bt-titan MN Model AE

Microexfoliation with nano tips is an exceptionally effective advanced new skin service that leaves skin smooth, bright, and glowing with improved overall texture. bt-titan® MN model AE skin services offer a highly controlled and precise service that is adapted to your clients exact skin needs. Unlike more invasive procedures, this quick application not only delivers marked results but is suitable for most skin types and tones. With no down time, a bt-titan MN model AE microexfoliation skin service is a great option for those with a busy lifestyle and schedule.

Treat your clients to beautiful, luminous skin with the bt-titan MN.


Celluma DELUX

Now you can enjoy proven, head-to-toe LED therapy with the first ever portable, space-saving, full-body LED device. The Celluma DELUX offers all the advantages of a light therapy bed without the space requirement or exorbitant price tag. Expand menu services and enhance bottom line with this relaxing, rejuvenating device which can be offered to clients during facials or alone as a series to treat a variety of skin and pain conditions. This groundbreaking design comes in two sizes. FDA-cleared and medically CE-marked.  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. • (714) 978 0080



The Noor LED Light Therapy Face mask uses food grade silicone for flexible and safe for any face.

90 LED Lights:

RED LED Light - Promotes and helps to improve blood circulation, delay skin aging and stimulate collagen growth to repair damaged and old tissue & tighten the skin.
Wavelength - 622nm

BLUE LED light - Helps reduce oil production..
Wavelength - 463nm

YELLOW LED light - Helps prevent skin drying, reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
Wavelength - 592nm

Colorful LED light - YELLOW, BLUE AND RED LED light improve skin imperfections.
Wavelength - 425nm

A remote control to change settings.

4 different - LED light for specific skin concerns.
90 led lights.



BTL Aesthetics, the manufacturer behind revolutionary EMSCULPT technology, continues to innovate in aesthetics with the launch of EMSCULPT NEO in Australia and New Zealand. EMSCULPT NEO builds off its predecessor's legacy, Emsculpt, with its revolutionary non-invasive body shaping and contouring. It is the first and only non-invasive body shaping procedure that combines two energies, emitting radiofrequency and high-intensity electromagnetic energies for simultaneous fat elimination and muscle building.

Celebrities already applauding Emsculpt NEO include Jenny McCarthy, The Bella’s, Molly Simms, Olivia Culpo and Tori Spelling. The treatment builds on average 25% more muscles* and reduces 30% less fat*. Typically, two standalone procedures are needed to treat both fat and muscle, but now with EMSCULPT NEO, this single solution simultaneously melts fat while building muscles. As such, it is a faster, more economical and more efficacious solution than combining multiple procedures.

"60% of women and 90% of men are interested in one or both, a fat reduction and muscle toning treatment. The unique combination of RF and HIFEM+ has multiple benefits as we can now address the two biggest patient concerns in a single treatment. With the additional seven new clinical studies, Emsculpt NEO has demonstrated superior efficacy with an average of 30% fat reduction and a 25% increase in muscle mass. Emsculpt NEO's 2-in-1 solution results in more fat reduction and muscle growth, for less time and less investment." said Dr. Frank Lin, Specialist Plastic Surgeon at Eastern Plastic Surgery.

EMSCULPT NEO is a versatile solution for most body types; patients up to a BMI of 35 can successfully experience this treatment and benefit from its results. EMSCULPT NEO is the first FDA-cleared procedure to eliminate fat cells non-invasively. EMSCULPT NEO's applicators simultaneously emit synchronized RF and HIFEM+ energies, contracting the muscle fibres at intensities that are not achievable during a voluntary workout. The radiofrequency heat causes the muscle temperature to rise by several degrees, similar a warm-up activity before exercise. In less than four minutes, the temperature in subcutaneous fat reaches levels that cause apoptosis, i.e., fat cells are disrupted and flushed out of the body through the metabolic process.

EMSCULPT NEO has been clinically tested for safety and efficacy in seven clinical studies and 30 scientific publications. EMSCULPT NEO can be applied over the abdomen, buttocks, arms, calves and flanks (love handles). The treatment is entirely non-invasive, does not require surgery, needles, anesthesia, or any downtime.
EMSCULPT NEO feels like intense muscle contractions combined with a heating sensation comparable to hot stone massage (it is not painful). The treatment is equivalent to doing 20,000 crunches or squats in a 30 minute session. The recommendation is for four 30-minute treatments, 5-10 days apart. Results may vary, with the final results visible three months after the last treatment.

