Thank You 2022

Well, here we are – rounding out another year and preparing for the start of a new beginning. This time of the year holds so much emotion: laughter and joy, sorrow and pain, grief and sadness, relief and calmness, and so much more. 

I like to take the month of December to reflect on every part of my life, but most importantly, the gratitude for the things that I have – the gratitude for every new day, every new morning, every smile, and every breath. Having gratitude for the little things is important because the little things is what gets us through each day. 

This leads us right to this month’s issue very special section, the Cover Contest. I absolutely love this issue! We will take an everyday, hardworking professional who is committed to what they do, changes lives, and raises the bar of our industry. This is precisely what our job is all about, and what better way to end the year than by celebrating one of our own fabulous superstars. Congratulations, Iysha!  

We had so many fantastic submissions. Choosing was not an easy task, but the most gratifying component was getting to know so many professionals by getting a first-hand look into their career world and the piece of the skin care profession that they have carved out in their lives.  

We at DERMASCOPE thank you all. And I thank you for all the inspiration. To everyone out there, end your year on a high note. No matter what has happened this year, be grateful. Be grateful for whatever it is that you do have. Be grateful simply for yourself. Happy holidays and a happy farewell to 2022. My blessings to you all. 



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