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Greed Over Service: Ethical Service Practices

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Professionals used to be the only ones to utilize tools and certain products within their treatments that clients were unable to purchase and use on themselves. Now, the veil of professional use-only has been lifted by the ever-growing field of skin care and technology. Tools like galvanic current, microcurrent, high frequency, steaming, and the magnifying light, which were once only connected to one professional unit, can be purchased separately as a handheld device by non-licensed professionals. Collagen masks that were once dry bovine sheets, activated by a solution that was poured over the skin by a professional, are now found pre-packaged and cut to fit most face shapes. These at-home use and DIY practices by clients change the way that professionals approach their treatments and also stop some clients from seeking professional skin care therapy.


Some spas are embracing this growing trend of pre-packaged skin care sheets and allowing their licensed massage therapists to apply eye treatments, lip treatments, and even a full face mask treatment because it is just a mask and “I’m touching the skin when I massage anyways.” The integrity of performing a skin care treatment is becoming disvalued by the ideal that it is only a mask and disregards the ethical practice of providing services within the spectrum of particular licenses. When spas and other places that offer skin care treatments see no harm in disregarding the knowledge and professional licensure that goes into each aesthetician’s license all because they want to add more revenue to their bottom line by having unlicensed aestheticians perform skin care treatments, they have stolen the identity of a professional who has obtained the proper education and licensure.


Then, there exists the licensed professional aesthetician that, before they even perform a skin analysis, they have upgraded the client with the upgrades they want to add to the treatment because it will add more to their top dollar for the day, not because it will benefit the client. Some aestheticians, after they have performed a skin analysis, knowing that their client does not need more upgrades, will insist that they need to have additional upgrades to better treat their skin. These unethical practices performed by licensed professionals, all for monetary gain, is a conditioned sell to pursue an increased collection into their bank. The integrity of the professional is compromised – the benefit is only for the licensed professional and not the client.


It is unfortunate that some licensed professionals and spas choose such unethical practices. As a professional, it is their duty to provide honest, ethical treatments within their scope of practice. When licensed professionals, spas, and businesses practice the highest ethical standards and operate with integrity, each client that is a witness to these standards and operations will always make their way back to receive more treatments and will bring others with them.

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