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Macho, Macho Skin: Marketing Skin Care to the Manly Man

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Even though men’s skin care is becoming increasingly more popular, it may still be difficult for some men to take that first step to becoming a client.  Stepping into the female-dominated world of personal care is uncomfortable for many men. Many are skeptical unless treatments and services are gender-specific for their care. If they are not convinced early on that there is a better way than their own, they may convert back to soap and water.




In order to get the manly man familiar and comfortable, professionals must approach with caution so that he feels welcome. An introduction should captivate his attention within 30 seconds or less. Studying his body language can be a great way to know how to approach him. Often, men allow stereotypes and societal norms to cloud their judgement, which has the potential to get in the way of self-care. Being at ease and inviting is a great way to breach that barrier. Asking questions to gain knowledge about his lifestyle will help determine what products, treatments, and services to suggest.


Professionals should also be well-dressed and address male clients respectfully. Introductions should be warm and welcoming, not bossy or controlling. Never treat him like he is wrong for not having a skin care regimen. Remember, often, he is only doing what he was taught or shown. Being pushy or aggressive will turn many off and they may never engage in business as clients. Hypermasculine men may cross spas or treatments off their lists if they are not treated like a king. Although they may appear strong and tough, they are likely sensitive about maintaining pride and image.




Statistics show, men are spending more money on male-specific products and services. When informing the manly man about alternatives for taking better care of his skin, speak knowledgeably, but do not get caught up in using a lot of medical terminology. Instead, speak his language. A lot of talking will bore him so keep conversation to a minimum and allow him to process information and openly ask questions. Find out what he wants and suggest products, services, and treatments for his specific needs.


Unlike women, men prefer one or two step regimens that do not require a lot of time. Men do not typically want a plethora of products and multiple steps in their daily skin care regimens. So, recommendations for the macho man should be simple, easy-to-use, and effective. For instance, having an oriented plan that gets him competing for better skin may motivate him to fulfill his skin care routine.


Using treatments, techniques, and products that offer optimum results will also enhance his confidence at face value. Choose advanced treatments that rebuild and restore the skin’s elasticity and aid its ability to repair damage and prevent premature aging. For the most effective results, recommend products using key ingredients that can improve the overall appearance and aid the skin’s recovery, such as aloe vera, vitamin E, coconut oil, mandelic acid, licorice root, and calendula. Additionally, offering products that provide quick results will help to gain trust and loyalty and can encourage the manly men to participate in daily product usage and monthly treatments.


It is also important to note that hypermasculine men may require a more aggressive approach because their skin may have endured trauma. They need ingredients that compliment grooming needs, as well as their lifestyles. Due to negligence, some may appear less confident with the appearance of their skin. As skin improves and confidence is boosted, they will develop a desire to continue taking care of their skin.


Because shaving is a necessity for most men, customizing solutions to address skin, pre- and post-shave, is another way professionals can appeal favorably to men of all types.


If professionals remember to engage these male clients at their skin care proficiency level, offering treatments and services that are simple, provide quick results, and match their needs, they will encourage even the manliest of men to become returning clients.


PattersonCole Patterson has been a licensed aesthetician for over 20 years. She has extensive knowledge in medical dermatology and makeup artistry, specializing in men’s skin care and grooming. She has graced the faces of some of Hollywood’s most famous actors, entertainers, and professional athletes. Patterson works in the film and television industry, behind the scenes, as creative director and makeup artist. She is the owner of Cole Skincare for Men in Los Angeles, California.

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