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When looking at the demographic of your spa, you may quickly come to the conclusion that Ayurveda is just too far out, too foreign, and not something that would appeal to your clientele. We have even come across those that thought it was occult and dangerous in that way. However, Ayurveda is not defined by cultural and religious trappings. In fact, Ayurveda pre-dates all of…
Everyone knows that to keep a car running well, it needs to be filled with quality gas and oil, kept topped up with water, run regularly, and be taken in for a tune up each year. Why then is it when it comes to our own bodies we are so easily tempted to pay little attention until we experience a total breakdown? We all know…
It is a well known fact in the health care industry that the herbal supplement and vitamin market are multi-billion dollar industries. In the stressful environments and circumstances of modern living, we need some extra support than nature can provide from highly concentrated nutrients. Pollution, over-crowding, demanding work lives, economic concerns, family responsibilities, and compromised, depleted food supplies all contribute in varying degrees to depressed…
When most people hear the term “spa,” the words that come to mind are more often than not, luxury and pampering. Little is known of the history of spa. And certainly, the spa and beauty industries have tended to cater to a more affluent clientele where luxury is expected and commonplace.But in a climate where economic, political, and ecological realities are no longer seeming certainties,…
The understanding and use of holistic skin care principles and their wisdom can benefit every aesthetic practice. In this article I will share some of my favorite ingredients and procedures that come from both modern science and traditions from around the world. But first, let us consider the basics behind beautiful skin, starting from the inside out.

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