For information on EMSCULPT NEO or to find your local physician, visit

About BTL
Founded in 1993, BTL is one of the world's major manufacturers of medical and aesthetic equipment. With 1,900 employees and 300 engineers located in more than 58 countries, BTL has revolutionized the way to offer the most advanced non-invasive solutions for body shaping, skin tightening & other medical aesthetic treatments, including women's intimate health and wellness. BTL's brands include EMSCULPT NEO, EMSCULPT, EMSELLA, EMTONE, BTL Vanquish ME, BTL Exilis ULTRA and BTL Cellutone.



4-in-1 Massaging Gua Sha

Gelid Beauty is elevating the usual skincare products that you'll want in your beaut arsenal! The massaging gua sha takes me-time to a whole new level! Get your relaxation with this cool new tool down below:

Gua Sha Massage Tools
This 4-in-1 massage tool is an electronic scraping device that combines gua sha, heating, vibration, and LED red light therapy for glowing skin from within
Relaxes deep tissue
Promotes lymphatic drainage
Better skincare absorption
Accelerates blood circulation
Soothes jaw muscle, TMJ
Eliminates puffiness and removes toxins
Tightens and firms skin
Stimulates collagen production
Available in Blue and Pink
Price: $70


Gelid Beauty Ice Globes

Stay Chill and Look Amazing with Gelid Beauty

Hello Gorgeous!

Have you heard? Spa time has been elevated to a chilling new level.

Just in time for our 2021 beauty lifestyles, Gelid Beauty is here to save the day with remarkable skincare products that have beauty junkies raving! After all, don’t we all want glowing skin? Yeah, we do!

Feeling beautiful in your own skin is the best kind of self-care. Whether using the brand’s products on their own or at the end of a facial or skincare regime, you’ll feel soothed and relaxed. It’s especially great for calming skin after a chemical peel.

Come and get your glow on with your newest BFFs below:

Facial Ice Globes
*Massaging with our ice globes stimulates circulation to gently reduce eye puffiness
*Massage firms the skin and brightens to give it an even tone, silky soft touch, and supple texture
*Give yourself a lymphatic facial massage to release pent up tension and detoxify lymph nodes
*Massage with ice globes after applying skincare products to ensure maximum absorbency
*Place ice globes in the fridge or freezer for 30 minutes prior to use
*Hand wash with mild soap or alcohol
*Available in clear glitter, pink, pink glitter, blue and blue glitter
Price: $70

For more information, visit or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About Gelid Beauty:
Gelid Beauty was created with the single purpose of providing everyone with unique products to add to their skincare routine. Whether you want to help remove wrinkles, dark circles and shrink pores or just a little spa time, the facial globes and massage tools help give you the glowing skin you deserve. Follow them on Instagram @hellogelidbeauty.

Gelid Beauty



BeautySoClean makes cleaning your makeup simple with its cosmetic sanitizers! Their products are 99.99% effective against viruses and bacteria, helping you to stay safe and healthy. The magic is in their formula - formulated with natural ingredients, and safe for sensitive skin, the cosmetic sanitizing solution is an affordable, easy, and quick way to keep items clean without affecting the makeup (nothing even gets wet, just sanitized!).




A compact yet powerful eye and lip massaging beauty tool used to get rid of puffy eyes, dark circles and lip lines, while also reducing the appearance of crow's feet and fine lines.

Eye & Lip Massager Features:
Sonic Vibration Eye/Lips Massage
Heated 42℃ Warm Treatment
Elevation Designed Massage Head
Integrated & Portable Design
Heat Therapy: Heat therapy, also called thermotherapy, is the use of heat in therapy, such as for pain relief and health.
Heated treatment stimulates skin cells through massage, locks in moisture, improves blood circulation and revives eyes fatigue.

Put the Massage Head against the skin and move it gently in circular motion from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eyes.

Sonic Vibrating Massage
Vibrating Massage to stimulating your skin effectively absorb skin care products while massage, promote the blood circulation to relieve eye's fatigue and puffiness.

