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The Art of Cosmetic Chemistry 

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In the world of aesthetics, the pursuit of beauty and wellness is an art form. Skin care professionals are the artists, sculpting and nurturing their canvas – clients’ skin. To create masterpieces, professionals must understand the science behind the products they use and make informed decisions about ingredients. Clients seek results, and professionals strive to provide them with the best solutions. 

Behind the scenes, the magic happens through cosmetic chemistry and product formulation. In order to understand products fully, it is essential to demystify ingredient lists, explore sustainable ingredient choices, and delve into product development.  


Cosmetic chemistry involves blending scientific knowledge with artistic creativity to develop formulations that enhance skin health and appearance. Professionals and spas can benefit greatly from understanding cosmetic chemistry as it allows them to select and recommend products with a deeper understanding of their ingredients and how they interact with skin. 

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Janet Schriever is a licensed aesthetician and the founder and formulator of Code of Harmony skin care. She is also the inventor of the Sculpt and Release Method, which combines manual facial sculpting with CBD skin care. Schriever began creating plant-powered skin care in 2012 because of her personal battle with rosacea. Having a complicated skin condition has also guided her aesthetics practice and is the underlying reason why she began creating clean products with CBD. Her products address sensitive skin naturally, and her aesthetics practice takes a holistic approach to prevention and aging. 

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