing the ultimate pampering day spa experience, including luxurious facials, massages, and body scrubs. The lavish facility is equipped with a Zen room, changing rooms full of amenities, private showers, and lockers. In April 2022, exhale spa NoMad was the first location within the brand to launch a medical spa menu. featuring the latest, state-of-the-art treatments in injectables, intravenous therapies, body sculpting, and more.  

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Contact Info: 


(212) 561-6470 

Caela Esthetics

Caela Esthetics is a hidden gem in the heart of Beverly Hills, California near The Grove. Located inside an eyebrow studio, Caela Bulzing’s spa room is a perfectly comfortable space vibrantly lit by her signature Caela Esthetics pink neon sign. In addition to its unique glitter walls and white rose backdrop, the room provides comfort, peace, and serenity for all her clients. The music selection is based on the daily vibe of clients and Bulzing herself – everything from relaxing spa instrumentals to Mariah Carey and even Halsey can be expected. 

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Contact Info:


 (323) 419-0033



Maddie Tamashiro

Named Face Reality Acne Expert of the Year in 2021, Tamashiro is an advanced aesthetician and owner of Hapa Advanced Aesthetics.


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(541) 218-2047



Erin Skipley


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Doll Face Skincare Studio

Doll Face Skincare Studio is located in Atwater Village, a unique enclave on the eastside of Los Angeles, California surrounded by Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Echo Park, Glassell Park, and Glendale. These vibrant neighborhoods support small businesses, entrepreneurs, and offer a diverse community environment. The Doll Face Skincare Studio storefront is on Glendale Boulevard, a walkable shopping destination filled with stores, restaurants, and other service-based businesses. Its owner, Lila Castellanos is a local resident so securing a location that enabled her to serve her own community was very important. 

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My Glow Esthetics

My Glow Esthetics started taking clients in 2018 and relocated to a bigger space after successfully growing in a limited amount of time. They focus on all skin types and beauty needs such as facials, waxing, and eyelash services. Located in a private space in Orange, California, My Glow Esthetics loves clients’ first reaction of the spa’s “glow getters” sign as soon as they walk through the door. The spa also features a beautiful, rose water-scented flower wall in the waiting area. My Glow Esthetics is known for their signature face wraps created by owner and licensed aesthetician, Kirstie Suarez. One of the more popular face wraps is a soak wrap that is ultra-hydrating and created with their signature protocol and ingredients. 

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Contact Info:




Tara Pennington

What is your educational background, and how do you continue your education in the industry?

I completed a two-year permanent cosmetics internship that included both taking and teaching classes. I also go to one to two tradeshows every year. I love to learn, and I love to teach my passion. Additionally, I run an apprenticeship program and have licensed five aestheticians so far. My students teach me more than I could ever ask for.

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Enlightened Beauty

Enlightened Beauty is a unique spa located in a rougher area of Sacramento, California to bring some light to the city in a space where it is needed. The spa’s owner, Morgan Cameron wanted to create a safe haven for all walks of life to feel seen and supported. Furthermore, Enlightened Beauty also holds annual toy drives during the holiday season for WEAVE, a crisis intervention center for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking in the city. 

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Contact Info:





Erin Draper

What is your educational background, and how do you continue your education in the industry? 

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Photo credit: Becca Mathias

2022 Favorite Equipment





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2022 Favorite Aesthetic Professionals





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2022 Favorite Toners & Mists






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2022 Favorite Hair Removal






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2022 Favorite Body Care






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The Freckled Skin Studio

The Freckled Skin Studio is a is private skin care oasis located in Forney, Texas. It is owned and operated by Haley Smith-Torres, better known as The Freckled Aesthetician on social media. Smith-Torres’ background allows her to specialize in advanced skin care treatments. Her focus is to give each client a customized, corrective, healing, and results-driven experience. She offers a wide array of in-spa and virtual services, specializing in customized facial treatments, acne treatments, nanochanneling, and advanced peel treatments. 

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Contact Info:



Roxy Drese Harvey

What is your educational background, and how do you continue your education in the industry?

I grew up with an entrepreneur background. My mom owns a successful spa in Florida. After having lived in many states and attending universities across the United States, I finally settled in Texas and knew I wanted to use my business degree in the aesthetic field. I went to a local cosmetology school and started working at a medical spa before I finished my aesthetic schooling. I worked in that medical spa for nearly three years, working many 60-to-70-hour work weeks in many roles there. I opened my own business inside a doctor’s office in 2015.

The educational opportunities are endless now. Many skin care brands like Circadia, Epionce, and SkinBetter have brought the best education opportunities to their accounts. Industry podcasts, dermatology studies, and any skin care literature are great resources too.

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2021 covers

Bespoke Aesthetics + Wellness

As the business has its origins in central London, Bespoke Aesthetics’ goal is to fuse medical-grade skin care with a holistic perspective and luxury-spa feel. It provides a unique and eclectic approach that is somewhere between impersonal and immunosuppressive dermatology and feel-good facials. 

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Courtney Sykes

Owner and chief administrative officer of Southeastern Esthetics Institute, Sykes is also the founder of Courtney Sykes Molecular Anti-Aging.

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Skin Saviors: Top 10 of 2021

DERMASCOPE’s Cover Contest is an endeavor that has much passion behind it. Although we relish the continuing education our readers have come to know and love, this project has become a holiday treat, capping off another successful year. While we wish we could feature a charming face of the industry in every issue, there can be only one. That is why DERMASCOPE launched Skin Saviors, a featured special section showcasing our top honorable mentions of Cover Contest applicants. Read through their star quotes and learn why they captured our hearts this year.