Relieves Dark Circles and Puffiness
Stimulate the production of collagen, and help to tighten your skin and boost its elasticity. Gentle massage can effectively reduce the dark circles and puffiness cause of stay up or sleepless. also help to detox, weaken and eliminate specks after long time using.

Enhance Eye Cream Absorption
Heated treatment help to open your pores and allows serums and creams to enter better. High frequency vibration maximum efficiency of your skin care products, rouse your skin cells' nutrient absorption powers.

Relieve Eyes Fatigue
Gentle massage can increases blood circulation, effectively relieve eyes fatigue, soothe sore muscles, soothe the skin sense of tension, reduce eyes redness, pain. Especially suitable for students or the people who have a long time facing the computer or stay up.

Heat Level (Please don't use the third level around the eyes area.)
1. 37℃ Booster mode: 37℃, which is similar to body temperature, vibration massage helps to absorb cosmetics and helps to make moist and shiny skin.

2. 39℃ Heating Mode: This mode helps open the pores(like warm steam towel) for deep cleansing, which improves the smoothness of the skin.

3. 42℃ Massage Mode: This mode is suitable for lymphatic drainage massage behind the ear and neck. Deep diathermy helps open lymphatic channels, relax micro-vessels and meridians, promote blood and lymph flow, eliminate heavy metals and toxins, improve blood circulation and promote skin cell renewal.

Battery Capacity: 500mAh
Charging Duration: 2 hours
Working Time: 2-5 hours
Vibration Frequency: 3200-6300 RPM




Step 1. Start with clean skin, free of product-residue and dirt.

Step 2. Apply your choice of serum or facial oil so the tool won’t drag across your face.

Step 3. Hold the top of the Rose Quartz Heart Facial Gua Sha tool on the center of your chin and glide it upwards towards your jaw. Do the same on the other side.

Step 4. Then, start with the tip of the gua sha tool on the side of your nose and glide it across your right cheek towards the corner of your eye. Bring it back to the tip of your nose on the other side, and glide it across your left cheek and up towards the corner of your eye.

Step 5. Use the side of the tool on the forehead area, starting from the middle and going towards the ear. Do the same on the other side.

Step 6. Use the side of the tool on your neck, in an upwards motion until all sections have been massaged.

Step 7. Lastly, moisturize your skin for better product penetration.


Himalayan Salt Panels

Himalayan Source salt panels feature 100% pure hand-carved Himalayan salt in specially designed salt frames with a variety of salt and frame options to fit any décor in spas, offices and residential and sauna space. The panels feature hand-carved Himalayan salt, created when the ancient Primal Sea, where scientists and scholars believe all life originated, was dried up by energy from the sun.
8885763525  Himalayan Source



The “Cleopatra Fractional Bio Infusion System” is the latest development in combination therapy providing a myriad of proven aesthetic treatments under a new delivery platform. As the Global Esthetic Market has seen full development and growth over the past few years, many practitioners have adopted the non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments such as dermal infusion (Silk-Peel, Hydrafacial*) and Micro-Needling (SkinPen, Exceed, Procell**) due to their proven efficacy and minimal down time. Cleopatra changes the game. Incorporating the dermal infusion technology to microdermabrasion and microneedling, coupled with LED light therapy, micro-current treatment and cupping for lymphatic drainage and massage, a full treatment with Cleopatra is transformational.

8339992536  Cleopatra skin health


LightStim for Acne

LightStim’s LightStim for Acne harnesses patented light energy to address acne prone skin from within, as a high-quality, easy-to-use, at-home device. LightStim for Acne treats mild to moderate acne, calms existing breakouts, and restores your skin's clear and healthy appearance in a holistic, non-invasive treatment. LightStim harnesses blue light to destroy acne-causing bacteria and red light to help soothe and calm the skin, helping to clear existing breakouts. To use, just place the Light gently touching your skin and hold in place for 3 minutes.


LightStim for Wrinkles

LightStim for Wrinkles draws from the wisdom of nature and the intelligence of science to create more youthful looking skin. This FDA Cleared device can be added to any skin care regimen to reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles and enhance daily skin care routines. Designed and engineered by the leading manufacturer of LED light therapy devices in the U.S., LightStim harnesses therapeutic light energy that nourishes the skin from within with visible results. Known as a light therapy game changer, in 2000 its patented MultiWave technology has made this device a mainstay for those in pursuit of healthier, younger looking skin.


