Infographic: Massage

Written by Felicia Brown
86% of Massage Therapists in the United States are women and most people become massage therapists as a second career.
Do: Use products consistently. In order for results to be seen, clients need to use their homecare regimen on a consistent basis. Furthermore, they should only use the products as they have been instructed to by their skin care professional. If the client uses products on a regular basis, they should expect to see results in about four to six weeks.

Private Label Skin Care: Put Your Name Where the Money Is

Written by Cheryl Whitman, founder and CEO of beautiful forever Aesthetic Business Consulting
The future of private label skin care lines in the spa is bright as spa owners recognize this burgeoning and lucrative market. Just one successful product can offer a greater return on investment and start to make the professional a skin care authority

Wake Up and Smell the Essential Oils

Written by Antonia Schreiber, L.E., L.M.T., owner and operator of The Windham Spa
Aromatherapy provides spa professionals the ability to make every service in the treatment room customizable. Be it a mask, moisturizer, or linen spray, aromatherapy is not only a catalyst in achieving desired results, but also improving the bottom line of the spa.  
Researchers from two universities in Germany, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and the University of Kiel, recently discovered the molecular mechanism behind the synthesis of melanin using a technique that involved mutation of tyrosinase. Melanin, which is produced by melanocytes, contributes to both skin and hair color and is found in almost all life forms. For example, it gives insects protection against pathogenic microorganisms and promotes…

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