Hold the Needles: the Beauty Benefits of Acupressure

Written by Rachelle Dupree, marketing, communication, and design at Vivoderm Natural Skincare
In recent years, acupressure and acupuncture have moved from a little-known, holistic health practice to a proven, mainstream, medical treatment. Acupressure (much like acupuncture, but without using needles) is a 5,000-year-old Chinese medical practice used to relieve pain, reduce stress, and promote health and wellness through unblocking or stimulating certain meridians (or Qi) found all over the body and face. Treating the acupoints of the…

Understanding Hydrosols and Essential Oils

Written by Rachelle Dupree, marketing, communication, and design for Vivoderm Natural Skincare
Many aestheticians and spa owners today are looking to new trends and technology to increase their client base and services. In light of the growing organic lifestyle preferences, why not look to ancient remedies. as well? Aromatherapy and treating ailments with essential oils is a practice thousands of years old that has seen a resurgence of popularity in the last few decades. A lesser-known component…
Oxygen is the lifeblood of the human body. It performs a number of roles in the body, most importantly among them is converting the nutrients the body consumes into energy. Every cell in the body requires oxygen to function properly, including skin cells. In healthy conditions, oxygen stimulates circulation and respiration, supports cellular energy and vitality, and gives a plump, radiant appearance. But is the air people breathe…
The eyes are the windows of the soul. They reflect a spectrum of emotions, from the light of joy and surprise to the tears of sorrow and loss. The skin around the eyes tends to be thin and produces the least amount of sebum, priming the eye area for premature aging.

Eye Area Aesthetics

Written by Robert Manzo
Eye area aesthetics is one of the most misunderstood areas in all of facial aesthetics. While most skin care professionals understand the basic issues – which include fine lines and wrinkles, under-eye puffiness, darkness, and the general aging process – the underlying cause and, therefore, effective treatments are often not applied correctly.

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