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Primary Concerns: Considerations for Treating Hyperpigmentation 

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Addressing hyperpigmentation is a top priority. With innovative formulas developed by professional brands and our expertise in treatment plans, skin care professionals continually strive to meet our clients needs. 

According to clinical analyses, the primary concern for clients with melanin-rich skin is hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation presents itself in various forms and, depending upon the source, treatment times can vary. This is where the brilliance of an exceptional skin care professional shines the brightest – it is in how we help clients achieve optimal results while managing their expectations.


As we continue our monthly insights on melanin-rich skin, we should understand that the topic of hyperpigmentation will always be a conversation starter for many clients. Firstly, we know that all clients have melanin. However, not all clients have eumelanin-influenced melanin. Eumelanin is one of the two influencers on the quality of melanin that is produced. Eumelanin is the influence on the melanin protein that produces a darker, more insoluble type of pigment. When hyperpigmentation occurs, it shows up as brownish-black pigment spots on skin. Pheomelanin is the other influence on melanin that produces a lighter, more soluble quality of pigment. It shows up as reddish-yellow (sometimes blueish) pigment spots

The solubility of pheomelanin makes treating hyperpigmentation in lighter skin a bit less arduous, making active ingredients easily more readily efficacious in treating it. The insolubility of eumelanin makes treating hyperpigmentation in darker skin a bit more intentional, as the properties of pigment are more resistant in absorption capability. These active ingredients may require a bit more time to show results.

With these things in mind, it is of the utmost importance to set realistic goals and manage client expectations around hyperpigmentation concerns. Its helpful to keep in mind that hyperpigmentation takes time to develop and therefore, will take time to treat. 


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C.R. Cooper is a connective, knowledgeable, and compassionate educator who has been a skin enthusiast for over 24 years. As the education manager and master educator for a renowned global institute of learning in the skin health industry, Cooper values organizational and individual industry standards, professional and personal brand integrity, but most importantly the inherent worth in every skin professional.

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