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A Piece of the Collective: Sharon Subdhan

The DERMASCOPE cover is an elusive goal for many skin care professionals. For decades, this notoriety was reserved for AIA Legends, but as the times change, so must the potential opportunities. The Cover Contest is a staff passion project that stemmed from the overwhelming need for conventional representation of the individuals who make up the beloved professional skin care industry. While there will always be the Danné Montague-Kings, Dr. Puglieses, and Dr. Mark Leeses of the world, the Cover Contest was created for aestheticians just like Sharon Subdhan.

Sharon Subdhan is the owner of Skin by Sharon located in Queens Village, New York. She has been a licensed aesthetician since 2018, graduating from the Christine Valmy School of Esthetics. She is also the reigning winner of 2021’s Cover Contest.

Sharon was first introduced to the magazine as February’s feature for The Monthly Follow. Having just started to take her Instagram web presence seriously, she phoned our editors as a ball of excitement. From there, the team of DERMASCOPE kept a watchful eye on her timeless New York style with a contemporary twist. When it came time to select the December cover after hours of deliberation, the team unanimously could not ignore our love for Sharon and her beautiful, authentic, and unique persona – and we know our readers will not be far behind.

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Sharon Subdhan’s story may not be an identical match to the countless aesthetic practitioners within the industry, but she embodies a piece of the collective. This industry is made up of many colorful walks of life of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, and DERMASCOPE is lucky enough to showcase Sharon’s budding career that is sure to make bigger waves as she grows into the seasoned professional she is becoming.

Sweet Cheeks Waxing and Skincare

Sweet Cheeks Waxing and Skincare has lived in the heart of Salmon, Idaho since early 2012. In a small town surrounded by beautiful mountains, Sweet Cheeks prides itself on its beautiful curb appeal and pink door to catch the eye of residents, tourists, and passersby. 

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Rebecca Pate

A well-trusted aesthetician and antiaging expert, Pate is the founder and CEO of Bare Bunny Aesthetics in Huntington Beach, California.

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Queen City Beauty Group + Wellness

Queen City Beauty Group + Wellness is the product of Nichelle Mosley’s passion for corneotherapy. After having worked with plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and family practitioners in medical spas and physician’s offices, she has taken her knowledge from each of those settings and blended them to form her business. Her clients are pampered and cared for, but above all else, they receive ethical corneo-clinical results.

The spa knows that when a client’s skin is truly healthy, they will not only see dramatic changes in their skin’s appearance, but they will also see those changes rapidly. The entirety of the client is considered at Queen City Beauty Group + Wellness, as Mosley works with clients to develop a homecare routine that will work for her client’s skin and lifestyle choices.

Queen City Beauty Group is both a client-focused spa in the Charlotte, North Carolina area capable of amazing skin transformation and a great place to have some regular self-care “me time.” 

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Ashley Hanlon

A face specialist and educator, Ashley Hanon is the owner of FACE by Ashley in Winter Park, Florida.

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Contact Info:

(941) 787-9784



D’Arcy Wellness Spa

D’Arcy Wellness Spa is redefining clean beauty and inspiring self-care. Female-owned and lead, this spa is a calm destination for holistic wellness needs. They proudly use and sell only the highest-quality nontoxic and cruelty-free products. Additionally, they retail female-owned brands with half of their shelf space dedicated to Black-owned brands. The convergence between the latest technology and ancient practices is what makes their services one-of-a-kind. D’Arcy Wellness Spa is located in downtown Natick, Massachusetts, a beautiful small town just outside of Boston Massachusetts, co-owned by sisters, Cailin and Alyssa D’Arcy.

Cailin D’Arcy is dually licensed in the states of Texas and Massachusetts, a two-time advanced certified volume eyelash artist, and holds specialized certifications in gua sha facial massage, facial reflexology, facial cupping, LED light therapy, and facial sculpting massage. Using her passion for clean, sustainable beauty and her experience with a wide range of modalities, she strives to give the city a modern spa experience.

Alyssa D’Arcy is nationally board certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and is a licensed acupuncturist under the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine. She earned her bachelor’s in kinesiology with a minor in psychology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. At the New England School of Acupuncture, D’Arcy pursued a dual track in Chinese herbal medicine and orthopedic acupuncture. Her specialties include women’s health, fertility, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and cosmetic acupuncture.

DERMASCOPE spoke with Cailin D’Arcy to get to know this holistic Face Haven a little bit better.

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Lauren Farmer

A DERMASCOPE in-house aesthetician, Farmer is the owner of Blush ’N Beauty Spa in Dallas, Texas.

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Cynthia Sabo

A licensed aesthetician since 2005, Sabo is the owner of Sabo Skin Care and Massage, PLC in Spring Lake, Michigan.

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Crown Jewel Esthetics

Crown Jewel Esthetics is located in the heart of downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are comprised of a team of seven amazingly talented women who bring years of experience from different areas of the industry. They believe that in order to be the best in their field, they must have an endless desire for continuing education. Their eclectic personalities prompt clients to come back again and again, and their support for one another is what keeps them on the path to success.

