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4 Signs Your Spa Needs a Marketing Makeover Featured

Written by Michael Cohen, vice president of marketing at eRelevance
4 Signs Your Spa Needs a Marketing Makeover
Busy spa owners and aestheticians running their own businesses have a lot on their plates and marketing is not usually high on the priority list. Given their focus on serving clients and managing staff, these business professionals oftentimes do not even realize they are either not achieving the minimum marketing necessary to thrive or focusing on the wrong kinds of marketing to be effective.

BMarketing missteps are not hard to identify – it is as simple as a good skin care routine. But professionals have to identify the issues and establish a suitable regimen to make it work. There are four signs that a spa needs a marketing makeover, plus a prescription for a revamp.

Tattoos: Body Art or Body Intruder? Featured

Written by Amra Lear, licensed massage therapist and aesthetician
Tattoos: Body Art  or Body Intruder?

Tattoos are becoming more of a cultural mainstay among people of varying ages. No matter the choice of tattoo, every type of skin – whether it is skin type I or skin type IV on the Fitzpatrick scale – will experience the same reaction.

Better than Eye Cream Featured

Written by by Dr. Janet Prystowsky, leading board-certified dermatologist and president of Livad Skin Care
Better than Eye Cream

Crow’s feet, brown spots, and wrinkles are all classic signs of sun damage, yet most people think they are part of the unavoidable cost of getting older. It is not hard to see why. In the United States, there is a definitive tanning culture.

From Poland to the United States:  The Evolution of Halotherapy

Humans have gravitated toward the use of salt therapy for millennia, with formal halotherapy resorts being documented in Poland as early as the 12th century. Considered a form of alternative medicine by western standards, it has a long and storied history of healing.

The Paraffin Tub Alternative

Written by Kristine Sartore, vice president of sales, marketing, and business development at Spa Revolutions
The Paraffin Tub Alternative

Paraffin treatments are a luxurious and profitable add-on treatment to manicures and pedicures. A natural emollient, paraffin offers guests instant gratification with improved skin elasticity and softness.

The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar  for the Skin

The benefits of ingesting apple cider vinegar have been sweeping the internet, becoming one of the latest social media health trends. From putting it in tea to taking “shots” of the vinegar, consumers seem obsessed with this liquid.

A Deeper Look at Rosacea

Written by Danné Montague-King, founder of DMK Skincare
A Deeper Look  at Rosacea

Rosacea has probably been one of the most misdiagnosed and misunderstood skin disorders in the history of the human race. The symptoms of rosacea are so variable that many people have been treated for it when they were actually suffering from other skin disorders; many people who had rosacea were treated for common acne.

Reduce Acne Suffering:  The Use of Good Clinical Photographs to Improve Treatment Compliance

Known mainly as a serious problem among teenagers, acne is considered the most common skin affliction affecting pre-teens and young adults. However, acne often affects adults through their 30s, 40s, and even 50s, and the incidence of inflammatory acne is growing across all of these groups, although experts are not quite sure why.

Say Hello to Firmer Skin Today!

Collagen is all the craze in the aesthetic industry. It seems as though every treatment performed at medical spas, in one way or another, assists with collagen production. Loss of collagen in the skin leads to wrinkles and crepey skin.


Chlorophyll is a green photosynthetic plant pigment which helps transfer light into energy. It is found in most green vegetables – such as spinach, kale, collard, broccoli, wheatgrass, spirulina, and algae – and green herbs – such as cilantro, parsley, and mint.

December 26th  is National  Thank You  Note Day!

Skin care professionals can show appreciation for their clients by sending them a “thank you” note on this natio­nal awareness date. Show gratitude to clients by thanking them for their business!

Dos and Don’ts: Difficult Clients


Genuinely listen to their concerns. Most difficult clients have a frustration that they merely want heard and are satisfied once someone listens to them vent. For clients that complain regardless of proposed solutions, the professional should continue to do what they can to mollify the client.

The Start of Essential Oils

For thousands of years, people have been using natural oils for beauty, health, and household purposes. In fact, the first recorded use of essential oils dates back to 18,000 B.C.E! Since then, essential oils have been used by kings, queens, farmers, doctors, mothers, and priests for a number of personal and professional purposes.


Written by Anabel De La Vega, certified license specialist and author of TAO – The Art of Relaxation

Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide, which displaces the oxygen in the skin. The nicotine reduces blood flow and leaves the skin dry. Nicotine depletes vitamin C, which helps to protect and repair the skin. Smoking can have a huge impact on a person’s complexion.

Combat Winter Skin Woes

Written by Kat Khadija Leverette, L.E., nationally certified aesthetic specialist
Combat Winter Skin Woes

As winter approaches and the weather changes, the epidermal cells are impacted by the effects of overexposure to heat sources, dry air, and cold wind. Clients begin to complain that their skin feels tight and dry. Eyebrows, hairline, and sides of the nose begin to flake and even burn.


It seems like everyone is currently obsessing over essential oils and aromatherapy. With their proven skin care benefits, incorporating them into clients’ beauty regimen seems like a no-brainer! Mother nature is the best resource for effective solutions to skin care needs.

