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Men's Makeup: Top Tips for a Corrective and Undetectable Application

Written by   Pamela Taylor, New York-based author and makeup artist

In the United States, the use of makeup for the average man will continue to grow and men will seek to use products that are both corrective and undetectable. The average American male, no matter what his background, will eventually feel comfortable purchasing and using personal care products as part of an everyday routine.
Applying makeup to a man’s face is different than women’s makeup. Here are some pointers.
Products: There is a difference! Read labels and select clean, quality products. Many cosmetics are toxic. Choose wisely.
Facial Hair: Unruly, sleek, matte, or shadowed – knowledge of facial shaping via hair is definitely an important part of the look.
Eyebrow Fill: Keep it natural and trim if needed, then apply a natural eyebrow gel.
Man-scara: If used, lift at the roots, not the tips.
Baldness: Many people find a bald head attractive. At times, sculpting is required. Choosing an anti-shine product can be helpful. If a man’s head is longer and narrower in appearance, a professional can dull down the top, then fade the sides of the scalp to create the illusion of a rounder shape. By skillfully applying contours, highlights, and other corrective procedures, shaping the scalp really makes a difference.
Eye Puffiness: Do not cover the entire pouch with concealer. Trace below the pouch, then finely apply brightener or corrector beneath the pocket and lightly powder down the pouch.
Color Correction: Analyze the discoloration. For blue-violet discoloration, choose an orange-yellow concealer and adjust the color according to the depth of the discoloration. Apply the corrective product to the area of concern and skillfully blend until coverage is achieved.
Rosacea: Blood vessels can be concealed with a green corrector (mix an ash base, as mint can appear unnatural). Blend out the corrector to match the natural skin tone and apply the product only where needed. Following the application of the corrective shade, a neutralizing loose powder will help set the coverage area. It is best not to remove all the flush red at the cheek area; this can sometimes add a blush. This helps the face appear healthier and more youthful.
Wrinkles: Signs of aging from smiling, frowning, expression lines, or other causes, including diet, hydration, smoking, sunburn, and so forth, can lead to dehydrated skin. The more hydrated the skin, the better the surface for application of product. Hydrating the skin prior to makeup application results in a more youthful look.
Tan: For a natural-looking tan, without the damage, choose a shade that appears natural and apply where the sun would naturally enhance the face. Use a sunscreen tanning powder and apply it with a quality brush. Blend the product so that there is no line
of demarcation.
Shine: Choose talc-free, shine-absorbing powder formulas to reduce oil and shine. Or, select a quality, clean, anti-shine product, like gel or blotting papers.
Lips: Opt for a shine-free balm with hydrating benefits. If desired, choose a natural tint to add a hint of color.
Rarely apply a full face of foundation. Choose quality products and keep it real.

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