Everything built in life should begin with a good foundation. In the professional skin care industry, investing in education is the first fundamental tool that will begin to develop and strengthen a professional’s foundation and future. And when it comes to professional hair removal, sugaring is tool that requires diligence, patience, and above all, top-notch education. {mprestriction ids="3,4,26,18,6,7,8,9,14,18,43,44"} ELITE EDUCATION With the many modalities skin…

Forging Ahead

Written by Cathy Wainwright
If a skin care professional enjoys working with clients one-on-one but feels the unsettled desire to reach more people or wants to provide their field of expertise to many people at a time, it may be time to embrace their critical thinking skills and start articulating their ideas in front of a room of aesthetic professionals or soon-to-be professionals. Perhaps it is time to spread…

Optimal Output

Written by Nichelle Mosley
In business, learning often occurs along the way. There is no single authoritative source that can solve every problem a business owner may find themselves faced with. If such a book existed, everyone would have a copy of it. Owning a business is heavily dependent upon problem solving. Some issues are larger and more complex than others. Often, dealing with these inevitabilities requires nuance and…

Diversified Talents

Written by Annette Hanson
Aestheticians are state-licensed health and wellness professionals that can perform cosmetic procedures on the epidermis, the outer layer of skin. This career could mean working in high-end spas, doctors’ offices or medical spas, upscale boutique hotels, cruise ships, or world-famous resorts. It is an emotionally rewarding career. Main duties include conducting consultations, tracking clients’ skin progress by keeping records of treatments, and using and applying…
Hair removal is one of the most sought-after aesthetic services in the beauty industry with a high return on investment (ROI). There are various methods of hair removal such as waxing, threading, laser, and the most recent sensation, sugaring. No matter which method, hair removal has minimal overhead, and many skin care professionals overlook the opportunity to upsell their current clients. It is more cost…

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