Thanks to modern marvels in health and beauty, great skin is not only easily attainable, but may even be as close as a salad plate. The benefits of this nutritious superfood extend far beyond its internal merits. Not to be cast aside as yet another passing trend, kale is making its mark in skin care, possibly solidifying its place in a skin care array. Long-term…

Bad Reputation: Two Misunderstood Skin Care Ingredients

Written by Susannah Courteau, L.E., spa director at Sunbear Salon & Medspa and skin health consultant at BREVENA
After a long day at the spa, you come home wanting a glass of wine. Do you choose an organic, high-quality, French wine or the cheap five-dollar bottle that is full of additives, sulfites, and dyes? Both are wine but vastly different from each other. Likewise, a single skin care ingredient could be valuable or damaging depending how it is used. Let’s break down just…

Dragon’s Blood: A Cosmetic Ingredient Setting the Industry on Fire

Written by Janel Luu, CEO and formulator of Le Mieux Cosmetics
What do a fire-breathing dragon and an antiaging moisturizer have in common? Nothing, actually. Dragon’s blood is a hot, new ingredient flying into skin care products, but it has absolutely nothing to do with dragons swooping across the sky. In fact, dragon’s blood does not come from an animal at all. This fantastical name describes the deep, reddish sap resembling blood that drips down the…

Diatomaceous Earth

Written by Cole Patterson, L.E., owner of Cole Skincare for Men
Diatomaceous earth can be found in household products, toothpaste, insecticides, and beauty products. According to Web MD, “Diatomaceous earth is used to brush teeth or remove unwanted dead skin cells.” Similar to pumice powder, diatomaceous, granular powder can act as an exfoliator when used on the face and can be used as a mask because of its high porosity, drying like clay to tighten and…
Herbal Obsessions Help clients’ skin feel as light as a feather with these CBD-based products Cannatera Inc. Refresh Cleansing Gel, Revive Facial Serum, and Renew Moisturizer by Cannatera Inc. are perfect for anyone wanting to have a complete skin care routine. Each active ingredient is chosen to leave skin beautifully hydrated with a balanced glow. With ingredients featuring cannabinoid-rich hemp extract, lavender, shea butter, and…

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