Peels of the Present

This month’s topic is the ideal bit of conversation for the month of February – peels, peeling agents, peel series, and more! The aesthetics industry has been obsessed with peels since the small hit of glycolic in the early 80s. Do not get me wrong; the industry has come a very long way, but the concept and the desire have not waned.

Today’s options in chemical peels, blended peels, signature peels, and designer peels are beyond fabulous. They provide virtually every individual with almost every skin type assistance, from a mild exfoliation to a full-facial renewal. What is even more fantastic is that the harshness of old-school peels have been perfectly paired with powerful antioxidants, soothing agents, brighteners, and glycosaminoglycan-boosting ingredients. The result? Fresh, new, youthful skin without the side effects of potential irritation, pigmentation, or heightened sensitivity.

As with almost every part of the industry, we have refined advanced ways of achieving a youthful appearance while both maintaining and optimizing overall skin health. This, in turn, delivers an even more youthful appearance.

Read on and take it all in. This issue is packed with information, ideas, and knowledge on how best to master one’s skin peeling services.

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