While Crown Jewel Esthetics has participated in a few charitable efforts, they hope to add more to this list the coming year. They will be fundraising for two nonprofits ran by clients of the spa called One With Earth (OWE) whose mission is “to empower impoverished communities by providing them with the resources necessary to achieve sustainability and independence” and The Emerald Light House, an LGBTQ + organization.

The spa is committed to their clients and the causes that are important to them because of reciprocity. They want their clients to know they are not just a name in a database and that the spa’s care goes beyond the treatment room. DERMASCOPE caught up with Jewellee Williams, owner of Crown Jewel Esthetics, to get the inside scoop on this month’s Face Haven.

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Contact Info:

(267) 984-0969




Holly Tanella

Why is your primary aesthetics product brand your ultimate go-to, and how has it helped you become one of the best professionals in the industry?

Aesthetics Biomedical’s Vivace is the ultimate microneedling experience. Its proven reliability is related to the consistent clinical outcomes for skin tightening, wrinkle softening, texture improvement, acne scars, pigmentation, and stretch marks. This device has helped me become one of the best because of the unmatched results it provides to my clients.

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Contact Information:

Phone: 972-908-0903

IG: @bohomedspa



2022 ACA Nominations

DERMASCOPE's 2022 Aestheticians’ Choice Awards (ACAs) and Its Categories are Live for Nominations

The time has come to vote in your favorites of the industry. DERMASCOPE’s 2022 Aestheticians’ Choice Awards (ACAs) are live for nominations! We want to recognize the best of the best in the industry, so we need you to nominate your favorite brands, products, and people that cannot be left out of these prestigious awards. Once nominations have closed, our ACA panel will narrow down finalists for each of the nomination categories and you will be able to cast your final votes to help determine the winners. With all-new categories like Hydrating Cleanser, Deep Chemical Peel, CBD Serum, and Combination Equipment, this year's Aestheticians' Choice Awards is even better! So, make your voice heard and start nominating now through August 31st for your faves to be considered! 





Stephanie Betts

The owner of Serendipity Skin, Betts is also a licensed aesthetician, aesthetic instructor, and mentor.

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Contact Information:

Phone: 480.332.8619

Instagram: @BettsSkin




#FACE is a Black, woman-owned spa in the trendy neighborhood of uptown Minneapolis, Minnesota. The uptown area is a fun, hip destination filled with shopping, rooftop restaurants, and neighboring lakes. #FACE is the perfect addition to the community. In addition to its charm, the spa is one of the few aesthetic practices that understand and focus on all skin types, offering services like waxing, facials, and eyelash extensions.

 #FACE is known for their facial bar, offering quick, yet efficient “basic” to “so extra” facials in under an hour. All facials consist of a cleanse, extractions, and custom-blended Bioelements power mask. Depending on how basic or extra a client is, there are additional treatments included.

In addition to the facial bar, the spa specializes in Brazilian waxes with Starpil Wax. #FACE’s aestheticians value quality work over quantity of people, so they like to pride themselves on the 30-minute wax treatment, as there is no rushing perfection.

DERMASCOPE checked in with Matisse Gardner, owner of #FACE for the skinny on this Face Haven.

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Instagram: faceoflelas

Tara VanderValk

A licensed aesthetician and owner of Beautiful Skin Spa, VanderValk is a DERMASCOPE 2020 Skin Savior.

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Wand & Willow Day Spa

Wand & Willow Day Spa was born out of Wendy Piedad’s love for all things magical and her desire to help clients feel confident, empowered, and important. Piedad’s philosophy is based on genuine client connections, providing quality services, and that there is a little magic inside of everyone. 

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Contact Info:

Instagram: wandandwillowdayspa



Adriana Martino

Founder of SKINNEY Medspa, licensed aesthetician, and laser skin specialist, Martino is a body sculpting specialist.

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Glowbar is a skin care concept disrupting the spa industry with their first-to-market, 30-minute, customized, data-driven, and solution-oriented facial services. Their singular mission is to make people feel confident in their own skin and create a listening environment that drives skin care results for everybody.

This no-fluff approach includes a signature face-washing station that is meant to maximize a client’s time. At the start of the appointment, aestheticians sit down with clients to understand their skin care needs and concerns. From there, an aesthetician will customize and standardize treatments based on the client’s individual skin care needs through an algorithm. Our data-driven treatments eliminate consumer anxiety, overwhelming menus, and the need for expensive add-ons. The result – great skin.

Following an appointment, clients are provided product recommendations to aid in in skin health. This unique approach is designed so that clients can go to any Glowbar at any time and receive the same quality treatment, no matter which aesthetician they see. DERMASCOPE spoke with Glowbar’s co-founder and CEO, Rachel Liverman to get the inside scoop on this Face Haven.

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Read more on these peptide-based products that improve the skin barrier, eases inflammation, and promote collagen renewal.

Peptides are an essential part of skin care in their use for treating aging skin conditions, along with improving the function of the skin’s barrier. As a necessary part of a skin care professional’s arsenal of ingredients to utilize, peptides are becoming an increasingly important ingredient in treatments and clients’ at-home skin care routines. 



bion serum




Dark circles and puffiness around the eyes are dramatically reduced with BiON’s inclusion of soy-rice peptides in the Youthful Eyes Peptide Cream. Soy-rice peptides stimulate fibroblast proliferation and increase collagen and elastin synthesis.Try BiON Skincare’sYouthful Eyes Peptide



saian serum




Active Renewal Serum contains hyaluronic acid, mineral-rich seaweed extract, and six potent peptides to address the effects of aging. Try SAIAN Natural Clinical Skincare’s Active Renewal Serum.



viktoria deann




The Rejuvenator Series is a scientifically-formulated,bioactive RNF-1 restorative peptide. The synergistic combination of peptides, nutrients, and coenzymes are the essential components for optimal energy production at the cellular level. A targeted peptide focusing on reestablishing proper skin desquamation and turnover to reveal younger, healthier-looking skin. Try the Rejuvenator Series from Viktoria De’ Ann Peptide Cosmeceuticals.

