Doing Better

There is something very special about the month of September. I think of it as a transition month. It is that precarious shift between summer and fall, between vacation mode and school mode, and between a little bit of lazy life and structure. It is also a month that sparks a cool energy and newness. New beginnings and fresh starts are often talked about at the start of a new year, but there is something about September that sparks the same type of thrill and excitement. 

As a kid, I remember that thrill of the unknown of a new school year. As a parent, I am still reminded of that same thrill. It is a fresh start, a new beginning, an opportunity to do new things, meet new people, and set new goals. These are things that I find thrilling about September. 

I encourage all readers to think about the newness of this month and to consider igniting the end of the year, rather than waiting until the beginning of the next one. Do something a little different. Pretend it is the start of your new school year. Read a new book, take a new class, meet a new colleague, set a new goal, and so forth. Do something for yourself – something that gives a little thrill or that sets off an exhilarating ride to race to the end of the year in a quest for accomplishment and success.  

Life is too short, and the months pass by so quickly. Readers should take this moment to reflect on what it is they could do better, should do better, or want to do better – and do it.  

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