Ultrasonic Micro-therapy Device

The Eve Taylor® Ultrasonic Micro-therapy Device is a handheld device created for the professional therapist to use within their facial treatments. The supreme technology of the device supercharges professional-use Eve Taylor® products and boosts treatment room results for the ultimate client satisfaction.

The device offers multiple functions allowing a versatile selection of treatments to be performed across a wide selection of skin types and conditions; Exfoliate; provides removal of dead skin cells and enhances cleansing actions for a smooth, soft, refined complexion. Decongest; deeply cleanses, breaks down sebum, loosens comedones ready for extractions and refreshes the skin. Ionise; propels action ingredients into deeper skin layers for increased product effectiveness and visible positive results. Collectively, the versatile functions of this device, widens your treatment selection and incentivises clients to return for increased treatment results.


Caring for the Skin After Microneedling

Tara had her first MDPen Microneedling treatment in February 2020, just before the COVID-19 quarantines began. We decided to check-in with Tara and see how she is caring for her skin at home after her microneedling treatment. Our team sat down with Tara to document her experience with the products in our MDPen AfterCare Recovery Kit, an essential microneedling aftercare skincare set.

Tara explains here experience with 4 of our AfterCare products and how she uses each at home. If you need to design effective aftercare protocols for your clients and patients, please
read the entire article on our website at
or download our eBook on our AfterCare page at
MDPen MicroNeedling is an industry leader in professional microneedling devices and skincare. MDPen includes dermatologist-test products in our microneedling aftercare skincare regimen to help boost and maintain results every day following treatment. Shop for MDPen Skincare and Microneedling AfterCare products on our website at


Sciton's mJOULE

Created in response to market demand, mJOULE is a dual wavelength platform designed to fit any practice. The platform houses the latest non-ablative fractional wavelength, MOXI and the fastest, most powerful IPL in the industry, BBL HERO (High Energy Rapid Output). BBL HERO allows practitioners to treat all over the body with 4 times the speed, 3 times the peak power and 2 times the cooling capacity. Sciton’s BroadBand Light is well known in the industry for being the most robust powerful IPL, with the release of the groundbreaking BBL HERO, Sciton is elevating the market yet again.

The combination of MOXI and BBL HERO make the mJOULE system a home run for any practice. BBL HERO has all the benefits of world renowned Forever Young treatment, but can treat large areas in a quarter of the time. “BBL HERO is the most significant advance in pulsed broad-spectrum light in twenty years,” says dermatologist, Dr. Patrick Bitter who is excited to add this to his practice. When my patients look at their skin they just say, “AMAZING!” “They are seeing smoother, clearer, younger and healthier looking skin after just one treatment with BBL HERO”


Platinum Series InfraMat Pro

The Platinum series mats feature HealthyLine’s most advanced technology, including a brand new customizable PEMF system. All Platinum series mats offer revolutionary variations of memory programming and 300 billion combinations of PEMF settings through the product’s remote, allowing users to choose from programs optimized to improve relaxation, relieve pain, promote better sleep and more. In addition, the Platinum series mats allow practitioners and/or users to program frequency, waveform, pulse duration, intensity, and time limit to create a truly individualized experience with every use. All mats in the Platinum Series include five therapies in one device, featuring FIR, hot stone, negative ion, and photon light therapy in addition to PEMF. The Platinum mats are ideal for use on a bed, massage table or floor. Increase the comfort and quality of your rest by sleeping on it overnight or place it on the couch when you’re relaxing each evening.


bt-techbelt 2.0 by Bio-Therapeutic

The newly redesigned bt-tech belt is a skincare pro’s must have. Constructed of durable vegan leather and heavy duty metal hardware, this adjustable belt can be worn around the waist or as a cross body. Featuring removable, fully lined and metal zippered compartments, accessory pockets, elastic tool holders, and metal carabiner clips. This versatile, multipurpose belt is comfortable to wear both standing and sitting, and has been thoughtfully designed to keep bt-GEAR close and convenient. Fully customizable to meet your professional needs.
Features and specs:
- 100% Pebbled vegan leather
- Adjustable belt with metal side release buckle
- Metal heavy duty zippered compartments
- Gusseted accessory pocket with snap flap closure
- Elastic tool holders
- Metal carabiner clip
- Metal ring for attaching keys
- Metal belt sizer