Skin Rx Clinical Spa

SkinRX’s first clinical spa opened in 2015inside a salon suite. For two years,the spa searched for the perfect locationIn 2019, we opened our doors to a larger location with four treatment rooms in Southlake, Texas. SkinRX has an amazing dream team of award-winning aestheticians and a nurse practitioner cosmetic injector. We have created opportunities to travel all over the country for training to further our knowledge and expertise. The spa believes in investing in our team and helping them become their very best. SkinRX has been popular because we create an experience for every client from the moment they call or book online to the customized consultation and treatment plan. Our collection of customized treatments seamlessly integrates modern sciencewith a hint of zen

Giving back to the community has been important to us for years. Whether through events that support our favorite nonprofits, we try to support the community that took care of us during the shutdowns of COVID-19. We sold packages and retailwhich helped create an amazing website with a better online platform. Virtual consultations have become more popular than ever for the spa as well

What is your most popular treatment?

Our most popular treatment isthe SkinPenmicroneedling with LED light therapy. We treat the entire face and neck. Many times,we create a package including dermaplaning or peels pre-and post-treatments.Some prefer to add on anAnteAGEserum with their microneedling.We also use combination treatments, whether itis with anoxygen Circadia treatment prior to microneedlingdermaplaningEpioncerefresh peel, or DMK enzyme treatment. 

Long-term care with clients is our goal along with educating and assisting them on the most perfect regimen for their skin type

How long have you been a licensed aesthetician, and what made you join the industry?

I moved all over the country and could not wait to settle down and get my license. Texas finally became my home state in 2009, and I received my aesthetic license in 2012. I had a job at a medical spa before I took my state board examination. I wanted to join the industry for years, andas a young teenager, I would play with the microdermabrasion machine at my mother’sspa in Florida. Fast forward years later, I had painfulcystic acne after having my second daughter, and it really took a toll on my mental health. It took me years of finding the perfect solutionIt really pushed me to join the aesthetic world to help others. 

What pushed you to open your own spa, and at what point in your career did you open it?

As mentioned earlier, my mother owns a spa in Florida. As a child, I recall thinking I would never own my own placeI despised doing laundry from helpingall those years. I saw the stressors and sacrifices of owning a business. Never say never because here I am now. I get to see all the rewards now. I wanted the opportunity of being a mother and having a flexible schedule. Family is the utmost important factor in my life. Having my own company allowed me to fulfill that dream. 

What is your favorite treatment to receive?

Every skin care professional has their own strengths. I love just melting away on the treatment table and letting theaesthetician work their magic. I make sure to receive gentle chemical peels and microneedling throughout the yearI love to receive any and all treatments. 

What product do you try to retail to every client?

A physical-based sun protection factor likeElta MD or Epionceis tinted. If I could givmy younger self that chance, I probably would have avoided my own skin cancerI had melanoma in 2014, and I strive to teach all my clients the importance of this product. 

Bedside beauty essential?

I have a relatively simple regimen – triple cleanse, retinol, vitamin C serum, eye cream, and sun protection factor. The not-so-secret additional essentials I feature on my Instagram are my silk pillowcase and side-sleeper pillow, air purifier, and thehumidifier when the heater is on

Favorite skin concern to treat?

I love treating every skin type. I really enjoy helping those that have struggled for years with overly sensitive or acneic skin.

You can only take 3 products to an island…

Sun protection factorhydrating spray, and vitamin C serum 

Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?

I see my company flourishing with several more locations and ourown small skincare line.Having a team that picks up on each other’s strengths and weaknesses is key to a successful business. We take pride on educating our clients, so they can make the best decisions for themselves. 

Treatments offered:

  • Facials
  • Microcurrent Facials
  • Hydrafacial MD
  • Chemical Peels
  • SkinPenMicroneedling
  • BotoxXeomin, or Dysport
  • Filler

Top 3 Products: 

  • MicroExfoliating Honey Cleanser 
  • Vitamin C Reversal Serum 
  • DMK Beta Gel

 Contact Info:


Hair Removal Haptics

Trendsetters share insights on hair removal-based products they recommend for skin care and spa professionals.


Cirepil Tattoo Wax




Cali VanAelst, L.E.

Perron Rigot Training Director

I love the Tattoo Sublim system; it leaves skin smooth while reviving and brightening the ink design. Tattoo Wax is easy and effortless – a three-step system for a true tattoo wax service.”


LYCON Pink wax




Lindsay Miller

President of LYCON USA

“LYCOdream Hybrid Wax is super pliable and gentle on the skin. It is made with argan oil, arnica, and aloe vera which soothes the skin and reduces redness. It is excellent for facial area waxing and perfect for a Brazilian wax service.”



kiss AP




Debra Bonds

Alexandria Professional Educator

The Alexandria Professional Sugar Paste Adjuster is a lifesaver when sugar needs to be softened in the middle of a service. It makes the whole process easier for professionals, and clientshave no discomfortIt also helps professionals save money on sugar in the long run.”

