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Forging Your Path in 2018

Written by Michelle R. De Leon

Michelle-De-LeonHappy New Year! I know with all the amazing and positive professionals in our industry, everyone had a fantastic fourth quarter and joyful holiday season. The month of January is all about preparation. Start planning now for the year of trade shows. Visit for all of the 2018 dates and plan your trips early!

'Tis the Season to Strategize

Written by Michelle R. De Leon

As I sit down to write my final letter of 2017, I have the opportunity to look back over this past year and, as always, it never ceases to amaze me how quickly the year went by. December – our final month of the year – is, historically, one of our industry’s most profitable times as the holidays are here. We all want to look our best; so, the “things we will do differently in 2018” plans are already buzzing around our minds. It is also time to reflect on our business year and assess the variable trends that transpired, while planning for the resolutions we will make for the new year to improve ourselves and how we conduct business.

Comforting Body Contour Clients

Written by Michelle R. De Leon

There is a quote that states, “sometimes the hardest thing to wear…is our own skin.”

The mirror is not always our best friend, how many body contouring clients feel this way? We need to take a deeper approach. not only into how we address clients, but in our techniques and treatment times to ensure we provide clients with the results they desire.

Making Marketing a Group Activity

Written by Michelle R. De Leon

As an educator and consultant in the aesthetic industry for over a decade, I understand that one of the most common struggles for any business owner is maintaining revenue throughout slow seasons. The most common downtime for revenue we face is summer time sales. Keeping clients engaged with a healthy summer skin care routine that keeps them happy, as well as the staff’s schedule busy, is essential for summer. What did you do differently this summer to change your marketing strategies from last year?

The Golden Key to Success

Written by Michelle R. De Leon AIA Ambassador

Education is the golden key to success. Technology, products, and services are constantly changing in our industry. How are you ensuring that you are up-to-date with these changes? Whether you are a business owner, a new graduate, or a veteran in the field, continuing education is an important part of staying knowledgeable about what is currently trending. Keeping track of advancements in the industry is extremely important to ensure increased return on your investment. Not to mention, it is important that we meet our continuing education state requirements for our licenses.

Machine Maintenance

Written by Michelle R. De Leon

If you own your business, aesthetic equipment machinery is one of your vehicles to success. But, there are challenges. Not only are you facing the challenges of keeping up to date with the latest technology, but there are also state and federal regulations to follow and maintenance and repairs to consider. Where do you begin on creating multi-level schedules on maintenance, service, audit, education, and marketing your services? How often are you attending educational events to stay in the loop with technology updates and competitive pricing?

A Fresh Approach

Written by Michelle R. De Leon

Thank you to everyone who took the time to stop by the DERMASCOPE booth at the recent Dallas International Congress of Esthetics and Spa to say hello and catch up. This year, I had the opportunity to go out on the floor and shop our amazing vendors. My favorite new picks were the gold, sulfur, and aloe masks. I also noticed that our clients are excited about our new add-on services. I always love bringing something new into the salon.

Addressing Client Challenges

Written by Michelle R. De Leon

I hope everyone is having a successful and fulfilling first quarter. I have been spending a good amount of time consulting with clients about ways to prevent and correct damage from hyperpigmentation. With such a wide variety of products and services that our industry offers, it can be an overwhelming journey for the consumer. If you are anything like me, you have tried an array of products and treatments to see for yourself which actually work.

Preparing for Summer

Written by Michelle R. De Leon

Summer is almost here. Are you prepared to inform more of your clients about how to properly protect their skin? Sun exposure is the primary cause of skin damage, and while most people are aware of this, they maintain their habits of overexposure. Many of the treatments skin care professionals provide are contraindicated to restrict or eliminate the amount of sun exposure before or after receiving the treatments.

Every year, my staff, students, and I look forward to attending the International Congress of Esthetics & Spa in Dallas. We go as a group and enjoy seeing all the new skin care products and attending the training classes. The energy is always full of excitement and the room is filled with hungry minds that are eager to learn! It is fun for me to walk the floors and run into former students. I always enjoy catching up on their progress.

I hope everyone is already feeling the healthy, inspiring, positive energy of 2017! Mother Nature kicked off the New Year in Texas with a taste of winter, but only for a quick minute! With the cold weather, however, comes dry skin. Be prepared for clients to start getting in contact with you by touching base with your product line representatives to find out their plans to boost sales. Use this time to inquire about their scheduled educational opportunities for you and your staff.

