Teaching Clients to Apply and Store Essential Oils

Written by Peter Friis, CEO of ESSIO Shower
While at home, it is important for clients to apply essential oils properly to avoid adverse reactions as essential oils are pure, potent liquids that can irritate the skin if they are not applied correctly.
Every day, I cleanse and tone my skin. I also balance, nourish, and protect it.

Teenage Makeup Application

Written by Michelle Richardson, L.E., professional makeup artist and co-owner of California Makeup Academy-Training Center
PREPPING THE FACEAdolescence is the perfect time to adopt a good skin care regimen as this is the time that breakouts are most likely to occur. Teenagers need to know the proper steps and products to care for their skin. The most important part of a beautiful makeup application is a clear, smooth complexion.

Dry Skin: Simple Versus Fungal

Written by Dana Canuso, D.P.M, founder of Dr. Canuso Skincare for Feet
As a skin care professional, it is just as important to know what to recommend for a client's feet as it is for their face, hands, and neck. What should professionals offer the client that has tried everything but simply cannot get rid of the dry, cracked skin on their heels?
Cherries are sweet and vibrantly red fruits that are chock-full of anthocyanins, which are free radical scavengers. This fruit also contains 17 different antioxidant compounds and is known to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

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