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Branding Made Better: The Pros and Cons of Hiring PR Help

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Let’s talk branding. Branding is used to differentiate one company’s product or service from another’s by distinctive symbols, slogans, and designs. A brand is identified by its image, color, and logo which structures its presence from its competitors. Physical appearance and attributes are equally important, therefore are considered part of a branding. Branding is a marketing practice that uses creative tools, ideas, and terms to gain brand recognition across various channels of media. Interchangeably branding is marketing and marketing is branding, yet they are different because marketing represents the methods used for branding. Furthermore, branding is an element used to market the product or service as it relates to the brand and its messaging. Both communicate the definition and the identity of it effectively to its audience. According to The Brand Journal, a brand is the perceived image of the product you sell, and branding is the strategy to create that image.



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Cole Patterson is a celebrity makeup artist and male groomer. She has been honing her expertise behind the scenes, gracing the faces of some of Hollywood's most famous stars on the big screen in the film and television industry.

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