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Welcome to the Aesthetics International Association (AIA). Here, you will learn about AIA, our mission, and the numerous resources we provide our members to help them foster their growth and take their careers to the next level and beyond.

Serving aestheticians since 1972, our mission is to raise the standards of education and public awareness of the aesthetics industry.

Regardless of your current level of experience in the industry, AIA is confident we have the tools and network available to help you along your career path.

AIA’s president, Michelle D’Allaird-Brenner, addresses our members each month, covering a topic that’s relative to professional aestheticians. To learn more about Michelle, AIA, and our mission, check out some of her recent letters below.

Hairless Heaven

Written by Michelle D'Allaid Brenner
The simplest, fastest, most cost effective way to boost revenue in any beauty business is with hair removal services, especially waxing. The hands of a skilled waxing professional will boost a bottom line in the blink of an eye, and there truly is not a hotter demand than a smooth, hairless face and body. Hair removal services have been at the top of the beauty service “food chain” for years…

Endless Possibilities

Written by Michelle D' Allaird Brenner
How often have you heard someone make the statement, “You never know where you’ll end up?” I have heard it countless times, but I have said it even more. The fact of the matter is – you just never know. As we roll into the start of tradeshow season, it is the ideal time to keep your eyes, ears, and mind wide open to everything going on around you. The…

Advancing the Industry

Written by Michelle D' Allaird Brenner
So often, I make note of the rapid advancement in technology and ingredients in the skin care profession, but you cannot avoid it, and you cannot ignore it. Today, technology and devices to enhance aesthetic treatments abound. Every time you turn around there is a new gadget running rampant on the market. There are many different views on the use of technology and gadgets in skin care, us old timers…

Getting Ahead of Acne

Written by Michelle D'Allaird-Brenner
There are very few things that remain a constant in the skin care profession. Every day brings new products, high-quality ingredients, advanced technologies, and equipment. Yet, a few things do remain the same: the desire for youthful, hefty skin, the on-going battle to turn back the hands of time, and the effortless attempt to combat acne breakouts. When it comes to improving acneic skin and preventing breakouts, there are five…

The Power to Age Healthily

Written by Michelle D'Allaird-Brenner
As the topic for this month’s welcome letter came in, I just so happened to be reading a book on why we age and why we do not have to. Quite the interesting read, but it plays right into the topic of healthy aging. Most of us look at aging as an inevitable process, as something that is bound to happen regardless of our actions, lifestyle, and choices. But what…

Rite of Passage

Written by Michelle D'Allaird-Brenner
It’s hard to believe that summer is over, and that Autumn is in full swing. Where do the days go? I recently had a yoga instructor make the most beautiful comment about the changing of seasons. She said that they were like a rite of passage – permission to close out the prior growth period of life and start anew – permission to refresh, renew, and revive yourself, your life,…

Exfoliation Experts

Written by Michelle D'allaird Brenner, AIA President and Director of Education
There are so many aspects of a professional skin care treatment that are vital to the health and wellness of the skin, yet the one area that requires crystal clear attention is exfoliation. Skin of every age and every type can benefit from proper exfoliation – the key word being proper. From youthful, sensitive, oily, and acneic skin to sun-damaged, aged, dehydrated, and mature skin – all can reap the…

Embracing Alternative Services

Written by Michelle D'allaird Brenner, AIA President and Director of Education
For over 30 years, I have watched our industry explode into a force in which we would never have imagined, with technology, ingredients, and equipment that truly change the face of the business. Although health and wellness have always been a component of our industry, now, more than ever, they are taking center stage. The topic of alternative medicine is a tricky one, clearly not our scope of practice, yet…

The Season of Smooth

Written by Michelle D'allaird Brenner
Oh how I love this time of year! I’m not sure where you are, but here in the Northeast, the month of July is what we wait the entire year for! Yes, we pretty much get one month of summer. It’s hot, humid, and brilliantly sunny and beautiful – love it! It’s also probably the number one month for hair removal services. Bikini bodies are what everyone wants (or at…

But First, Healthy Skin

Written by Michelle D'allaird Brenner
If I were to ask 10 aestheticians why they chose this profession, I would bet that nine of them would respond by saying, “To help people make their skin better.” The last person might respond with, “To maintain healthy skin.” Although we surely have our “A-list” clients that come to us knowing that it is essential to maintain healthy, youthful skin while you have it, the reality is that most…

Control the Results

Written by Michelle D'allaird Brenner AIA President and Director of Education

The More You Know

Written by Michelle D'allaird Brenner AIA President and Director of Education
One of the biggest challenges for skin care professionals today is staying in the know. Every day there are new products, new ingredients, new technology, and, most importantly, new equipment that blur the line of our scope of practice. Rarely a day goes by that I do not receive a phone call from a seasoned aesthetician begging for where to go for the answers. Our goal at AIA is to…
As the skin care profession has risen to new levels of professionalism and expertise, the responsibility for the individual professional to represent those levels has become increasingly necessary. On a daily basis we are seeing new products, equipment, technology, ingredients, and techniques. It can be a full time job simply keeping up with the wave – let alone actually being appropriately informed. Yet, it remains our job and responsibility to…

Acne Awareness

Written by Michelle D'allaird Brenner AIA President and Director of Education
It is interesting that after almost 30 years in the skin care and beauty business, the same three skin conditions continue to wreak havoc on the health and beauty of the skin: acne, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation. It really is not a wonder why, when you consider the underlying biology and take a look at most lifestyles and the world around us – it makes perfect sense. Let’s discuss acne and…
I love the start of a new year as it is an inspiring time of endless opportunities and limitless goal setting. I truly hope each of you have set your sights on an outstanding accomplishment for 2019. Our first New Year’s topic is all about the body, including hair removal services and body treatments. These are great topics to start the year off because, for many aestheticians, hair removal and…
As we wrap up the end of the year, it is the ideal time to cover two great topics: exfoliation and New Year’s resolutions. Yes, they may seem like an odd combination, but, in reality, they go pretty well together. Exfoliation rids the surface of the skin of buildup, debris, and accumulated toxins; New Year’s resolutions can do the same for one’s life! Exfoliation is the ideal way to detoxify…
Where in the world does the time go? I have to pinch myself to believe we are winding down 2018 – and at a super rapid rate! I feel like just yesterday I was saying to myself “June will be here before we know it.” Now, June is long gone and 2019 is in my sights. But, as fast as it goes, I have loved every minute of a thrilling…
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