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Understanding Spa Product Labels Featured

Written by Heather Kreider, L.E., R.N.
Understanding Spa Product Labels

Spa product labels need to be more than just pretty; they also need to comply with regulations, specifically those set forth by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) and the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA). The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) enforces these laws, and since it considers all bath, body, and skin care products “cosmetics” (products created to cleanse or beautify), product manufacturers must abide by those labeling rules.

5 Ways Humor Can Boost Your Business Featured

Written by Boldijarre Koronczay, president of Eminence Organic Skin Care
5 Ways Humor Can Boost Your Business

Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “a sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.” Busy spa professionals are leaders who must get along with people all day long and get a lot of things done! Humor could be the secret to a more effective, efficient, and fun work day.

Investing in Spa Employee Training: Why it Matters  and How to Profit From It

Why should I keep training my employees when they quit so quickly afterwards?” This is an often heard and, on the surface, reasonable response from spa managers when asked how well, or often, they train their staff members.

Producing Private Label Products is not a One-Size-Fits-All Decision Featured

Written by Heather Kreider, L.E., R.N.
Producing Private  Label Products is not  a One-Size-Fits-All  Decision

Spa owners and managers face daunting challenges and difficult decisions every day that affect how well their spas can compete with their competitors. From hiring staff and meeting budgets to managing inventory and a multitude of other ongoing tasks, spa owners and managers have a lot on their plates. The most critical responsibility that skin care professionals must fulfill is deciding which products will best satisfy clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. Owners and managers are constantly considering if they should bring in a new line, which seasonal promotions they should offer, and if it makes sense to have their own private label line.

Tribeca Beauty Spa

Tribeca Beauty Spa, downtown New York City’s destination for beauty and pampering, is located in the heart of the Triangle Below Canal (TriBeCa) neighborhood. The spa has been a favorite in the area among celebrity clientele, locals, and tourists for the last decade.

Alpha or Beta? Featured

Written by Ashley Stowers
Alpha or Beta?

Choosing the Best Chemical Exfoliant for Each Client

Chemical exfoliants have been some of the oldest, most recognizable, and helpful cosmetic ingredients in skin care and their popularity and usefulness has not yet diminished. They remain one of the most reliable methods for skin resurfacing and improving the overall appearance of the skin as they continue to be highly sought after as the “miracle” for anti-aging. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were 1,360,850 chemical peels performed in 2016 – up four percent from 2015 and up 18 percent from the year 2000.
Bangz Wellness Spa

New Jersey’s award-winning salon and spa, Bangz Salon and Wellness spa, is in Montclair, New Jersey and has an expansive array of spa services that include massages, facials, waxing, manicures, pedicures, makeup, skin care, and more. Bangz Salon and Wellness Spa is highly regarded for its award-winning professionals and state-of-the-art spa services. The spa provides its customers with a highly-regarded rewards program, as well. Programs include the Client Loyalty Program, Bangz Buddies, and Employee of the Month discounts.

Must-Haves for a Spa Website

Written by Bella Schneider
Must-Haves for a Spa Website

With today's competitive spa industry, it is essential to have an up-to-date and modern website that clearly represents the business and all services offered. Skin care professionals are in the field of making clients feel and look beautiful; the website needs to reflect that. A clean design that is visually appealing and easy to navigate will attract new clientele and keep existing clientele coming back.

Growing Your Business with Imaging Solutions

How to use technology for special events to increase engagement, sales, and loyalty

Offices, spas, and clinics looking for new and exciting ways to attract and retain clients do not need to look further than the skin imaging technology available today. In a competitive market filled with products and treatments that promise positive results, skin imaging enables meaningful and realistic consultations that empower service providers to clearly communicate, target areas of concern, and explore long-term plans with prospective clients. Using high-quality imaging as a focal point in the consultation demonstrates commitment and confidence to clients.

Partying Isn’t Just a Hobby –  It’s a Business!

Like many business owners, I have tried just about everything over the past decade when it comes to marketing. When I consider how and where I have spent my advertising dollars (including television spots; print advertisements; pay-per-click internet advertising, such as Google Ad Words; networking groups; and Groupon or Living Social deals), the biggest return on my investment has been, without a doubt, throwing parties at my spas and training schools. Even though the concept has been around for many years, I actually stumbled onto it for my own purposes by accident.

Holiday Marketing How-Tos


Holiday seasons are a great opportunity to revamp and redirect focuses onto certain treatments and products in order to drum up extra sales, as well as keep clients engaged. During the holiday seasons, more people are on the prowl, scouring retail business trying to find unique gifts to give to the ones they love. These special times of year are also times for spa owners to corner that market and offer the consumer what they have been looking for. Seasonal revamps and marketing shifts are also a great way to re-engage current clients into trying something new for themselves. Think of it as a way to get new clients, as well as a way to keep current clients engaged and interested, all while getting them to try services or buy products that they may have not previously been inclined to try or buy.

Retention Marketing: Focus on the Clients You Have, Not the Ones (You Think)  You Need

Running a service business without an effective retention marketing plan is like filling a bucket that has holes in the bottom. A company with a low retention rate will spend too much time and money working on acquisition to make up for lost business. In fact, it costs six times more to acquire new customers than it does to retain existing customers.1 Furthermore, returning clients tend to spend 67 percent more than new customers!2

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Stop by these booths to see the latest products from industry leaders.