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Susanne Kaufmann Advances Commitment to Sustainability with Innovative Refill Program

In the latest extension of the 17-year-old brand’s deep commitment to sustainability, pioneering clean beauty leader, SUSANNE KAUFMANN announces it will launch a pilot refill program for 3 top-selling products in February 2021. SUSANNE KAUFMANN, an early leader in both clean beauty and corporate sustainability, is the first beauty brand in the world to use The Simple One, a new, lightweight plastic refill bottle developed by ALPLA. Based in Vorarlberg, Austria, proximate to SUSANNE KAUFMANN’s own Bezau, Austria production facility, and headquarters, ALPLA is a leader in the development and manufacturing of sustainable plastic packaging solutions. The new, 250 ml refills will debut with 3 of SUSANNE KAUFMANN’s top-selling products: Cleansing Gel, Hand Soap, and Shower Shampoo.

As of February 2021, in time for Earth Month, consumers will have the option to purchase the 3 individual products in a refill pack comprised of 75% recycled high-density polyethylene (RHDPE.) Both the RHDPE pack as well as the FSC certified paper sleeve that wraps the pack is fully recyclable. Produced locally, and consistent with all other SUSANNE KAUFMANN paper packaging the FSC certified sleeve is fully recyclable. The new SUSANNE KAUFMANN refill bottle will provide a more sustainable alternative for consumers who previously purchased the Cleansing Gel, Hand Soap, and Shower Shampoo in the simple, yet iconic glass bottles for which the SUSANNE KAUFMANN brand is known. Notably, the majority of SUSANNE KAUFMANN products are packaged in glass bottles that are easily recycled.

While relatively clean to produce, glass bottles are notoriously heavy to transport. The new SUSANNE KAUFMANN refill pack is up to 60% lighter than standard HDPE bottles and offers a reduction in CO2 emissions during production, transport, and the post-consumer recycling process. As the SUSANNE KAUFMANN brand continues to increase its international distribution - most notably in the US and Asian markets, the carbon footprint generated by both air and ground freight is considerable. Not only will the lightweight new refill provide a substantial reduction in carbon footprint it will also extend the life of the glass bottle far beyond its original single-use design.

“The Bregenzerwald region of Austria has been home to my family for over 5 generations and it’s where I launched the SUSANNE KAUFMANN brand 17 years ago. Having grown up surrounded by such incredible natural beauty, environmental sustainability, and protecting the earth’s precious resources have always been a passion of mine. Sustainability has been a central focus of the SUSANNE KAUFMANN brand since its inception.

“The refill project has been a labor of love for the past few years. I’m excited for SUSANNE KAUFMANN to be the first brand to offer this innovative new packaging solution by APLA. The refills will extend the life cycle of our iconic glass bottles and assist our customers in making more sustainable choices while supporting our own sustainability journey.“

Meet Dr. Jorge Garcia-Zuazaga of Apex Skin

Dr. Jorge Garcia-Zuazaga is the Founder and President of Apex Dermatology & Skin Surgery Center. With 10 Northeast Ohio offices known for specializing in medical, surgical, and aesthetic dermatology, the talented Apex team is driven by one common purpose: to empower patients through healthy skin. Whether making a patient cancer-free, clearing a patient of psoriasis, or improving the acne of a teenage patient, Dr. Garcia-Zuazaga and his team give people the ability to take control of their lives by helping them maintain healthy and vibrant skin. Same-day appointments are available at Apex Dermatology. Apex’s offices are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a modern, safe, and thoughtfully designed Mohs lab. Their dermatologists are supported by well-trained clinical staff, which allows them to focus on their work and thoroughly care for their patients. Patients leave feeling great and equipped with a full game plan. The Apex commitment delivers comforting and impactful patient experiences making Apex the best Northeast Ohio has to offer in dermatology.

Additionally, Dr. Garcia-Zuazaga is a Veteran. To combine his two passions of dermatology and military service, he created The Purple Heart Project, which offers free laser scar revisions to Veterans injured in active duty. He understands that this can help heal more than just the skin, and can go a long way to improving confidence and happiness for deserving Veterans.



dr jorge 1

Visit to learn more!

New Proposed Hawaii Sunscreen Ban

The new proposed Hawaii state bill seeks to ban the only FDA-approved sunscreen ingredient that protects from cancerogenic UVA and works well for people with darker skin tones. Skincare consumer website What’s In My Jar warns that, if passed, the bill will jeopardize the skin health of people of color in Hawaii, but is not likely to bring any environmental benefits. 

According to the skincare consumer website What’s In My Jar, 56% of the US sunscreens that offer broad-spectrum protection (that is can protect both from the UVB and UVA rays) contain either of the two ingredients (avobenzone and octocrylene) suggested for the new Hawaii ban. Avobenzone is especially critical for skin cancer prevention as it is one of the only two FDA-approved sunscreen ingredients that offer protection in the UVA spectrum. The other UVA-protective ingredient, zinc oxide, has an opaque white color and can leave an unsightly greyish cast on dark skin. Octocrylene is often used together with avobenzone to increase its stability and offer longer-term sun protection. 

