ZONE Body Exfoliating Sea Scrub

ZONE Body Exfoliating Sea Scrub is a special blend of algae and botanicals from Healing Zone World that nourishes cells. This creamy exfoliant features sea salt and pumice grains to deliver toned smooth skin. It also freshens the skin surface and helps stimulate blood flow. This citrus and mint scented formula is non-drying and non-irritating to the skin. It rinses off easily and can be used daily at home for ultimate skin freshness.



Micro-Fine Daily Exfoliant

Our bestselling Micro-fine Daily Exfoliant smooths, conditions and illuminates with its ultra-gentle formulation that is suitable for all skin types including hypersensitive skin. The powder formula mixes with a drop of water to create an exfoliating paste that contains Papaya and Pineapple enzymes that gently digest surface skin cells.
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Resurfacing Solutions

We’ve expanded our product range for Exfoliation options. Get rid of dead skin cells, lighten and brighten your skin and reveal your inner glow.

Our new collection has something for everyone, for all skin types and sensitivity levels.

Lactic Microfoliant is a dual manual and acid based scrub that loosens and dissolves devitalized cells exposing a more youthful appearance.

Resveratrol Enzymatic Gel Peel is a professional exfoliating product that uses the dual action of both enzymes and AHAs to resurface the skin creating a more youthful and illuminated appearance.

Wild Yam & Licorice Dermafoliant is a fine-grained, powdered exfoliant that refines and polishes the skin, restoring radiance as it gently removes dead surface cells with the refining action of natural grains and naturally derived fruit enzymes.

Banana Soufflé applied as a masque, this gentle, enzymatic exfoliant, smooths and refines skin texture to reveal a radiant, natural glow.
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Lactic Microfoliant

My Favourite Exfoliator. This combined manual and Lactic acid based product does a great job to lighten and brighten my mature skin. I use it twice a week generally in the evening.

What I really like is that the manual grains are not to harsh but yet do a great job. As I age my skin is becoming more sensitive but needs a good active product so this combination works well. What I really like is the flexibility in that I can use the product either after cleansing and leave it on for 5 minutes to allow the Lactic acid to do its job or combine it with my cleanser when I need just a quick refreshed look.

Then to complete my evening facial routine I add my Vitamin C serum and Dermaboost serums, which now penetrate really well and a choice of night cream.
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TheraGenesis Resurfacing Solutions

As Spring slowly appears have you considered integrating professional grade resurfacing solutions and peels into your treatment menu .

For some of you still unable to do facial treatments, once we are able, their will still be time to offer them powerful treatment options to restore balance and radiance to their skin.

Combing A.H.A’s and B.H.A’s to to help resurface your client’s skin is either simply a great add on to your facial or for more immediate skin concerns offer them a a series of treatments.

The key is to provide a comfortable experience while delivering visible results and of course great products for at home care.

Discover our peels for mature, pigmented and acne prone skin to resurface, brighten, strengthen and repair, providing a radiant and youthful appearance.
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