Relationship Marketing 1, 2, 3! Client Attraction, Retention,  and Upsells

I ncreasing revenue is important for skin care professionals and their business. Sales are not always skin care professionals’ strongest suit, but incorporating smart marketing strategies can help them and their staff increase revenue by attracting new clients, retaining existing clients, and upselling.

The Digital Marketing Circle of Life: Turn Clicks into Cash!

One of the first things I tell attendees at any of my presentations about digital marketing is that it is very similar to dating! Many attendees laugh, a few agree, and some roll their eyes. How can I possibly relate digital media to the complex world of dating? My famous opening line is, “If you’re the kind of person who would take an engagement ring to speed dating, you’ll fail at digital marketing.”

How to Draft a Contract

Written by Jay A. Shorr, B.A., MBM-C, C.A.C. I-XI and Mara L. Shorr, B.S., C.A.C. II-XI
How to Draft a Contract

Before attempting to figure out how to draft a contract, it is important to understand what a contract really is. A contract is a written or spoken agreement, especially one concerning employment, sales, services, or tenancy that is intended to be enforceable by law. In the old days, a simple handshake was good enough, using the old term, “my word is my bond.” Now, in today’s litigious society, it is not even posible to do that.

How to Sell Without Being Pushy

Written by Bella Schneider, P.M.E.
How to Sell Without Being Pushy

Sales are never easy. Torn between the desire to please clients and make money, skin care professionals often appear needy or too aggressive if they do not practice a well thought out selling strategy. How can professionals do that?

Zianna Wellness

While deep, restorative relaxation is the norm at Zianna Wellness, the facility now offers guests an even higher level of rejuvenation with the introduction of life-enriching programs designed to bring body, mind, and spirit into balance with nature by delivering an experience of relaxed, renewed, and restorative wellness. Zianna's new treatments include hydrotherapy, acupuncture, endermologie, bioenergetic lymph therapy, and infrared sauna.

Medical Aesthetics versus Spa Aesthetics: Similarities and Differences

As the science of skin care evolves and formulation technology improves, the lines between medicine and aesthetics are blurring. Although the licensed aesthetician has more tools in their hands to improve people's skin, there are still some important differences between the medical aesthetic experience and the spa aesthetic experience. From the requirements of those who are hired into each setting to the expectations of the person coming in for treatment, identifying these important differences between working environments is critical in ensuring long-term success in the industry.

What's Happening in the World of Medical Aesthetics?

Over the past decade, the number of medical aesthetics procedures performed in the United States has drastically increased; in fact, one could argue that medical aesthetics has become nearly as mainstream as social media. In 2016, Americans spent more than $15 billion on combined surgical and nonsurgical procedures, with nonsurgical procedures accounting for 44 percent of total procedures.1

Why is there such a demand for medical aesthetics? Because today's society is fast-paced and results-driven and, simply put, medical aesthetics procedures deliver.

Current Spa Etiquette Standards: How to Empower Staff  Members to Educate Clients

Spa etiquette is a topic that, in a business based on relieving stress, frequently causes a lot of undue concern. Spa etiquette needs to be a frequent topic of conversation with staff so that they feel educated and empowered when answering clients' questions.

Spa owners cannot remind therapists and clients enough about etiquette. After all, it is normal to get into a rhythm and forget about basic things that could put either party in an uncomfortable situation. To create an ongoing conversation, spa owners or managers should lead daily line-ups with their team. In these brief meetings, they can talk about what is going on at the spa, or the treatment of the day, or give reminders about standards; these meetings should engage the staff and encourage them to stay on top of what is happening.

Omari Beauty Bar

Omari Beauty Bar is a holistic-based boutique spa located on Orcas Island in the Pacific Northwest, off the coast of Washington state. Being the first of its kind on the island, Omari is making great strides to provide guests with a luxurious escape from the stresses of everyday life, all while caring for their skin.

Helping You Transform Your Skin Care Business

Written by Shelley Hancock, L.E.
Helping You Transform Your Skin Care Business

To create and sustain a successful skin care business, professionals need to stay up-to-date with the ever-growing and changing aesthetic equipment technology. Today's clients are savvy and results-oriented. There is so much information readily available to them on the internet. They are investigating technologies and want to know that the professional is current as well. They are no longer satisfied with an old fashioned steam facial. Fortunately, professionals have the equipment available to them to achieve the kind of results clients are looking for.

The Importance of Equipment Warranties and Liabilities

Business owners rely on the professional equipment they purchase to work efficiently and deliver quality performance. In a perfect world, equipment would work well and never break down or malfunction. Unfortunately, this is not the case! Business owners understand that there are times when equipment may malfunction or quit working properly. This scenario is when warranties come into play and why they are so important.

Cross-Promotion with Local Businesses

Written by Kelly Richardson
Cross-Promotion with Local Businesses

Partnerships, cross-promoting, marketing, and referrals – those words are commonly thrown around in articles and books that focus on building a business, but it is never explained exactly how to do it or who to collaborate with. There are many different types of businesses that skin care professionals can pair with to boost their business. Here are some fresh, new ways to cross-promote with some typical, and some not-so-typical, local businesses.