“If the ban for avobenzone and octocrylene will be implemented in Hawaii, it will put especially people of color living in or visiting Hawaii at higher risk of skin cancer, pigmentation disorders, and premature skin aging. The scientific evidence available at the moment is not sufficient to conclude that avobenzone and octocrylene are harmful to coral reefs in real-life conditions. The health risks for people from the proposed sunscreen ingredient ban clearly outweigh the uncertain and unlikely benefits for the environment. Passing this regulation might seriously set

President Biden Prioritizes PPP Relief for Beauty Industry in The Next Two Weeks

President Joseph Biden just announced that he would direct the Small Business Administration (SBA) to only accept PPP applications from self-employed/sole proprietors and companies with fewer than 20 employees for 14 days beginning today, Wednesday, Feb 24, 2021.  This prioritizes the beauty industry financial relief applicants more than any other economic sector. This second round of $284 billion of PPP payments allows the independent stylist, booth/suite renters, and salon owners with less than 20 employees to receive 100% forgivable loans.

To take advantage of this much-needed government assistance to the beauty, barbering, and spa industry, the PBFC established relationships with SBA-approved lenders to create an unprecedented online portal in which beauty and barbering professionals can submit their entire application.  The lead lender, Adesso Capital, also established a call center that is available to assist applicants to successfully submit their required paperwork across all 50 states. Beauty professionals can begin an application or gather more information at

As of this posting, over 12,000 industry professionals and shop owners have accessed the online portal, with over $25M in SBA-approved loans going out to the industry in real-time with another $25 million in the process of full submission. Everyone who isn’t a W-2 employee should be applying, especially in the next two weeks, when the beauty industry applications will be among the only ones being processed in priority by the SBA.

“Personal Care professionals in the beauty, barbering and spa industry were the sacrificial lambs to the Covid gods,” stated PBFC Legal Counsel and Advocate, Fred Jones.  “We were marginalized because we weren’t understood, respected, or feared by our elected officials.  The PBFC’s coordinated #OpenSalonsNow grassroots campaign, two successive federal lawsuits, and now this unprecedented focus on PPP funding for our struggling professionals has raised our public esteem and political impact.  We will no longer be unjustifiably sacrificed without a fight”

Powerhouse Acne Products

Trendsetters share insights on acne-based products they recommend for skin care and spa professionals.



Untitled design 56

Danné Montague-King

President of DMK- Danné Montague-King Co.

“With its wetting agents, ACU MIST carries all of the acne actives immediately into the pores. The botichem compound destroys the c. acne bacterium.”




Kaelin Jutras

Creator of Herbal Skin Solutions

“For a fresh, glowing complexion, this toner effectively balances skin. Blended with alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin C, and organic white willow bark extract, this toner will have skin glowing in no time”




Shauna Blanch, LMT, RYT

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder of Color Up

“ELEMENTAL Zinc Moisturizer is amazing for acne care and prevention. The combined powers of CBD to prevent and heal breakouts and zin oxide’s tissue-regenerating properties naturally manage acne.”




Elyse Blakey, L.E.

Lead Corporate Educator for IMAGE Skincare

“This power packed, brightening booster features tranexamic acid, vitamin C, and an antioxidant peptide to reduce the appearance of stubborn post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and dark spots often left behind from acne breakouts.”




Mark Viktoria

President of Viktoria De’Ann Peptide Cosmeceuticals

“Pepti-A.C.N.E. is an antimicrobial like peptide (AMP) formulated to provide a unique quorum signaling suppression against bacteria. This serum supports the skin’s natural defense mechanisms to clear blemish-prone skin. The targeted blend of amino acid complexes boost the skin’s natural defense systems to calm breakouts, reduce the appearance of redness, and inflammation, while promoting a healthier skin barrier.”




Alex Hernandez, L.E.

Lead Educator for Face Reality Skincare

“L-Mandelic Acid addresses existing lesions and prevents future breakouts by exfoliating dead skin build-up. The larger molecular weight provides slower epidermal penetration, resulting in a more even exfoliation with less irritation.”

Shani Darden Spa

Shani Darden Spa

What makes your spa popular or unique?

I originally started out working in a few different spas in Los Angeles, California before I decided to go out on my own. Once I made that leap, I ended up working out of the guesthouse of my former rental house, and then the house itself. After a few years, I began to outgrow the house and knew that I wanted to find something that was private and a bigger space to grow into. The location was one of the most important things when I searched for the perfect property. I wanted it to be central to most of my clients, yet private. Finding a space in Beverly Hills, California was a challenge. After a very long search, I was able to find something that had great bones located on a very quiet yet accessible street.

When it came time to design the studio, the main goal was to create a space that evoked a sense of calm and serenity while maintaining the feel of a high-end spa. We used a lot of natural, raw materials along with polished finishes, bringing in elements that reflect my personality.

The walls are coated in a lime wash texture which gives it a natural, organic base. After ripping up the old flooring, we found these amazing wood floors. We bleached them several times to create this stunning light color.

Shani Darden spa specializes in facials, peels, LED, microcurrent, vibration therapy, and oxygen therapy.

The spa’s top 3 professional products retailed are:

  • Retinol Reform by Shani Darden Skincare
  • Cleansing Serum by Shan Darden Skincare
  • iS Clinical Active Serum

The most popular treatment offered:

Our in-house signature facial is designed to deliver a radiant and healthy glow. Specifically created to address each client’s individual concerns and needs, this facial tightens, lifts and boosts collagen, and hydrates skin. The signature facial includes skin analysis, herbal steam, deep pore cleansing, extractions, and professional exfoliation. It also features LED light, oxygen therapy, and vibration therapy. We also offer a 90-minute facial that includes microcurrent in addition to the treatment.

