Men's Makeup: Top Tips for a Corrective and Undetectable Application

Written by Pamela Taylor, New York-based author and makeup artist
In the United States, the use of makeup for the average man will continue to grow and men will seek to use products that are both corrective and undetectable. The average American male, no matter what his background, will eventually feel comfortable purchasing and using personal care products as part of an everyday routine. Applying makeup to a man’s face is different than women’s makeup.…
When it comes to beards, shaping, cutting, and trimming facial hairs fall into the barber’s hands, but maintaining the luxuriousness of a man’s beard goes beyond the clippers. The upkeep of a man’s beard requires a knowledgeable skin care professional versed in men’s skin care and grooming. It is always a good idea to offer male clientele gender-specific services that cater to a man’s skin…
In 2016, men’s skin care and hair products brought in more than $19 billion globally. As men become more conscious and knowledgeable about their skin, skin care manufacturers and professionals are offering more products and treatments that are tailored to men. The following are a few game changing ingredients that are beneficial for men’s skin:

Catering to a Male Clientele

Written by Kathryn Leverette, L.E., nationally certified aesthetic specialist
Catering to male clients can be easy once the skin care professional gets them through the door. It can be difficult for professionals to get the average guy to navigate through an estrogen-driven retail area; into a maze of hair, nail, and pedicure stations; past a sea of female faces; and down the hall to a treatment room. It is often much easier for the…
Like many of the differences that exist between men and women, the skin is no exception. In addition to having facial hair, which is not typical for women but does happen in some cases, men have thicker skin (about 25 percent thicker) due to androgen stimulation. They also experience tougher skin, a higher sebum production after puberty, and a higher collagen density than women.

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