Managing Time Before  It Manages You

Peter F. Drucker once said, "Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else." It has also been said that time is the most valuable and precious commodity. Like a commodity, time is used as an input in the production of other goods or services, but, unlike most other commodities, it cannot be replenished. People know that time is valuable and that if they squander it, they can never get it back. So, why do people have such a challenge managing it? There are a variety of reasons: they may not have the tools and techniques to manage it properly, they may be overloaded, they could be working on the wrong things, or there could be some psychology at play if procrastination is a common occurrence.

Ensuring the Success of the Male Professional

Written by Mara Shorr, C.A.C. II-X and Jay A. Shorr, C.A.C. I-X
Ensuring  the Success of the Male Professional

First and foremost, with this article, we want to make one thing clear: this article is not about bashing the abilities or capabilities of one gender over the other when it comes to the cosmetic and aesthetic industry. We know that both genders provide stellar services to clients and are proud of that fact. However, for the focus of this article, we want to assist spas, medical spas, and aesthetic and cosmetic practices on overcoming any discomfort that female clients may have with a male professional.

5 Waxing Musts to Grow Your Business!

Written by Lindsay Miller with Lycon Cosmetics
5 Waxing Musts to Grow Your Business!

Waxing has been around for many decades and continues to be one of the most popular services for hair removal. It is a high-margin treatment with low overhead, making it one of the more profitable services a spa can offer. One of the reasons for the popularity of waxing is the ability to achieve superior results in comparison to other hair removal methods. This result keeps the client coming back because they see the long-term benefits of waxing and make it a part of their beauty routine. By following these five simple tips, professionals can grow their business through waxing!

Healing Touch Spa

Healing Touch Spa opened in Rochester, Minnesota in 1986. Serving local area clients, as well as an international clientele due to their proximity to the Mayo Clinic, this spa offers a simple menu with an emphasis on providing beneficial, therapeutic services. From their Integrative Massage to their Signature Treatments, such as the Dead Sea Mud Body Wrap, Healing Touch Spa ensures that every service will provide a health benefit to their clients. At the same time they do not skimp on pampering – from extra cushioning and heated massage tables to cozy polar fleece sheets, warm towels, and heated neck cushions, Healing Touch Spa is an expert at perfecting the details that make clients' service with them first class.

Creating Memorable Spa Experiences

Written by AC Dotterweich and Justin Dotterweich
Creating Memorable Spa Experiences

Almost everyone has experienced bad service: when they walk into a business, there appears to be no purpose to the chaos. It takes 10 minutes before anyone pays attention or acknowledges them and once the staff does acknowledge them, they are busy apologizing and explaining what should have happened when the guest arrived. This explanation, however, does not accomplish anything – the guest has already decided they will never be back again. This experience is one the guest can never get back. They tell themselves they will spend their money somewhere else. They cannot wait to tell someone about their bad experience. Sound familiar?

Bringing Passion To The Spa

Written by Lilliane Caron
Bringing Passion To The Spa

Running a successful spa can be incredibly rewarding and profitable, but skin care professionals will need to be prepared to work hard.

Professionals will also need to have basic business skills, be quick on their feet, and able to solve curve balls that are thrown at them. Most importantly, keep things as simple as possible and specific to areas of knowledge: there is no need to overcomplicate things. Try to keep tabs on industry trends and technology and be on the lookout for new opportunities to increase retail sales. To be successful, it is important to be passionate!

4 Ways to Automate Spa Management

Written by Josh McCarter
4 Ways to Automate Spa Management

Most spa owners or managers wish for more time in their day; from checking-in clients and inventory checks to client follow-ups and marketing efforts, there is more than enough work to keep them busy from morning until night. Fortunately, technology for the aesthetics industry continues to evolve and, today, there are a host of smart technologies designed specifically for the spa. Spa owners should take advantage of the numerous ways technology can help them automate many of the mundane, yet necessary, tasks that consume their time and add much-needed hours back into their day.

Creating a Customized Client Intake Form

Written by Christa Hopson Murray
Creating a Customized Client Intake Form

The client intake form is one of the most important documents clients will fill out while at the spa. Creating the ideal intake form that is tailored to the spa's unique treatments and products takes some thought. The key is not only in the client contact information, which is incredibly important, but also in customizing the form to gather the critical information that relates to what services the spa offers. For example, a massage intake form may look a little different than a facial intake form and an intake form for a cosmetic injection may look different from a cosmetic laser intake form. For businesses like a medical spa, all of the treatments above would have specific questions related to each specific treatment on one intake form.

Why the Client Intake is Crucial to Successful Treatment

Written by Rhonda Allison, founder and CEO of Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals
Why the Client Intake is Crucial to Successful Treatment

Are you ready for your next client? What is your process when a new client comes through your door? Do you have a plan in place for obtaining as much information about their history and their skin as possible to ensure the most optimum treatment? The client intake is the most crucial part of beginning a great client relationship and establishing a journey that is built upon clear, open communication and trust.

Sweet Water Day Spa

Sweet Water Day Spa opened in 2004 and is housed in a renovated old farmhouse that sits on a hill overlooking the New Meadows Marsh in the quaint New England college town of Brunswick, Maine. Mona Corra, the spa's owner, wanted Sweet Water to be a place where her clients would be treated like guests in her home and feel nurtured and cared for.