How long have you been a licensed aesthetician, and what made you join the industry?

I have been an aesthetician for almost 16 years. I did not always know that I wanted to be an aesthetician, but I grew up with a passion for skin care. I had some skin issues as a kid, such as rashes and acne. The journey of figuring out how to treat my own skin and understanding how much it can affect one’s confidence made me want to help others with their skin as well.

What pushed you to open your own spa, and at what point in your career did you open it?

After working at a handful of spas throughout the years and the birth of my second daughter, I decided to go out on my own and work out of my guesthouse. Eventually, I began to outgrow that and knew I wanted to open my own place – officially. I opened my spa in Beverly Hills, California after about 14 years as an aesthetician.

What is your favorite treatment to receive?

I always love a brightening lactic acid peel, but my favorite lately is vibration therapy. It helps stimulate the muscles to target wrinkles at their source. It transmits acoustic sound waves below the skin’s surface to provide deep muscle stimulation that targets crow’s feet, eyebrow furrows, and nasolabial lines under the surface at the source, rather than on a superficial level. The vibrations also boost circulation to increase the skin’s oxygen uptake, resulting in more glowing, youthful skin. Overall, it helps skin appear firmer, more contoured, and radiant with regular use. I made my new Facial Sculpting Wand to get these same benefits at home. It is my favorite treatment to start the day with.

What product do you try to retail to every client?

Retinol Reform is the number one product I recommend to all of my clients to keep their skin glowing between facials. It has a stable encapsulated retinol along with lactic acid to boost collagen, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, reduce dark spots, and smooth the texture of skin. It is a great formula that does not cause any of the dryness or irritation often associated with prescription retinol.

Favorite skin concern to treat?

I love treating all skin types; however, there is nothing like helping someone struggling with their skin achieve their best skin through targeted professional treatments and homecare. Seeing how confident they become after getting their skin to the right place is incredible and the reason I wanted to become an aesthetician.

You can only take 3 products to an island… which products do you bring?

  • Cleansing Serum
  • Sunscreen
  • Lipgloss

Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?

I just want to see it restored to where we were before the pandemic. I want to see the studio busy and get back to helping people with their skin.


Contact Information

Instagram @shanidarden


Lana Ivanov

A medical aesthetician and registered nurse, Ivanov created an industry-based brand that is revolutionizing skin care.

Why is your primary skin care brand your ultimate go-to, and how has it helped you become one of the best professionals in the industry?

We use medical-grade ingredients that are free of parabens, hormone disruptors, toxins, and harsh chemicals. My passion for healthy skin led me to search the world for the best skin care product. Skin is the largest immune organ of the body. It needs to be nourished with healthy and high-quality ingredients. Vonavi products are bioengineered for the highest-quality, thoroughly researched, and tested ingredients.

Formulated with the polypore technology for advanced efficiency, they enhance all skin types. My passion for finding the best skin care for my clients led me to study thousands of products on the market. And ultimately, I saw the need to develop a unique skin care product that could treat various skin issues.

Why did you choose the brand and how did you find out about them?

As a medical professional, I have spent many years in the medical spa setting. The delicacy of the skin has always been of special interest to me, and finding safe, healthy skin care has been a huge challenge for me for many years.

It was at that point that I realized that I owe it to my community to leverage my expertise as a trained medical professional and years of serving medical spa clients to develop a skin care line.

I developed Vonavi Pro to treat various skin issues. They are clinical-grade products and are carefully sourced. They also work well for clients with sensitive skin.

How do you stay educated with this brand?

As a medical professional with over a decade of experience in clinical work, as well as cosmetic procedure, I have been fortunate to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

I attend regular seminars and training events throughout the year to always stay on the cutting edge of the newest trends and latest technology in the industry. The learning never ends, but it is a lot of fun.

What benefits do clients see from using the retail of the brand?

My clients see massive improvements in the health and clarity of their skin, often within just a few short weeks. They come to me with all types of skin problems, ranging from signs of aging, sensitivity, clogged pores, skin breakouts, dark spots, and even rosacea. Many of them have been suffering from skin problems for many years and have tried every product on the market.

Often, they come with a broken heart and have lost faith in never having healthy skin again. They are pleasantly surprised how using clinical skin care products and having a prescribed skin care regimen can reduce wrinkles, clear up pores, stop breakouts, and even clear rosacea. All this is achieved by reducing inflammation, hydrating, and nourishing the skin with potent ingredients. It is not a miracle – it is just science.

How do you promote yourself and the brand?

We leverage a combination of organic branding and modern direct response marketing to reach the right audience at the right time. I use the Vagaro booking system to promote to my medical spa clients through e-mails and text messaging.

I also use social media and traditional magazines and newspapers for news blasts and feature articles.

Besides working with the brand, what else has helped you become one of the best?

I am very passionate about skin care. Beyond working on my skin care line, I have been undergoing special training and certifications. These include microblading, permanent makeup, microdermabrasion, resurfacing laser treatment, chemical peels, microcurrent, and radio frequency skin lifting. These certifications helped me gain knowledge and experience over the years, build my client base, and fuel clients’ trust in my skills. In my medical spa, my team and I are booked three months in advance.

