Proper pre- and post-operative skin care speeds up healing time, protects the cosmetic surgery investment, and ensures the best possible results. The goal is to prepare skin for each procedure and determine the best course of action to achieve a healthy and speedy recovery. “Professional skin care is essential for optimal results after any aesthetic procedure, especially in [patients] undergoing face- and neck-lifts,” says Dr.…

Medical-Grade Myths

Written by Catherine Atzen
Medical-Grade Myths There are many misconceptions regarding the regulation of skin care products and services. Creative marketing terms only further the confusion. In the United States, the licensing board of each individual state regulates the scope of practice of skin care professionals. Those professionals include, but are not limited to, aestheticians, nurses, and physicians. Depending on state regulations, performing some types of skin care services…
Perhaps you’ve heard of or even received the heralded “Hollywood Facial,” also marketed as the “Porcelain Doll Facial.” Regardless of its title, these treatments are all cut from the same cloth: the carbon peel facial. Delicate enough for all skin types, this nonablative treatment promises a porcelain-smooth complexion while boasting a host of other antiaging benefits. Touting a low-pain factor, minimal downtime, and a cost-effective…

Flora VS. Fauna

Written by David Stachura
Stem cells are special cells that have the unique property of proliferating to make more of themselves and differentiating into more specialized cell types. Early in development, stem cells give rise to every tissue of the body. These early stem cells are called embryonic stem cells, and in humans, they are derived from the embryo five days after fertilization.1 The embryo is composed of only…

Plastic Perceptions

Written by Andy Wongworawat, MD
In the plastic surgery field, mommy makeovers have become increasingly popular in recent years. Designed to address common issues and body changes experienced after pregnancy and breastfeeding, many women consider these specialized combinations of plastic surgery techniques to help improve curves and contour. Since breastfeeding and pregnancy usually take the biggest toll on the breast and abdomen, these areas are the ones that are most…

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