Providing the best wax each and every time goes well beyond the waxing room. The products clients use at home between their waxing services to prepare for their wax are just as important as the waxing products that you use during the wax. It is important to really understand the client and what their skin care and waxing needs are in order to educate them…

Scholarly Selling: Using Education to Increase Retail Sales

Written by Samantha Fishella-Dench, L.E.
Two things that set aestheticians apart from any department store salesperson or direct sales representative are training and use of client education. Yet, many do not use their expertise to their advantage when clients are in the treatment rooms. Perhaps it is the fear of “product pushing” that prevents some from sharing. However, the fact remains that if they are not purchasing products at the…
Typically, retail product sales will contribute between 3 and 10 percent to gross sales. While it is tempting to focus primarily on the treatments and technology a spa offers, ignoring retail space erodes the bottom line. If a spa is making less than 10 percent of gross sales from retail, it is neglecting both retail space and profit potential. With training, a spa can realize…

When Adding Body Services Makes Cents

Written by Ben Johnson, M.D.
The average income of an aesthetician is about $30,000 annually, with the high end of the spectrum being closer to $200,000. In order to reach a higher income tier, skin care professionals often incorporate body treatments, devices, and wellness options into their practices. But, is the introduction of these services for everyone? What are the needed demographics to grow this type of business? In today’s…
Trips to the spa are a client’s favorite way to nurture themselves from external stressors, regardless of the season. Whether life has them down, they need an escape, or they just want to celebrate the weather, aesthetic and spa services are the perfect, nurturing treat. Make sure spa offerings reflect what is en vogue, in-season, and weather sensitive.
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