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The Medspa Mantra for the Mature

Written by Lisa Jinks, MD
One of the more challenging issues facing medical spas is effectively treating the aging client. Once a person reaches their mid-40s to early 50s, multiple forces are at work that result in poor skin quality, loss of elasticity, and the development of static lines. Formulating a comprehensive, yet easily understood treatment plan for this population is crucial. If the plan is too limited, they likely…
So, let’s start with the name. Vivace is pronounced vēˈväˌCHā and is taking the aesthetics industry by storm. While microneedling devices are not new to the industry, Aesthetics Biomedical’s breakthrough product adds radio frequency to the trusted microneedling treatment. WHY ADD RADIO FREQUENCY TO MICRONEEDLING TREATMENTS? Adding radio frequency (RF) to a microneedling procedure maximizes the results of the treatment by further stimulating the body’s…
Many of you may be wondering, “How did she do that? I can barely master two sets of 10 on the drive to work.” Well, let me tell you about the newest breakthrough treatment that everyone should have in their practice. WHAT ARE KEGELS? Before I delve into this amazing service you could be offering in your practice, let’s do a brief recap for anyone…

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