What is your educational background and how do you continue your education in the industry?

As a medical professional, I have spent many years in the spa, and I hold a master certification as a medical professional. I am also a trained registered nurse with many years in the field.

My interest in the medical field led me to earn a paramedical license in aesthetics, allowing me to utilize advanced skin care techniques and provide pre- and post-surgical skin care treatments.

Over the years, I received special training and certifications in many specialties, including skin rejuvenation, microblading, permanent makeup, laser treatment, chemical peels, and microcurrent.

After completing my aesthetics licensure, I sought to improve and advance my knowledge and skills. I became certified by the American Board of Dermatology, earned a certification in oncology skin care, received a certification in laser technology, and became a certified master aesthetician.

How long have you been practicing and why did you choose this field?

I have been a clinical nurse for over a decade working in the hospital. I also had the pleasure to work at the BayState Medical Center and with plastic surgeons that gave me hands-on experience providing treatments and cutting-edge services to clients.

I have always been fascinated by the skin. It is the most versatile organ we possess, and seeing what massive changes it goes through in the countless clients I have met over the years instills the desire to study skin conditions and age management.

How do you give back to the industry or community?

I am a skin transformation specialist and skin health educator. I help people overcome unhealthy skin habits and live healthier lives. Also, I am an oncology skin care specialist and microblader. I developed my own charity program where I treat oncology patients for free and give them free products or microblading.

Lastly, I support the Christina House Non-Profit Organization that helps women suffering from abuse and domestic violence.

Must-Have Products

  • Super Serum by Vonavi Pro
  • Hydra Lift Stem Cell Moisturizer by Vonavi Pro
  • Super Luminous Polish by Vonavi Pro

Why are these your top three must-haves?

Skin care is an art that blends the forces of nature and science together. Harnessing natural, purified botanical ingredients allows for innovative formulations, free of overly harsh chemicals that irritate skin or cause breakouts. With radiant skin, clients can develop a new level of self-confidence.

Contact info:

@vonavipro on Instagram



Much can and has been said about dimethicone. It has been grouped with the less than attractive ingredients many skin care products boast about being free of. However, natural does not always equal safer or superior. In fact, pure synthetics like dimethicone have a lower chance of potential allergens compared to plant oils or butter. For this reason, it has been widely used in skin care and beauty to achieve that desired velvety, smooth effect most skin care lovers have come to expect from their favorite products. While it generally does not directly hydrate skin, it can act as a seal for those who want to prevent dry, rough, or scaly skin. Dimethicone or polydimethylsiloxane is an emollient and increases the soft texture of skin by sealing the spaces between the dead cells found on the top layer of the skin or the stratum corneum.

So where do the negative connotations come into play? Dimethicone is non-biodegradable, and for this reason, there is a concern of where it ends up after it is washed down the drain, particularly for oceanic wildlife. However, the European Union Chemicals Agency database citesthat they have found no negative effects of dimethicone in aquatic life

  In addition to its environmental concerns, because dimethicone can act as a seal, there is the question of whether it is comedogenic and if it keeps other products and ingredients from getting absorbed. While dimethicone does perform as an occlusive, it works similarly to the way a moisturizer does. Despite this debate, there are little to no safety concerns as it has proven to be a non-irritating, non-toxic, and non-comedogenic ingredient. 

Dimethicone may not be for everyone, but it is relatively safe to use on all skin types, including sensitivity. It cannot be used alone, and like any complex, cosmetic ingredient, it should be spot treated before it is used all over a client’s face. It is important to read beyond greenwashing and to choose products and ingredients that are backed by scientific claims.  


Vitamin C

Read more on these vitamin C-based products that accelerate cellular turnover and promote collagen renewal for completing a glowing, healthy look.

Vitamin C has become a staple within the skin care community, as its benefits and viability make it a clear choice for many skin care professionals. From its ability to be used in cleansers, masks, serums, peels, and more, vitamin C offers range for treatment options. With its many uses, a few top benefits stand out. Whether through its ability to clear acne, protect the skin barrier, reduce hyperpigmentation, or its ability to promote new collagen, vitamin C is for any skin care professional wanting to keep their ingredients-based products at top shelf levels. 



Harness the natural power of vitamins C and E with a boost of nourishing nutrients for the skin. A cocktail of citrus, rhubarb extract, leafy greens, and avocado oil reduces the appearance of sun damage and fine lines and wrinkles.Try Eminence Organic Skincare’s Citrus & Kale Potent C +E Masque.



Like its name entails, this pH balancing toner is infused with antioxidant-rich vitamins, alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin C, organic white willow bark extract, and other organic botanical ingredients to deliver the exact dose of what skin needs to maintain an optimal pH.The results are a fresh, glowing complexion. Try Herbal Skin Solutions’s pH Balance.



Collagen promoting,vitamin C micronized peel reduces wrinkles and hyperpigmentation and improves skin color. Try Pure C Glow Peel Set by DermAware Bio-Targeted Skincare.

Favorite Firming Serum

Vitamin C+ Enhancement Serum by Herbal Skin Solutions

Favorite Eye Serum

OptiCrystal by COSMEDIX

Favorite Probiotic Serum

Probiotic Concentrate by Columbia Skincare

Favorite Peptide Serum

Power Serum by HydroPeptide

Favorite Retinol Serum

Retinol Skin Brightener .25% by ZO Skin Health