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The Melanated Mind: Questions Unasked

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Have you ever sensed a bit of hesitation from clients when you first connect with themspecifically clients with melanin-rich skin? What if you could read the minds of your clients with deeper hues? What might you surprisingly discover, and what might not surprise you so much? Skin care professionals may wish we had the inherent ability to read minds and then put clients concerns and questions at rest with just the right answer and solution, but that is not possible.

Fortunately, skin professionals don’t need to have the magic power of reading minds in order to best support the needs and wants of their clients. Due to the prevailing misconceptions and underrepresentation in the skin space around melanin-rich skin, there’s still much work to be done. Many qualified skin professionals experience hesitation and skepticism from some clients as it pertains to entrusting their own skin to them.

The question remains, how do you handle that? Are there ways to even circumvent them? Or perhaps, we are asking the wrong questions and should, rather, seek a deeper understanding to the hesitations themselves?

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C.R. Cooper is a connective, knowledgeable, and compassionate educator who has been a skin enthusiast for over 24 years. As the education manager and master educator for a renowned global institute of learning in the skin health industry, Cooper values organizational and individual industry standards, professional and personal brand integrity, but most importantly the inherent worth in every skin professional.

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