Tuesday, 20 December 2022 10:28

The Over-Exfoliation Epidemic: A Culture of Misuse

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Many professionals can think back to a time before they accumulated their perspective knowledge surrounding skin, enough to remember a time when they were taught that exfoliation is the key to good skin. It seemed to be the answer for anything plaguing skin, whether acne, pigmentation, or combating aging skin. Unfortunately, this concept became not only abused within the professional realm, but it also made its way into the well-intentioned but often ill-informed hands of consumers. A scroll on Amazon or a walk through Sephora now has the average person assaulted by alpha hydroxy acids and has tools previously exclusive to the professional within grasp for the average person to use and abuse at home. From handheld microdermabrasion to acids in every step of their regimen, it is now common to see clients with raw, sensitized, and inflamed skin thanks to this unrestricted access.  

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