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Essential oils, short for quintessential oils, are highly-concentrated, aromatic liquids that are distilled with either water or steam from the leaves, roots, stems, flowers, or bark of a plant. The quintessential oil derived its name from the fifth Aristotelian element, æther; Aristotle believed that it was made up of heavenly bodies. As this element became extremely popular with medieval alchemists, they renamed it quintessence. They…
As different aging processes take over, the need for ingredients and procedures that target loss of volume increases with age. Gradual alteration of the extracellular matrix leads to loss of elasticity, just as changes in adipose tissue distribution lead to structural aging due to lipoatrophy (loss of adipose tissue). This loss of matter and structure, along with reduced skin elasticity, results in sagging tissue and…
Cutaneous hyperpigmentation irregularities are among the most common concerns and some of the most difficult to treat. Hyperpigmentation irregularities, such as melasma, freckles, age spots, and dark spots, are caused by the abnormal accumulation of melanin in keratinocytes; they are often a consequence of inflammatory reactions caused by pollution or sun damage.
Topical delivery platforms in cosmetic formulations can target specific skin layers, improve ingredient stability, reduce the potential for irritation, and enhance ingredient availability to the skin, thus, increasing product performance. These multi-faceted systems have the potential to transform the way cosmetic formulas are put together and drive delivery platform innovation.

October 2021

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