15 Posts to Put on Social Media Now

Written by Barry Eichner
15 Posts  to Put on Social Media Now

Social media is one of the most confusing subjects that any spa owner or manager deals with on a regular basis. For many spa owners, the general topic of marketing is overwhelming and digital marketing can be even more confusing. Most spa owners simply do not know what they need to do to maximize their web presence.

Customer  Service  in the  21st Century Connecting to Customers  on Social Media

Great customer service is the cornerstone of any business – keeping clients happy with their services and overall brand will keep them coming back.

Customer service now goes well beyond talking to the front desk staff, calling the customer care line, or even sending an e-mail. Customer service lives on social media, which makes it a very visible part of the business' brand.

Giving Back to the Community

Written by Heather Kreider, R.N.
Giving Back  to the Community

Helping those in need feels undeniably good and fulfilling. For businesses, long gone are the times when giving was just about the bottom line and getting tax breaks at the end of the year. Culture has shifted from considering giving as a necessary burden to embracing it as a movement to be incorporated into day-to-day work life. In today's workplace, a philosophy of caring and commitment to one's community is encouraged and celebrated.

Trés Auraé Spa

Offering everything from a blow dry bar and premium facial and body treatments to thalassotherapy, the award-winning Trés Auraé Spa is the premier destination for top spa services in the Buffalo, Williamsville, and Western New York area. This luxury spa, which is located in Williamsville, New York in the lobby of the Wyndham Garden Hotel, is known for its trendsetting, European-inspired treatments with superlative results.

Rewarding Your Staff: How to Keep Your Rockstar Employees

Written by Mara L. Shorr, C.A.C. II-IX and Jay A. Shorr, C.A.C. I-IX
Rewarding Your Staff: How to Keep Your Rockstar Employees

You have already done the heavy lifting. You created the perfect job description and scoured the internet. You racked the brains of everyone you know for the candidates, did the interviews, and ran the background checks. You hired the perfect employees and you are watching them thrive! Now, it is time to keep the employee.

The Spa at Carillon Miami Beach

Set in a luxurious 70,000 square-foot integrated wellness space surrounded by views of the Atlantic Ocean, the Spa at Carillon Miami Beach offers an empowering approach to treating the mind, body, and soul. As the largest luxury spa on Miami Beach, the Carillon includes indoor and outdoor spaces, the Thermal Experience, an expansive fitness center with more than 40 classes daily, a full-service salon, and a wellness center staffed by a team of medical professionals.

Vastu Shastra  Ancient Secrets to Creating More Success  for the Spa

Have you ever had the experience of walking into a spa and feeling uneasy? You could have been thinking, "Why am I feeling uncomfortable? What's going on here?" Even if a spa looks great visually, what people experience goes beyond what is seen physically. For example, the spa may or may not be aligned to the cardinal directions, have windows in the east or north, or have the reception desk in the correct place energetically for the best effect. Moreover, there could be geopathic stress creating uneasiness in the environment. Through the ancient science of stress-free living, vastu shastra, spas can learn the science of building and designing in harmony with nature.

Creating Five-Figure Profits with a Five-Star Retail Space

In the spa, retail product sales typically contribute between three and 10 percent to gross sales. While it is tempting to focus primarily on the treatments and technology the spa offers, ignoring retail space erodes the bottom line. If the spa is making less than 10 percent of its gross sales from the retail area, the professional is neglecting both the retail space and their profit potential. With training, they can realize a return of 30 to 40 percent.

Incorporating a Teen Menu in the Spa

Written by Amra Lear, L.E., L.M.T.
Incorporating a Teen Menu in the Spa

Incorporating a teenage menu in the spa is a great way to add clientele. While the parents, grandparents, and other family members are receiving their services, their accompanied teenager will be able to receive a service as well. This opportunity is a wonderful way to expose the teenager during their pubescent state to the importance of proper care for their body and skin. Along with educating the teenage client through the actions of their treatments, the establishment is adding revenue to the books.

New Year, New Tools – Maximizing Business Growth in 2017  with New Technology

Welcome to 2017! Are you one of the 53 percent of small businesses that make New Year's resolutions? More than half of business owners say they are more likely to keep business resolutions than personal resolutions. Today's technology makes it easier for spa owners to manage and grow their business without taking time away from the work they love. However, with so many options to choose from, getting started may seem overwhelming. Consider starting with three major functions of the business and finding the tools that can help to take them to the next level in order to make it easy to keep this year's resolutions.

Encouraging Sales at the Spa

Written by Barry Eichner
Encouraging Sales at the Spa

Owning and operating a day spa is an enormously satisfying career for many men and women. The opportunity to improve the well-being of so many people can be enormously gratifying. Creating a space of serenity and rejuvenation is often a labor of love. However, spa owners and managers are entitled to make a decent living and earn a profit in the process.

Astra Salon

Astra Salon, whose name is Latin for "star," has a mission to create an atmosphere that invites clients in and wraps its arms around them. The client's comfort and satisfaction are their top priority. Astra Salon's experienced staff is highly skilled and creative with hair services, skin care, and natural nail treatments. Working as a team, Astra is both inspired and rewarded by knowing that their clients not only receive beautiful results, but are also provided with a retreat from life's daily grind. Astra is proud to carry an exclusive line of Italian skin care products that has natural and sustainable ingredients. Put these factors together and clients receive an unforgettable experience that leaves them relaxed and looking and feeling their best.

