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The Future of Inhalation: Smoking in the Spa  

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Drinking in the spa is commonplace today. With the “rosé all day” movement and social media’s perpetuation and normalization of day drinking for moms especially, it’s probable that the consumption of cannabis products isn’t far away from being normal in the spa as well. Or is it? 


Before we continue, know that I’m not a fan of smoking anything. I’ve actually never smoked a cigarette in my almost 40 years of life. Not to mention, I’m a cheap date and highly sensitive person, so anything intoxicating hits me hard, but I hold zero judgement for people that do! While I do enjoy taking a high-dose CBD (the cannabidiol that is not intoxicating as opposed to its cousin, THC) gummy from time to time as a sleep aid or to help me manage my anxiety, this column does not advocate for smoking.  

However, it is important to note that one of the fastest ways for a substance to enter the blood stream is through inhalation via the lungs. If you haven’t revisited human anatomy and physiology in a while, try to recall the 480 million little grape vine-like clusters of exposed blood vessels called alveoli. These structures in the lungs help oxygenate blood and are an essential part of the lungs’ job within the body. Those alveoli are the reason cannabinoids enter the blood stream so quickly, producing rapid onset of the desired stimuli of whatever is inhaled or nebulized.  


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Antonia Schreiber is a licensed massage therapist, cosmetologist, and electrologist. Schreiber established, owns, and operates The Windham Spa. As a sought-after speaker and writer, she contributes to leading education firms and magazines, is a board member and consultant for the New York State Department of Education Career and Technical Education Advisory Committee, and is a volunteer educator and mentor to high school aesthetic and cosmetology students. Schreiber is currently finishing her certification program as a holistic aromatherapist. She recently became a certified mountain bike guide with the International Mountain Bike Association in order to continue volunteering with the Adaptive Sports Foundation.  

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