Time After Time

Although a clerkly, inevitable, critical topic, nothing makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up more than the term age management, and that is clearly because I have now entered the management stage. 

Those who know me, know that I refuse to refer to skin over the age of forty as aging or mature. Several years ago, I coined the term “sophisticated” for all skin in need of assistance of turning back time.  

However, I am clearly aware of the inevitable process of aging, and the fundamental role it plays in our businesses. Fortunately, for all skin care professionals, the aesthetics industry has continued to excel in research and development of ingredients, products, treatments, and equipment specifically designed and formulated to not only turn back the hands of time, but in many cases, to slow the ticker all together.  

Using the professional’s  knowledge and expertise of skin, their analysis and consultation, combined with the phenomenal offerings available, they really have the ability address multiple factors of sophisticated skin concerns at multiple levels. Readers should take their time with this month’s issue. It is packed with information to sharpen skills and even change the way that each individual approaches their needs.  

From products and treatments to lasers, lights, current, and combined modality treatments, by the end of this issue, readers will be the master of sophistication. Do not forget to check out the website for even more tips, tricks, and insights! Happy spring! 

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