Understanding the Physician-Aesthetician Relationship in a Medical Spa

In today's modern and ever-changing world of cosmetic technology, skin care professionals are required to understand the skin from a cellular and scientific perspective. Professionals and clients understand the advanced changes that can be made within a medical setting and physicians are realizing the supportive role that professionals can bring to their practices. There are many serious laws and regulations that must be taken into account when combining medical procedures with aesthetics services, along with many specific protocols and processes that must take place in order to treat patients in a methodical manner.

Drawing  the Line  Between Cosmetic Medicine  and Aesthetics

The majority of students currently in aesthetic schools are focused on working in a medical setting, although the perceptions are sometimes unclear. There are many benefits to having skin care professionals work alongside physicians, but the line between aesthetic services and medical services must be fully understood.


Taking Advantage of Commonly Missed Revenue Opportunities

Missed opportunities happen even to the best spas. They happen every day and skin care professionals often do not realize how many there are until the missed revenue is more than evident. By minimizing missed opportunities, spa owners can maximize client reach. The process may not feel or be easy at times, but it can be made achievable.


Improving Sales Through Education

Written by Rhonda Allison, L.E., founder and CEO of Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals
Improving Sales Through Education

 For most people, sales is often perceived as being sold something at all costs, whether it is needed or not. As such, most skin care professionals find selling to be one of the biggest challenges in their business.

They become more focused on treatments and less on retail sales.


Spa Management Realities:  Does the Dream Fit the Dreamer?

Since the initial rush toward opening day spas began in the 1980s, the appeal of this business idea has not lost steam, even if the number of new players has. Skin care professionals, former spa directors, and even ordinary enthusiasts have all invested time and hard cash into beautiful facilities, both large and small, with the hope of becoming a runaway success.

Tree Spa At Hidden Pond

Nestled in the balsam and birch groves within Hidden Pond, a luxurious and secluded resort in Kennebunkport, Maine, is the Tree Spa. With three treetop treatment rooms, the Tree Spa features a range of therapies that utilize handmade herbal skin care preparations from Farmaesthetics, as well as make extensive use of fresh ingredients handpicked from Hidden Pond's garden.

‘Tis the Season to Utilize Top Management Strategies

Written by Mara Shorr, CAC II-IX and Jay A. Shorr, CAC I-IX
‘Tis the Season to Utilize Top Management Strategies

Every year it seems as if the holiday season has arrived out of nowhere. One minute, the start of summer vacation is being celebrated and then, suddenly, jack-o-lanterns are being replaced with evergreens or dreidels. This holiday season, try some spa management tips to make it through the holiday season unscathed. While it is certainly not an all-inclusive checklist, the following are the mistakes that are most often made by spa owners.

Spa Solage

Spa Solage, which is located in Calistoga, California, features a 2,500 square foot expansion to its reception building, including a new indoor and outdoor Relaxation Lounge, expanded men's and women's locker rooms with outdoor showers, an enhanced menu of services and fitness programs, and a redesign of the overall interior décor that features luxurious design elements. These redesigned elements join Spa Solage's impressive roster of spa facilities, including healing geothermal pools and deluxe mud bar. A new spa herb garden showcases vegetation from Calistoga's unique location and includes rosemary, French lavender, California white sage, and mint, all of which are incorporated into the spa's offerings.

Business Development Tips and Tools for the Spa Owner

Written by Brenda Linday, L.E., L.E.I, C.A.C.
Business Development Tips and Tools for the Spa Owner

Every new business owner aspires for consistent progress on their road to success. The smart spa owner will recognize when the timing is right to seize the opportunity to increase market share and formulate a strategic plan to capture it. Strategic planning using sound business tools will help professionals to achieve their goals.

Cultural Marketing: How Communication and Relationships Can Differ Due to Clients’ Cultural Backgrounds

The world is a diverse place that allows for the enjoyment of cross-cultural interaction. As a result, skin care professionals must be careful when trying to fit their spa’s culture into a sea of sameness because their demographic makeup greatly affects a number of factors including the methods with which the spa is marketed to clients and how they are communicated with once they are in the spa.

Spa at Sea Island

Sea Island's expansive 65,000 square-foot Forbes five-star spa and fitness center reaches well beyond its four walls, invigorating guests through an array of curated treatments and amenities. From pampering to playful, Spa at Sea Island, which is located in Georgia, offers various therapeutic interruptions to accommodate the needs of every type of guest.

Increase Income with  Upselling and Cross-Selling

The key to upselling and cross-selling is suggesting value-added products and services that truly focus on clients' needs. Most clients do not want to be sold to, but do want to be serviced and are looking for solutions. The reality is that add-on sales do not just happen; they are carefully planned and executed and can result in significant revenue and profit for the spa.

Add-On Services for Added Profit

Written by Erin Lucie, D.N.P.
Add-On Services for Added Profit

On a daily basis, skin care professionals are asked about their service offerings. These clients are usually directed to the spa's website or handed a spa menu on a rack card. The client then books an appointment and becomes excited about the service they are receiving. At this point, the client is prepared to spend money, especially since they are spending money on themselves, which is a different form of everyday spending. This type of spending has more value; it has self-worth.

