Always on the alert for natural solutions to health and well-being, I was excited to explore the trendy eating philosophy, intermittent fasting (IF). In my efforts to maintain a healthy weight, I have tried many diets and trends, including: low-fat, no carbohydrates, calorie restriction, paleo, juice fasting, a raw food diet, and many others. Before jumping in and giving intermittent fasting a try, I sat…
Trying the cuisines of cultures from around the world introduces new herbs and spices into the diet, many of which have unique health benefits. For instance, saffron is common in South Asian and Middle Eastern dishes. This high-end herb is said to prevent cancer, improve vision, and boost heart and brain function. It can also be used as the basis of many DIY skin treatments…
It is common knowledge that daily decisions, like eating a balanced diet and exercising, are essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, it is also important to prioritize taking good care of the skin. An easy, daily addition to any lifestyle that can boost and support healthy skin is taking supplements. And, not only will skin benefit, but overall health will benefit, as well. Four…

Delivery of Skin Nutrition: Topical and Internal

Written by Dana Laurie, formulation developer for Pink Horizons Botanical Skin Care
Several skin issues surface because of various factors that include the environment, genetics, and nutritional contributors. Arguably, nutrition plays the largest role in skin health because it is the one factor that individuals have the most control over. Nutrients in the skin come from consuming certain foods and vitamins, as well as the topical application of products. The nutrients people feed their skin are extremely…

Eating Your Way to Terrific Skin

Written by Annette M. Tobia, Ph.D. and Alice Marcy, Ph.D.
Eat wisely to look good - it is a mantra worth remembering. Diet nourishes the skin from within and some skin conditions, such as acne and rosacea, requires people to pay even more attention to what is on their plate. Clients might not realize that certain foods and supplements actually enhance skin properties normally achieved with topical skin treatments.
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