BT PROTECT - bt ishield and bt vision2.0 carrying case

Bio-Therapeutic introduces the
bt-ishield and bt-vision 2.0 carrying case

In response to the global success of both the bt-vision 2.0 and industry demand for the newly introduced bt-protect line, Bio-Therapeutic is delighted to announce that launch of the bt-ishield and bt-vision 2.0 carrying case.
Fans of this highly popular, FDA registered medi skin examination light will now be able to combine this hands free, fully adjustable, 5 level magnification headset with the added safety of a refined face shield. The bt-ishield accessory wears “small” and agile, and offers superior protection to perform safe, up close and focused services.
It features anti-fog benefits, is made of distortion free APET plastic and is replaceable. The use of the interchangeable headband, LED white light, and magnification lenses remain unchanged with the bt-vision 2.0 and prescription glasses can still be worn comfortably if desired, even with the additional bt-ishield attachment. With sanitation being the upmost priority, the bt-vision 2.0 utilizes leading edge Silver Ion Technology, which has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties infused in all silicone surfaces that come in contact with the skin.
To help keep your bt-vision 2.0 clean, travel friendly, and protected, Bio-Therapeutic has also developed the stylish and highly convenient bt-vision 2.0 carrying case. The durable hard shell is water resistant has a soft touch and custom foam cut outs molded specifically for dry storage of the headset and accessories. It sports a unique 350 degree wrap around zipper for easy access, and is not only eye catching but a brilliant way to keep this highly popular piece of bt-GEAR dry, clean, and protected whether in the room or on the go.



Celluma iPRO

The Celluma iPRO is the battery-powered option of the Celluma PRO. This breakthrough technology offers all the benefits of the original Celluma PRO with even greater mobility and versatility. There are no limits with the Celluma iPRO so take this first ever battery-powered full-size LED panel wherever you go! Freedom to use anywhere in your home, spa or outdoors.



Bio-Therapeutic is proud to announce the development and introduction of its new
bt-protect skincare safety suite. Developed in response to the new standards for industry professionals as they return to work, this dynamic, ergonomic, and thoughtful skincare safety suite addresses new sanitation and cleanliness standards for close contact workers.
Created for skincare, hair, nail, and other high touch fields, bt-protect equipment is designed to provide a layer of reassurance for clients and service providers alike. The suite currently consists of three attentively designed tools that provide the ultimate in modern technology protection.

bt-degree IR

The bt-degree IR touchless infrared thermometer adds a layer of crucial safety to the healthy function of your practice intake process. Capable of both Fahrenheit and Celsius measurements, the bt-degree IR takes forehead temperature in approximately 1 second and eliminates contact with effectiveness from up to 2 inches away. The blue aiming light, large display, color coded LCD screen and audible alerts make the bt-degree IR easy to use and understand. The 9 reading memory and 1 button measurement makes it simple to use. The bt-degree IR is protected by a silicone carrying case and silicone sleeve, both infused with Silver Ion. The bt degree IR is also a Class 2 FDA and CE medical device classified for over the counter use.

The bt-smartmask
This reusable, three layer fabric is silver ion infused in its central core to provide multi layer protection yet breathability for all day wear. This unique mask is an environmentally conscious option for the professional over frequently replaced disposable paper masks. The revolutionary facial contour molded design and athletic style weave is supremely protective yet comfortable for the wearer while also being fully adjustable.

An essential part of your post Covid-19 skincare safety suite, the bt-shield is a lightweight, reusable, sanitizable, protective face guard. Featuring Bio-Therapeutic’s unique silicone touch points infused with silver ion properties where the shield encounters the skin. The bt-shield is made of superior quality anti-fog, anti-scratch clear PET plastic that is additionally distortion free. These unique benefits provide viewing clarity yet supreme safety reassurance for the professional. Prescription glass wearers have also been carefully considered; the strategically extended nose bridge touch points allow for glasses to be worn comfortable together with the
“Created for skincare, hair, nail, and other high touch fields, bt-protect equipment integrates the latest antimicrobial and any bacterial properties of silver ion, designed to provide a layer of reassurance” – David Suzuki, President Bio-Therapeutic



Blu Stream Steamer 110 V

Ready to use in just 7 minutes, Silhouet-Tone’s award-winning Blu Stream Steamer is the only to be cCSAus certified in the industry. Equipped with a 360° double-rotating arm and nozzle, as well as a stable and ergonomic pneumatic base for precise height adjustments.