9 Ways to Exceed Expectations and Create Clients for Life

How do skin care professional stand out from their competitors when everybody seems to be delivering high-end products and cutting-edge treatments? The answer lies in staying focused on the client; ultimately, the client decides who survives and who does not. From the quality of the drapes to the warmth of the front desk coordinator, customer service is at the forefront of working in the skin care industry. Everything professionals strive to accomplish starts with making people feel better about themselves.

Qua Baths & Spa

Within the majestic walls of Caesars Palace, among one of the six towers, and bulwarked from the highly trafficked Las Vegas Strip resides a picturesque spa full of wonderment and delight. Imagine a spa with cascading waterfalls; neutral undertones that warm and comfort the soul; multiple baths to soothe any temperament; a blue-lit room that sprinkles snow among the crisp air it reigns; an herbal steam room misting the body with scents of lavender and eucalyptus; private showers with three showerheads governed by the curiosity of the controller as to which one, if not all, will be used during the shower; and a tea room where the unchanging, contained leaves of tea steep to each visitor's satisfaction.

Must-Have Marketing Measures for Client Loyalty and Spa Success

In today's highly competitive spa industry, success is reliant upon effective marketing with a focus on the client experience. Improving market conditions continue to increase the number of skin care professionals and spas at an average annual rate of 5.5 percent. It is predicted that by 2019, there will be 1.3 million professionals.1

Regardless of whether the skin care professional works alone or owns a large spa, their time is valuable and they need to ensure that they are working smarter, not harder, when executing their marketing plans. As a worker in the service business, skin care professionals must focus on new client acquisitions and maximizing client loyalty to stay ahead of the competition.

Taking the Next Step: Planning a Solo Career in the Skin Care Profession

Written by Douglas Preston, L.E., president of The Inspired Esthetician
Taking the Next Step: Planning a Solo Career in the Skin Care Profession

Many skin care professionals dream of starting and running their own private skin care spa. There are a number of assumptions that influence this big decision, including the presumed satisfaction of owning an independent business, having creative freedom, and fulfilling ambitions. However, it is important to push the pause button on this fantasy and take a deeper look at what it truly means to run a business. Behind the dream of independence and success lies the realities of operating solo and, like marriage with children, it is important to know what it entails before signing papers and committing money.

Sanctuary Spa

Sanctuary Spa is a world unto itself with interior and exterior treatment spaces that keep one view constant: a rock sculpture of a praying monk shaped by Mother Nature on Camelback Mountain. With 12 treatment rooms, a Watsu immersion pool for hydrotherapy treatments, an indoor couples suite, a movement studio, a fitness center, five championship tennis courts, a 25-yard outdoor lap pool, and a spa boutique, the spa cossets guests from the outside world. Asian-inspired treatments, including an exotic collection of facials and massages, are designed to both pamper and empower guests with physical and spiritual knowledge.

The Insider’s Guide to a Successful Spa Event

Written by Brenda Linday, L.E., and Cerissa Linday
The Insider’s Guide to a Successful Spa Event

Successful spa events are the result of months of preparation. It is not uncommon for an average spa to spend 20 percent of their total marketing budget on events. During these events, clients can enjoy live interactions with other individuals, making them the perfect addition to a spa's engagement marketing strategy. Person-to-person interactions can pull in a prospect for conversion to the sale and upsell existing clients for additional products and/or treatments.

How to Market to Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Everyone In-Between

The new faces of beauty require fresh messaging and unique marketing methods. Millennials, Baby Boomers, and those who are multiethnic are some of the new faces skin care professionals are likely seeing in their spas. Knowing how to deliver a message that is customized to the unique skin care needs of today's consumers and keeps them coming back is a vital skill that professionals should thoroughly understand.

Facelift for the Spa: How, Why, and When a Spa Should Be Rebranded

When skin care professionals create their spa's image, they are often convinced that it could not possibly be more perfect. They agonize over every detail they can think of, usually convinced that they have perfected every inch of their brand. Often times, professionals end up realizing that as time passes, their branding is no longer the perfection they once thought it was; they find that they cannot continue to run their business like they have in the past.

Siren & Proper

Siren & Proper's lash lounge and brow bar is the trendiest boutique salon in Grand Rapids, Mich. Located on a busy downtown street, Siren & Proper was the first salon of its kind in the greater Grand Rapids area and specializes in eyelash extensions, makeup, and eyebrow treatments, including eyebrow mapping and eyebrow extensions.

Face Mapping: What Is Your Client’s Skin Telling You?

Written by Amra Lear, L.E., L.M.T., skin care specialist
Face Mapping: What Is Your Client’s Skin Telling You?

When skin care professionals perform a skin analysis, they often use a magnifying lamp to survey the skin for moisture loss, dehydration, fine lines, elasticity, macules, papules, hyperpigmentation, telangiectasia, couperose, puffiness, dark circles, and anything that should be avoided during the treatment. This information provides extrinsic data, which is the basis to begin an intrinsic analysis.

Wants versus Needs: Your Guide to Equipping  the Treatment Room

The use of equipment in aesthetics dates back to the 1930s, when Europeans began using electricity as a standard part of skin care treatments. Today, there are endless pieces of equipment that can be used, making it difficult for new or even seasoned skin care professionals to choose the necessary equipment and additions that will address their clients' needs.