One Step Closer to the Holy Grail of Acne Care

The United States is experiencing an acne epidemic. Up to 95 percent of adolescents suffer from the condition and more than 50 percent of people over the age of 25 still deal with some degree of acne. It is the nation’s most common skin condition.

How to Successfully Cross-Promote Team Bookings

Cross-promotion within the spa’s team is one of the best methods to increase clientele and ensure optimum retention rates. Along with training, superior skill sets, and passion, team members should possess excellent customer service skills to enhance the client's experience. This point is where team booking is critical. If staff adapts this mentality, success is guaranteed for everyone.

Siliconized Pullulan Film-former Developed for Long-wear  Lip Formulations

Shin-Etsu Silicones of America, Inc. has recently premiered its advanced, multi-functional TSPL-30-ID siliconized pullulan film former in isododecane.

Will drinking water flush toxins from the body and improve oily and acne prone skin?

Water is a powerful ally to Earth, communities, human bodies, and the mind. Its ability to fully hydrate skin, plump skin significantly from the inside, and change the behavior of genetic skin types, however, is a shadowy topic: scientific evidence does not support the claims. Water’s journey from fancy bottles to physiological application is slightly more complicated than “flushes toxins from the skin.”

The Powerful Benefits of Tea Tree

The powerful healing benefits of tea tree date back to the 18th century, when British sailors landed on the southeast shores of Australia and discovered massive groves of trees thick with sticky, aromatic leaves. The leaves of these trees, which was later named the Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree), had been used for many years to treat cuts and wounds.

Healthy Liver, Clear Skin

Skin care professionals are starting to understand that, in order to transform a client’s skin, they need to start looking inside the body. They understand that lifestyle choices greatly affect treatment of acne, rosacea, and melasma; however, they do not usually think of liver damage when treating the skin.

Spa Django

Named after the famed gypsy-jazz guitarist, Django Reinhardt, Spa Django provides a peaceful and pampering experience at Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa. With its unique location right outside Austin, Spa Django reflects a luxury wilderness retreat, featuring 18 treatment rooms. The success of Spa Django is directly correlated to its talented providers and staff, who are passionate about gaining knowledge, honing their talents, and learning new techniques within the industry.

Knowing Which Corrective Serum or Treatment  to Recommend:  Vitamin C, Peptides, or Retinoids?

When clients seek professional skin care, they also expect comprehensive infor­mation on their skin condition and advice on how to maintain healthy skin, including product recommendations. Making the best recommendations tailored to their specific needs will not only improve their skin condition, but also bolster confidence in the professional’s technical knowledge and, ultimately, keep them coming back.

Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons Use New Technique to Treat Patients with Skin Lesions

Seborrheic keratosis is one of the most common noncancerous skin growths in older adults. In a new study, dermatologists and plastic surgeons are treating patients with a patient-friendly method that, clinical studies have shown, potentially offers better aesthetic outcomes for the more than 80 million people in the United States with seborrheic keratosis.

October is National Apple Month!

An apple a day just might keep the aesthetician away! This vitamin-packed fruit is an efficient source of copper, a mineral that has been shown to have protective advantages for the skin. It also contains vitamins A and C, which are important to the development of the skin and the production of collagen.


Written by Tami Louise Assaf, B.A., medical aesthetician and educator

Theold adage, “you are what you eat,” rings vibrantly true for professionals in the wellness world. Therefore, it is undeniably critical for aestheticians to remember that, as the largest organ, the skin is directly impacted by what is around it and what goes into a person’s body. Skin care professionals’ work involves giving and receiving, which is physically, mentally, and emotionally integrated.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Written by Lydia Sarfati, L.E., founder and CEO of Repêchage
Get Your Beauty Sleep

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society recommend that adults between the ages of 18 and 60 sleep at least seven hours each night to promote optimal health and well-being. Sleeping less than seven hours per day is associated with an increased risk of developing chronic conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and frequent mental distress.


Written by Peter Friis, CEO of ESSIO Shower

It seems like everyone is currently obsessing over essential oils and aromatherapy. With their proven skin care benefits, incorporating them into clients’ beauty regimen seems like a no-brainer! Mother nature is the best resource for effective solutions to skin care needs.

Reversing Skin Aging Using Defensins

Written by Angela O’Mara, president of The Professional Image, Inc.
Reversing Skin Aging Using Defensins

In the brave new world of aesthetics, defensins are taking center stage and the professional anti-aging skin care market by storm. In a recent article in the May 2017 issue of DERMASCOPE, Cheryl Whitman positioned defensins as “the latest and most advanced generation in skin care,” and, more recently, Dr. Amy Forman Taub, a respected cosmetic dermatologist and principal investigator of a rigorous multi-center, placebo-controlled clinical trial on defensins, revealed the results of the study to an audience of aesthetic physicians from across the United States who attended the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery symposium.

The Skin Microbiome: The Secret World on Our Skin

Written by Sophie Seite, PhD, scientific director for La Roche-Posay
The Skin Microbiome: The Secret World on Our Skin

Research on the human microbiome – all the many different tribes of bacteria living in and on a person – has focused mainly on those in the gut, revealing them to have an effect on health from obesity to mood. New research has shown that managing skin microbiome is an effective new way to tackle a range of skin problems, including atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and acne.

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