ZAQ Nova Powerful Ultrasonic Scrub Spatula - Positive and Negative ions, 33,000 MHZ Nono Technology

Nurture clean skin with this amazing device. Use the power of vibrations to enhance your skin care routine. The device vibrates at 33,000 Hz to wiggle impurities out of your skin. With this state of the art technology, your skin looks and feels cleaner than ever.

Exfoliate without chemicals or sensitivity using the ZAQ Nova. Reveal fresh and clear skin with the Ultrasonic Scrub Device.

Cleanse Deep

This product is ideal to use for
• Clogged pores
• Excess oil
• Blackheads
• Whiteheads
• Dull skin tone
• Polluted skin
• Dry, flaky skin
• Uneven texture
Achieve the skin of your dreams using advanced technology! It addresses common skin concerns with its blood flow enhancing vibrations.




Opens up the pores to remove blackheads, toxins, and dirt.

Heating functions can assist your skin to relax muscle, open pores, help the absorption of nutrition.

Cooling functions can assist your skin to tighten skin, increase elasticity of skin, anti acne.

Vibration: improve metabolism, remove fine lines.

1. Stainless steel probes: high quality round probes, better for face, it can import nutrition more easily.
2.Great LED photon: Antioxidant LED photon design, protect skin from sunlight, renew skin cells.
3. USB charging: easy and convenient to use, wireless, about 2 hours to full charged.
4. Double massage probes: double massage head in one machine, fit for face and eyes, protect your face completely.
5. Single switch design: single button operating, simple and convenient.

Three Beauty Modes
Mode 1: red LED+ heating+vibration (face)
Red LED can active skin, accelerate collagen rebirth, remove wrinkles; heating(43°±2): relax muscle, open pores, help the absorption of nutrition; vibration: improve metabolism, remove fine lines.

Mode 2: blue LED+ cooling+vibration (face)
Blue LED can diminish inflammation and anti acne, balanced oil and water of the skin. Cooling(10°±2) :Tighten skin, increase elasticity of skin, anti acne. vibration: improve metabolism, remove fine lines.

Mode 3: heating+vibration (eye)
41℃ is perfect for physiotherapy eye massage, to remove dark circles, remove eye bags, vibration can active eye cells, remove fine lines and wrinkles.

Steps for nursing:
1. Long press for 4 seconds to turn on the machine, it is in mode 1, you can use mode 1 to help the absorption of nutrition.
2. Press the button to change to mode 2, to shrink pore and tighten skin.
3. Press the button again, change to mode 3, to nurse eyes, remove wrinkles and fine lines.
AUTO-OFF in 10 minutes, please long press button again, if you need to continue to use.
Do not use water to clean the equipment, use dry cloth to clean it.

Package Includes:
1 x Beauty device
1 x USB Cable
1 x Retail box


Microchanneling System by ProCell Therapies

ProCell Therapies is a complete anti-aging system that combines the effectiveness of cutting-edge skin rejuvenation techniques with the breakthrough of stem cell technology.  ProCell turns back the aging clock with fast treatments and minimal irritation to the skin. A perfect balance of gentle stimulation complemented with enhanced infusion of nutritious and vital factors responsible for helping produce the best skin. With a system that only requires three to five treatments that last about 30 minutes each, popularity has grown to the point that now five new practices a day partner with ProCell to make the world feel better about our skin.



BlueOnyx Pro by TAMA Research

AMA’s smart technology is the latest in computer hardware and software to deliver a state-of-the-art treatment experience, for both practitioner and client.

TAMA app runs on a tablet computer and communicates with the BlueOnyx through Bluetooth.

The pre-programmed profiles automatically propel the BlueOnyx through all the steps from the beginning to the end of the treatment session.

The unique physiological modulus feedback circuit measures tissue conductance and electromagnetic permittivity.
When correct current flow is established, it advances the treatment timer and keeps track of the process.
(602) 354-8185


Repêchage Ultrasonic Skin Spatula

Repêchage, pioneers of sustainably-harvested, seaweed-based professional treatments and skin care, introduces the new Ultrasonic Skin Spatula For Micro Exfoliation and Deep Cleansing — a gentle, hand-held device, featuring three modes of operation (deep cleansing/exfoliating, moisturizing, and lifting) to create glowing, radiant, and flawless-looking skin.

