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Today, in most areas of the country, individuals are required to wear face masks to minimize exposure and the spread of COVID-19. The practitioner may not be aware that their client has either of these two skin infections until the face mask is removed. Both herpes simplex and impetigo fall under the skin infection category. Both can look similar with blister-like appearances; however, herpes is…
Being a spa or aesthetics practitioner is an inherently intimate career choice and one that bears intrinsic responsibility. Skin care professionals see clients sometimes at their most vulnerable and are entrusted to maintain client safety while at the spa. This is even more apparent due to COVID-19. The agencies that are responsible for creating guidelines within the industry help practitioners assume this responsibility with pride.…
There is a vast array of mythology surrounding LED light therapy – most of it created by clever marketing directors of light therapy manufactures. This leads to a lot of confusion in the skin care community and the same questions being asked over and over. Two related questions routinely asked are, “Does the heat from LED devices cause hyperpigmentation” and “Does green light effectively treat…
Hear what makes our cruelty-free, all-natural skin care products unique and effective – from more than 75 years of expertise in the science of esthetics to a mantra passed down generations. Christine

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At City Facial Plastics , our goal is to help patients feel confident about their appearance. Whether it is a subtle change to the lips or a...

  • Wednesday, 11 November 2020 08:00 AM
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