Riding Solo

Here we are! Happy New Year! I hope everyone’s 2023 is off to an amazing start! Although in reality, a new beginning can happen any time one chooses, there is something about a new year that grants some type of super permission. It is quite freeing while at the same time quite overpowering. Either way, I am one to take full advantage of it. 

This month’s topic feeds into the dynamic of new beginnings in the sense that going out on one’s own as a solo professional can be a very big new start at any point in one’s career. It is also both very freeing and very overpowering. 

The fact is that there is not necessarily a right way or wrong way to go solo, and there might not even be an ideal time to do it. Do not get me wrong, there are some things that must be in place, but a large part of one’s success will be learned as one goes – falling down and getting back up, making mistakes and learning from then. It is very much like life. What works for one person may not work for another, and what truly drives the success of one individual may not at all be the motivator for another. 

Everyone simply must learn on their own. However, the following things are absolutely necessary: believe in yourself, regardless of what others say. Have a basic plan that includes startup expenses, location, products, services, and marketing ideas. These things do not have to break the bank. As the business grows, so will its ability to expand. New equipment can be purchased down the road, and social media just takes time. Lastly, just do it. Do not wait to regret not doing it six months down the line. Here is to all the solo professionals in 2023! 

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