2022 DERMASCOPE Ambassadors

Longtime DERMASCOPE readers and subscribers may have picked up on the fact that the publication would be far less superior without the help of its many collaborators that make every issue possible, let alone educational. After being in business for close to 50 years, one is bound to make countless connections, and with the assistance of the advisory board, contributors, in-house aestheticians, and most recently, the DERMASCOPE Ambassadors, the staff is able to have an abundance of content, guidance, and expertise. While that can be quite demanding, especially with the brand’s latest growth of platforms, the team at DERMASCOPE revisited its archives and decided to relaunch and repurpose its ambassador program, formally known as the Official Ambassadors of the Aesthetics International Association (AIA). To the tune of trends, what is old is new again. 

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The DERMASCOPE Ambassadors are a collection of licensed aestheticians, medical professionals, educators, consultants, and creators to represent DERMASCOPE (and its association, AIA) in a big way. Ambassadors will serve as mentors and resources to the membership-at-large and be representatives and promoters of DERMASCOPE to the aesthetics industry. DERMASCOPE needed professionals who can bring other like-minded aestheticians and beauty professionals to the table to have real conversations about the state of the industry and how aesthetic professionals can work together to maintain a strong presence while providing top-notch continuing education.




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