Benefits of a Spa Loyalty Program

Written by Kelly Richardson
Benefits of a  Spa Loyalty Program

It is easier to generate repeat business from existing clientele than it is to create new business from strangers. Thanking clients on a regular basis for being loyal can ensure that they regularly come back, inspire them to really learn about the services and potentially try a new service, and encourage product purchases at the spa instead of a big box or online retailer.

Top Spa: atop the legendary La Concha Hotel & Spa in Key West, Fla.

Top Spa is a luxurious, rooftop retreat that is situated atop the legendary La Concha Hotel & Spa in Key West, Fla. This spa offers panoramic views of the destination’s picturesque settings from the highest point on the entire island.

First Impressions: Setting the Tone for Exceptional and Consistent Customer Service

From the moment a prospective client comes across a spa’s website or calls an establishment, a first impression is made. While something initially attracted them to the spa, how long their attention is kept is at stake. Ultimately, the call to action for a prospective client is to have them book an appointment.

Spa Customer Service: Why It Is More Important  Today Than Ever!

Although customer service is a common term, what does it mean to those for whom it is intended? Despite the numerous definitions of what customer service is, it is not a claim inside a salon or spa brochure, a business philosophy, meeting the customer’s minimum expectations, simply serving a customer, or putting the business’ and employees’ interests first.

SEO Approaches for the Spa

Written by Kathryn Leverette, L.E.
SEO Approaches for the Spa

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essentially free advertising on the biggest and most effective advertising space on the planet. It is the art and science of how to increase visibility and traffic from the unpaid, organic, and natural listings on search engines.

Do You Know the Client: The Shifting Landscape of Wellness

The increasing integration of spa, wellness, and the medical profession creates a symbiotic connection directed towards a more holistic approach to healing and health. As spa trends change professionals are witnessing are new paradigm shifts that are altering the landscape of why clients choose to integrate spa therapies into their health and lifestyle routines, these treatments are becoming a movement towards maintaining optimum health through a prevention component.

One Ocean Resort & Spa

As the only full-service, oceanfront spa in Northeast Florida, The Spa at One Ocean Resort & Spa is Northeast Florida’s chicest beachfront boutique resort in Atlantic Beach. This spa touts more than 40 marine-inspired rituals comprised of specialty treatments, unique massage styles, body wraps, peels, facials, and more. The eight treatment rooms, named after the lifespan of a sea turtle, include a Vichy Shower Room, pampering salon, and private oceanfront VIP suites with in-room Swiss showers.

Going Green: A simple Guide to Social Responsibility in the Spa

Written by Melissa M. Montalvo, co-founder of Pink Horizons Botanical Skin Care
Going Green: A simple Guide to Social Responsibility in the Spa

The spa industry has long had the ability to make a positive impact on the planet. There is no better time than now to ‘go green’ in the spa, given the undeniable benefits to consumer health and the environment. Creating a business practice that fosters social responsibility is just as easy as doing the opposite; it simply comes down to choices. Spa professionals are in a unique position to contribute positively to global sustainability through their purchasing choices and daily routines.

Here Comes the Bridezilla: Five Tips for Dealing with a Difficult Bridal Client

Planning a wedding can be a very stressful experience. From picking the venue to writing vows, brides-to-be often have numerous tasks to attend to and often plan for months to a year before the ceremony. While most bridal clients see the spa as a welcome retreat from the stress associated with planning a wedding, some clients bring their anxiety to the spa. These clients are often demanding, impatient, and controlling, unhappy with the results of anything that is out of their hands.

Hosting an In Home Bachelorette Spa Party

As the aesthetic industry looks for new ways to keep the interest of their clients, many skin care professionals are looking to spruce up their treatments and party offerings. Professionals can stay ahead of the competition and offer a refreshing take on the typical bachelorette spa party with an in-home spa party.

Opening a Medical Spa on a Budget

Written by oie Torvend, L.E.
Opening a Medical Spa  on a Budget

Opening a medical spa on a budget is possible with careful planning and research by the physician and the on-staff skin care professionals. Collectively, the team must have a cohesive vision for the office and the treatment protocols. This mission is accomplished by carefully planning the atmosphere of the office, the treatments to be provided, and the marketing strategy to help clearly establish the brand.

Promote Wellness Through Retail

Written by Jenny Hogan, media director at Marketing Solutions, Inc.
Promote Wellness Through Retail

Dramatically boost spa revenue with a simple shift in mindset.
A simple shift in focus and mindset will make all the difference in a spa’s revenue potential. According to retailing experts, Tracie Wertz and Bill Barczy, an immediate increase in incremental profit can be achieved by promoting wellness through retail.

Making the Move from Skin Care Professional  to Lifestyle Coach

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today's uncertain and complex environment. A coach honors the client by being the expert in their life and works and believes that every client is creative, resourceful, and whole.

The Feel-Good Factor Increasing retail sales through  the client experience

When it comes to increasing retail sales in the spa, it is vital for skin care professionals to create a positive customer experience. Creating a delightful experience for the client begins with the manufacturer or distributor, as they are key to increasing retail sales. The distributor must provide topical and educational content in an attractive format and the spa must deliver that content in a format that entertains and educates the consumer.

Suggestive Selling: How to successfully sell products and services that best serve the client’s needs

 Clients do not go to a spa without a reason. While there are walk-in clients that come by just to browse around, refresh their products, book appointments, and look for a new lip color, the majority of clients look up a spa's number, call to schedule an appointment, and drive to the spa to have a service or purchase a product.

