A New Day

At this point, we are entering 2024. My question to you is, how do you think it will go? Have you made any resolutions? Do you have a plan in place to stick to them? Are you heading in the direction of growth and success?

I hope you are. I truly do. But if you are not, it is time to redirect. I am one for saying that every day is a new day. There is never any sense in looking back because yesterday cannot be changed, but tomorrow surely can. Set your sights on something that inspires and excites you, like a new product line, a new piece of equipment, or a new paint color on your treatment room wall. The objective is to grab the reigns and control the direction of your career. You, and only you can make things happen. To sit back and wait for someone or something to alter your pathway is simply a waste of time that only leads to incredible disappointment.

Fortunately, AIA and DERMASCOPE is here for a little support (actually a lot of support). The pages of this magazine and the content of the DERMASCOPE website are a powerhouse of tools to help every skin care professional flourish and grow. Decide what tickles your fancy and pop that word or phrase in the search line. You will be provided with source material that is sure to give guidance, answer questions, and sort out comparisons that can sometimes be paralyzing and prevent forward motion. The bottom line is that it is January. The year has begun. Tomorrow is a new day. Let it be a new beginning.

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