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Electric Energies: Using Vibrations to Balance Chakras

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Whether the scenery is a bustling street in the downtown of New York City, the white rapids in Georgia’s Chattooga River, the serene, rolling hills in Montana, or the active volcanoes within the Pacific Ocean, Earth is created by wavelengths of energy. Everything is organically designed by these wavelengths, which produce vibrations. Some of the vibrations may be still and some may move so rapidly that an abundance of energy is ready to do some form of work, like the atom.




Being surrounded by these vibrations, the body reacts in different ways to its energy. Thousands of years ago, ancient texts in India found that the body has its own vibrations. These vibrations found within the body are called chakras, Sanskrit for wheel. They found that the body has roughly 114 chakras within it. These chakras are wheels of energy. When the energy is producing positive vibrations, the wheel will turn in a clockwise position, meaning that the chakra is open and flowing without disruption. When the chakra is imbalanced, the wheel can turn in a counter-clockwise position, closing that vibration of energy and bringing negativity into that space. Chakras can also be blocked, where the wheel is not turning at all and the vibration is stagnant, no energy coming in or out of its chakra. These ancient texts recognized the importance of keeping the body in balance to keep the body healthy. When the chakras are all turning in the right direction, the body can function properly with the mind, emotions, and spirit, creating a union between them all.


Although there are 114 chakras, most therapies provided focus on the seven main chakras. These seven main chakras are the root chakra, sacrum (sacral) chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third-eye chakra, and crown chakra. Each of the seven chakras have a corresponding color. The colors pertaining to each chakra are based off of the rainbow spectrum. The root chakra is red. The sacrum (sacral) chakra is orange. The solar plexus chakra is yellow. The heart chakra is green. The throat chakra is blue. The third-eye chakra is indigo. The crown chakra is white or violet. Each of these chakras and their respective colors have outside energies that can help bring balance to their imbalance – gemstones.




Gemstones correlate to these chakras, as they also hold vibrations within them that the body responds to. Dating back even farther than the ancient Sanskrit texts on chakras, gemstones were used by many civilized cultures. Gemstones were and are believed to have healing power within them. This healing power is based off the vibration the gemstone emits. When this energy is near or on the body, it aids the chakras within to flow with positive energy.


Being that both chakras and gemstones are able to bring the body, mind, spirit, and emotions into balance, wellness centers, spas, and individual professional providers find that the skin responds better to treatments performed where gemstones are incorporated. When the client is in balance, the cells perform more efficiently to the products being applied because they are not trying to fight the resistance of an imbalanced body. Not only does the client feel at ease, but the professional provider does, as well.


In order to perform a chakra balancing treatment with gemstones, or a stand-alone gemstone therapy treatment, it is best to seek out a trainer that has a background in chakra therapies. An experienced trainer will be able to offer more in-depth training and show certain techniques to help bring the chakras in balance.


Many product lines are now including gemstones into their offerings as tools for professionals to use on their clients. Jade rollers have been around for a long time. Now, rose quartz, obsidian, amethyst, and quartz crystal rollers and masks are appearing in the market. Not only do these tools look glamorous and sophisticated, but consumers are becoming more and more savvy with knowing that gemstones offer some form of healing to the body, mind, spirit, and emotions.


Using these forms of gemstone tools within skin care treatments will bring a positive vibration into the body. Whether the gemstone tools are rollers, gua sha, budding knobs, pre-woven gemstone masks that can directly be used on the skin, or a collective of various stones corresponding to their chakras that can be placed on or near their chakras, they are an added form of healing therapy to any kind of skin care treatment – a vibration of positive energy playing its part in the wavelengths of our organic world.



Amra Lear 2014Since 1997, Amra Lear has worked as a licensed massage therapist in the spa industry. She added an additional master aesthetic license in 2005. She is trained in over 100 modalities and certified in over 30. Along with working as a dual-licensed professional, Lear helps to develop treatments and train other licensed professionals in the skills and techniques she has learned throughout the years.

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