Maximizing Meeting Times

Written by Mike Lewis
Maximizing Meeting Times

Regularly-scheduled staff meetings with employees in the workplace can be one of the most powerful business tools. When managed effectively, staff meetings will build trust and morale, increase productivity, provoke new ideas, and resolve any open issues. However, most meetings fall short when it comes to these goals. Oftentimes, staff members feel meetings are a waste of time. When they are not engaged, they spend their time doodling or just watching the time pass.

Shankara Ayurveda Spa at the Art of Living Retreat Center

Shankara Ayurveda Spa at the Art of Living Retreat Center is becoming one of the top Ayurvedic spas in North America. Based on a mountaintop outside Boone, N.C., Shankara Ayurveda Spa offers the opportunity to find inner peace and create personal transformation.
Situated at a height of 3,700 feet and spread out over 380 acres, Shankara Ayurveda Spa is one part of the experience at the Art of Living Retreat Center. With the inclusion of a boutique hotel with three spa suites and 27 rooms, vegetarian dining, an alcohol-free environment, as well as wellness and fitness activities, the center is quickly becoming known as a great spot for retreatists.

12 Secrets to Marketing Hair Removal

From using homecare products to a variety of professional treatments, people spend a lot of money to be hair free. Take commercials, for instance, which range from shaving to waxing to homecare lasers. There are even comedic hair removal takes on social media. The message is crystal clear, hair removal is big business! How do professionals tap into this widespread need?

How to Create Transparent Relationships in a Photoshopped World

Just as there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, there is no such thing as a perfect company. As leaders, it is important to acknowledge missteps and opportunities for improvement by being open to input. By embracing constructive input and not being defensive, clients and team members will draw closer to the professional’s skin care brand.

Skin So Sweet

Skin So Sweet is a boutique skin care salon located in Huntington Beach, Calif. This salon offers sugaring services, facial treatments, and spray tanning services. Skin So Sweet has a beautiful boutique space filled with artisan jewelry, high-quality body and skin care products, makeup, and gift items.

The Beauty of Social Media Share Your Business, Engage  Customers, and Build Sales Online

Whether you are a startup spa, an established medical practice, or an independent skin care professional, you know that active client engagement is vital to your success. Without question, reaching your current clientele and prospecting new clients is efficiently and effectively performed through social media, if you are creating the right content and choosing the right platforms to reach your target audience.

10 Growth Hacks to Improve Social Media Marketing Plans

Whether you are just starting your social media marketing or have been at it for a while, you may be looking for ways to grow your following and deepen engagement without pouring all your time and resources into it.
Working in the spa and beauty industry, particularly if you own your own business, you likely wear many hats. As such, you must be efficient at everything, maximizing results from as minimal an amount of resources as possible.

Creating Effective Customer Service

Written by Lyn Ross, L.M.E.
Creating Effective Customer Service

Aspa can have an unbeatable line of products and services, employ the most skillful and dedicated skin care professionals, and generate the sort of profits that can make the most successful businesses envious.

Hôtel Plaza Athénée is home to Spa Valmont, the only luxury hotel spa in New York City to exclusively carry the Valmont Cosmetics skin care line.

10 Things About... Keeping Employees Motivated

Written by Mara Shorr, B.S., CAC II-V
10 Things About... Keeping Employees Motivated

Leading a team takes more effort than simply hiring the right players. It involves keeping the right players and motivating and inspiring them to do their very best. Excited, eager, and talented employees at every level of the spa can be spotted by clients as soon as they pick up the phone or walk in the door. Furthermore, a motivated employee also shows in the bottom line.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Written by Antonia Schreiber, L.M.T.

A survey is an individual’s or organization’s attempt to collect data on anything from satisfaction of service to personal information, such as gender, age, or profession.

Amazing You Day Spa

Amazing You Day Spa opened two years ago by Gladys Allen in the hopes of gaining at least 1,000 clients. Allen was pleased to see that goal quickly exceeded as the spa now has more than 2,000 clients. Allen, ecstatic about the spa’s successful year, believes that an unhappy career that led her to open Amazing You. As a spa junkie for most of her adult life, Allen found herself in a very stressful job. When she turned 50, she made the decision to stop working at the job she had at the time. Allen wanted to help people not feel the way she did when she went to work. As a result, she went to school and opened Amazing You Day Spa. She now hopes to turn her attention toward locals and regulars and continue to expand.

The User Experience: Adding On in a Big Way

If you have never heard of UX, read closely. As a skin care professional, you are probably in the UX business right now without knowing it. But embracing the concept of UX, which stands for user experience, may open your eyes to a whole new way of viewing your business.

Creative Seasonal Add-ons Keep Customers Coming Back All Year Long

Trips to the spa are a client’s favorite way to nurture themselves from external stressors, regardless of the season. Whether life has them down, they need an escape, or they just want to celebrate the weather, aesthetic and spa services are the perfect, nurturing treat. Make sure spa offerings reflect what is en vogue, in-season, and weather sensitive.

Spa Gregorie’s Day Spa & Salon

Southern California’s leading spas, Spa Gregorie’s Day Spa & Salon (Newport Beach and Rancho Santa Margarita) transcends the traditional luxury spa experience with a unique blend of professional services designed to enhance the lives of each client.