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Modern Aesthetics: Skin Care Inclusivity for Transgender Clients 

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As gender neutrality becomes a more mainstream concept and continues to evolve with language and policies helping to lead the way, there are still many opportunities in the aesthetics industry to develop universally accepted treatments and products for all clientele. 


The rise of modern skin care started with the formation of the FDA in 1906 to regulate the industry. During this time, L’Oreal, Elizabeth Arden, Max Factor, and Maybelline all launched a range of skin care products and the cosmetic world as we now know it began to take shape.1 The roaring 20s and glamorous movie stars of the 30s finally brought cosmetics into the mass merchandise market, where they were sold in department stores and other venues. It was about this time that some of the best-known brand names – many of which are still sold today – entered the picture, and the modern cosmetics industry was born. 

By the 90s and early 2000s, many skin care brands began to explore the untapped potential of men’s skin care, capitalizing on the metrosexual movement. Most often, men’s skin care products are pitched as practical, solutions-based offerings to address specific concerns. 

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Lila Castellanos has focused her energies into the beauty industry for the past 19 years, specializing in skin rejuvenation. As a licensed aesthetician, she has lent her expertise to several different environments, including working as a paramedical aesthetician in the medical spa field as well as in both day spa and mobile spa business models. It was through these varied experiences, along with the interactions with her loyal clientele, that she honed her passion for improving and maintaining the health and integrity of her clients’ skin. Castellanos thrives on being able to use her extensive knowledge to customize each treatment to help her clients achieve the results they are searching for. Her adaptability and versatility are equally impressive in providing antiaging facials, treating acne, minimizing the appearance of scarring, or addressing skin conditions that arise as a result of hormonal changes.  

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