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A Pre- & Post-Operative Guide for Cosmetic Surgery

Written by   Erin K. Bradford

Proper pre- and post-operative skin care speeds up healing time, protects the cosmetic surgery investment, and ensures the best possible results. The goal is to prepare skin for each procedure and determine the best course of action to achieve a healthy and speedy recovery. “Professional skin care is essential for optimal results after any aesthetic procedure, especially in [patients] undergoing face- and neck-lifts,” says Dr. Jonathan Brower, board certified plastic surgeon. Some suggested cosmetic procedures for mature clients for the face and neck include a face-lift (rhytidectomy), neck-lift (lower rhytidectomy), upper and lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), eyebrow-lift (forehead lift), cheek augmentation, nose surgery (rhinoplasty), chin surgery (mentoplasty), and buccal fat removal (cheek reduction). 

When designing a skin care plan for face- and neck-lift surgery, it is important to consider that most clients will have a mature skin type. This skin type tends to be on the drier side and needs consistent exfoliation to increase cellular turnover and moisture. “I have a low threshold to refer clients to a qualified aesthetician if I think they need to improve their skin quality and elasticity prior to surgery, a process that may take up to one year if there is significant damage. To complement my aesthetician’s efforts during this time, I will get the client started on a neurotoxin and prescription tretinoin regimen to soften fine lines and lighten dark spots. My expectation is that clients will keep up with all these modalities for an optimal result,” says Dr. Brower.


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Erin K. Bradford, president and founder of Advanced Aesthetics Skin Care Studio, is a nationally recognized practicing skin care expert and paramedical micropigmentation specialist who has worked alongside plastic surgeons for over 20 years. She was a previous faculty member for The Aesthetic Society. She currently provides pre- and post-cosmetic surgery skin care and scar management at her skin clinic in Greenville, Rhode Island.




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