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Cutaneous hyperpigmentation irregularities are among the most common concerns and some of the most difficult to treat. Hyperpigmentation irregularities, such as melasma, freckles, age spots, and dark spots, are caused by the abnormal accumulation of melanin in keratinocytes; they are often a consequence of inflammatory reactions caused by pollution or sun damage.
Topical delivery platforms in cosmetic formulations can target specific skin layers, improve ingredient stability, reduce the potential for irritation, and enhance ingredient availability to the skin, thus, increasing product performance. These multi-faceted systems have the potential to transform the way cosmetic formulas are put together and drive delivery platform innovation.
Oxygen uptake in the skin has been an attractive cosmetic property for many years. Ingredients that imply oxygenation, energizing, and cellular respiration often speak to addressing the impact of increasing the needs of oxygen for all of skin's metabolic processes. Some products claim to oxygenate skin with breathable formulations, non-ROS oxygenating ingredients, while certain products use free radical peroxides which can damage skin.
Mother Nature, the creative genius with millions of years of research and development history, is an inspiration for technology across a wide array of industries. By mining into the abundant information of biological systems while utilizing nature’s tools and flow of ideas, a path for the creation of new innovation emerges. Biotechnology has a strong presence in skin care advances that is achieved from the…
Detoxifying and cleansing are not new concepts and are often marketed with nutritional diets, juice cleansing, substance rehabilitation, antioxidants, and much more. Cosmetic ingredients can be integrated within anti-aging products with the significance of diminished detoxifying abilities that declines with aging as well as categories to provide balance to the detoxification process from breakdowns that occur from toxic overload. Intervention and continued rehabilitation is available…

December 2023

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