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A Facial Trend for Even the Manliest of Men

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When it comes to beards, shaping, cutting, and trimming facial hairs fall into the barber’s hands, but maintaining the luxuriousness of a man’s beard goes beyond the clippers. The upkeep of a man’s beard requires a knowledgeable skin care professional versed in men’s skin care and grooming. It is always a good idea to offer male clientele gender-specific services that cater to a man’s skin care needs. Becoming acclimated to maintaining both a man’s beard and skin can increase revenue services. In other words, adding a variation of beard facials to the menu can be profitable to your business.

Men are looking for specific services and treatments that help them maintain healthy skin and address their facial hair. Believe it or not, many men are proudly and unapologetically embracing their facial hair, therefore, we as professionals should do the same. Beards are not created equally, therefore, understanding male clientele is the first start to customizing beard facials. For example, being able to service all ethnic backgrounds and hair textures will help you gain credibility to service their beards between their barbering appointments.

To jump start beard facial services, professionals should start with a general description, such as deep cleansing shampoo, ingrown extractions, texture enhancements, and rejuvenation masks. Once the general categories are created, move to specifics that are included and the benefits. Keep in mind the lifestyle of male clients. For example, if you service men who spend most of their day outdoors, detoxifying or deep beard cleansing facials should be recommended. For men who usually spend most of their day indoors, suggest a beard hydrating facial that helps add moisture to the beard. Before selecting treatments for a client’s beard, try to determine the texture of his hair and growth pattern. Discussing the client’s grooming routine will allow you to listen to his concerns. Aside from skin care, understanding his daily, weekly, and monthly regimen will provide valuable information that will help further his beard care separate from his skin care services. Today, men are openly welcoming additional skin care services, such as beard facials, because beards are trending.

You may wonder what a beard facial is or how to perform a facial on a beard. Generally speaking, beard facials are not that much different from regular facials. Working through facial hair, beards will require finger manipulation or an electric facial brush. Professionals need to be well equipped to assist with overall appearance. These treatments should be geared toward the skin, as well as address their grooming needs. Treating the beard separately is extremely beneficial to a man’s grooming regimen and to preserving the skin while it is covered with hair. Suggest beard detoxification or growth enhancement. Many men do not take the time to deep cleanse their beards, however, applying oils and balms daily will build product residue that will clog the hair shaft or coat the hairs causing them to look dull. Aestheticians must not forget about treating the skin underneath the beard because beard products can cause skin irritation.

2019 Cole PattersonCole Patterson has been a licensed aesthetician for over 20 years. She has extensive knowledge in medical dermatology and makeup artistry specializing in men’s skin care and grooming. She has graced the faces of some of Hollywood’s most famous actors, entertainers, and professional athletes. Patterson works in the film and television industry behind the scenes as creative director and makeup artist. She is the owner of Cole Skincare for Men in Los Angeles, California.

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