This device utilizes ultrasonic waves at 24000 Hz per second that work to gently remove excess dirt and debris while it stimulates and massages the surface layers of the skin. Easy to operate, non-aggressive with no side effects, the device is designed to be used on moistened skin and in conjunction with Repêchage cleansers and serums in facial protocols to provide three modes of operation (deep cleansing/exfoliating, moisturizing, and lifting) to address a variety of skin concerns.

Deep Cleansing and Exfoliating
- Unclogs pores
- Diminishes excess oils
- Lessens the appearance of problem skin
- Removes dry, flaky skin
- Improves the appearance of dull skin tone, dark spots and uneven texture

- Delivers moisturizing ingredients from serums deep into the surface layers of the skin
- Addresses signs of dry skin
- Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

- Tones and refines the appearance of the skins surface
- Helps skin appear firmer and “lifted”
- Restores youthful-looking glow and radiance

“This device uses ultrasonic technology to safely and easily deep cleanse and exfoliate the skin while it helps enhance the efficacy of the rich nutrients of seaweed extract in Repêchage® cleansers, serums and masks in facial treatments,” say Repêchage®, Founder and CEO Lydia Sarfati. “We are introducing this device to aid the esthetician in creating even better results at the spa and salon.”


Repêchage Kansa Wand

See relaxing and stimulating skin benefits with this new tool from Repêchage.


The Repêchage Kansa Wand is a massage tool designed to be used at home or in the spa with facial and body treatments for a unique, seaweed-based skin care ritual.

For centuries, the Kansa Wand has been used in the Ayurvedic tradition in India for holistic massage. Now, you can incorporate this important massage tool to bring both the relaxing and stimulating benefits to the skin.

Beneficial to all skin types, this portable, hand-held esthetic tool is crafted from the sacred metal alloy Kansa – a blend of pure, lead-free copper and tin. In Ayurvedic tradition, copper has been used to help refine and deep cleanse the skin. The seasoned wood, hand-carved handle allows for better grip and makes using moderate pressure, delicate stroking or rapid friction easy on the face, shoulders, and neck areas. When used in conjunction with seaweed-based Repêchage® skin care products, this facial massage tool will naturally help the skin appear toned, tightened and firmed and reduce the appearance of puffiness, fine lines, redness and irritation.


Repêchage LED Radio Frequency and EMS Skin Tightening Machine

International skin care company Repêchage® continues to create advanced facial tools to enhance facial treatments in the salon and spa with the introduction of the multi-use Repêchage® LED Radio Frequency and EMS Skin Tightening Machine.

The Repêchage® LED Radio Frequency and EMS Skin Tightening Machine is a non-invasive alternative to costly machines. Painless and requiring no recovery time, this state-of-the-art device is beneficial for all skin types and is suitable for the eye contour area, face, neck and body.

This device provides a multitude of skin benefits utilizing five different modalities:

- LED light therapy. Each LED wavelength or color of light provides a unique benefit to the skin. LED treatments can minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles, help reduce the appearance of dark spots and the visible appearance of sun damage and stretch marks, and reduce the appearance of redness and irritation from aggressive skin treatments as well as help improve the appearance of oily, problem skin.
- Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). This provides gentle electrical stimulation to the skin surface to help improve the appearance of skin elasticity, soften the appearance of wrinkles and leave skin looking smooth and healthy.
- Radio Frequency (RF). Radio frequency energy uses thermal energy to help stimulate the superficial skin layers and improve the appearance of firmness.
- Electroporation. This method helps to deliver important skin care ingredients directly into the surface layers of the skin, maximizing the effectiveness of skin care products.
- Mesoporation. A non-invasive technique which applies pulse currents to help the surface layer of the skin better absorb key ingredients.

The multiple skin benefits of the Repêchage® LED Radio Frequency and EMS Skin Tightening Machine include:

- Helps to increase hydration and moisturization effects of skin care products
- Helps to soften and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
-Helps to temporarily visibly tighten and lift the appearance of the skin
- Helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots and dull, sallow skin
- Helps to reduce the appearance of oiliness and problem areas.


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