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Monday, 20 May 2024 13:05

Balancing Buying: Commercial Real Estate Insights  

Written by   Courtney Sykes


The fun and creative path to opening an aesthetics business ventures beyond the glow of skin care regimens and the tranquility of the services themselves; it meanders through the details of commercial real estate decisions crucial for professionals aiming to establish a serene sanctuary. To flourish in such a competitive industry, it’s imperative to ground your spa and skin care business on a foundation of strategic location selection, rigorous compliance with dispensary requirements, and a crystal-clear understanding of lease obligations and terms. This guide intends to provide spa entrepreneurs, especially aestheticians, with the real estate insights necessary to make informed decisions. Ultimately, with amazing decision making due to strategic planning, business ownership can be both rewarding and fulfilling for both the owner and clients!   


Choosing the right location can dramatically impact the success of any spa business. Key to this decision is understanding the business’s client base and ensuring the chosen location is accessible and attractive to its target demographic. A location in a bustling urban area or a chic suburb can lure a steady stream of clients seeking pampering. Visibility and foot traffic are significant but so too is the ambiance of the neighborhood. Clients often associate the environment of their spa experience with the surrounding locale; therefore, an area that exudes calm and luxury may complement your business model effectively.  

When selecting your site, consider proximity to complementary businesses such as gyms, health stores, or upscale boutiques. Such establishments can introduce cross-pollination of clientele. However, be mindful of the competition; ensure the business is far enough from other spas to not saturate the market, yet close enough to areas where potential clients reside or frequent.  

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Courtney Sykes is the chief administrative officer of Southeastern Esthetics Institute and is a licensed aesthetics instructor in South Carolina. Sykes is also the creator of Courtney Sykes Molecular Anti-Aging, a clinical skin care line for consumers and professionals. Her passion lies in creating real change in the aesthetics industry, assisting her students to obtain gainful employment, and making a difference in the lives of their clients. Sykes specializes in a science-based approach to skin health and education. Her primary focus is chemical peels, laser treatments, eyelash extensions, micropigmentation, and cosmetic lasers. Her background in medical spa management has led her to nationally accredit the largest licensed aesthetics school in South Carolina, Southeastern Esthetics Institute. 

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