AIA’s Newest Member

Written by Michelle R. De Leon

I am honored and blessed to have this amazing opportunity to be part of Aesthetics International Association. I am a licensed aesthetician, certified laser professional – LSO, and aesthetic instructor and director for a laser academy that started as a client. I have been in the aesthetic industry for over a decade and this industry has provided me with an incredible ongoing journey of opportunity.

Melissa-Lawrence 2016Aesthetics International Association (AIA) has returned from the International Congress of Esthetics & Spa (ICES), in beautiful, downtown Miami. That’s right, ICES moved to the beautiful Hyatt Regency Hotel & James L. Knight Center.

Aside from the awesome new location, ICES also brought some interesting and innovative business and marketing conferences! In addition to the many skin and body lectures, were topics on social media, wellness, makeup, and customer care; these subjects were discussed aside from the main stage lectures and demonstrations, product focused training classes, and the hundreds of exhibitors that lined the tradeshow floor!

The Benefits of AIA

Written by Melissa Lawrence

Forty-four years ago, Aesthetics International Association (AIA) began its journey. As the first American aesthetics association, we have seen the industry progress, assisted in establishing separate licensing programs for aesthetics, and secured a vast array of benefits for our members. This month, I would like to explain the bountiful ways that AIA can help you, your career, and your business.

Until Next Year, California!

Written by Melissa Lawrence

Aesthetics International Association (AIA) is on the road again. That's right, it is tradeshow season! This time, we were warmly welcomed in sunny California at the International Congress of Esthetics & Spa, Long Beach. AIA has been a supporter of ICES for decades and this trip was exceptional! All weekend, the weather was beautiful, there was a freshness in the air, and passion could be felt buzzing all around.

Save A Life: Get Your Annual Screening

Written by Melissa Lawrence

As I sat down to write this month's letter, I could not help but feel emotional. Many people have had to face cancer at some point in their lives, whether they have battled it personally or have helped nurse a loved one through the process. If you have not been affected by cancer thus far in life, consider yourself lucky.

We Get to Choose!

Written by Melissa Lawrence

Each year, Grace Village Foundation hosts a week-long camping retreat for foster and adoptive families, emergency-shelter residents, and orphaned children. I have been very fortunate to be a part of this amazing experience for three years. The theme and focus that was infused into the campers' lives at this year's retreat was "we get to choose." Grace Village chose this theme as most of the kids they work with are just starting to make their own choices in life. This simple phrase can change their perspective and, in turn, their future.

Aesthetics International Association (AIA) exhibited at the International Congress of Esthetics & Spa (ICES) in Dallas, Texas and sponsored continuing education classes for the annual Professional Hair Removal Conference (PHRC).

Aesthetics International Association (AIA) traveled to the east coast last month to exhibit at the International Congress of Esthetics & Spa (ICES) in Philadelphia, Pa. AIA has been an advocate and supporter of ICES for almost two decades because it is one of the best places for skin care professionals to network, expand their knowledge, and obtain new training and education that can be shared with clients. The ICES tradeshows are a great place for professionals to surround themselves with others who share their same interests and passions.

Each year, the Aesthetics International Association (AIA) offers several continuing education opportunities, such as the CEU exam within each issue of DERMASCOPE Magazine. AIA also offers live events that are coordinated in conjunction with the tradeshows of the International Congress of Esthetics & Spa (ICES).

The mission of the Aesthetics International Association (AIA) is to “raise the standards of education and public awareness of the aesthetics industry.” This statement has never been more true.

Are you interested in furthering your career but are not sure where to begin? Joining a trade association is a great place to start; there are associations for every profession or area of interest. Kelly Cherwin says, “An association is a synergistic group, meaning that the effect of a collection of people is greater than just one person.” We have a bigger voice and platform when we join forces with like-minded individuals.

The hair removal industry is bursting with different modalities to remove unwanted hair. From the ancient techniques of threading to the current trend of lasers, there are many solutions for hair removal and even for diminishing hair growth.

As each year dawns, we find ourselves compelled to make New Year’s resolutions. Typically, we choose to lose weight, quit a bad habit, or build up funds in the savings account. While all of those are excellent resolutions, what about your career? What commitments will you make towards your future?