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Over the years, the various aspects of the beauty and skin care business have completely evolved into their own entities, and hair removal leads that pack. Schools and states alike have created licensing requirements and education that are specific to hair removal practices, such as waxing, laser, and the long-forgotten electrolysis.

Every form of business related to hair removal has done the same. There are now product manufacturers, distributors, spas, salons, and clinics dedicated solely to hair removal products and services. The unique part of this niche of our profession is that it continues to evolve in and of itself –  ever changing new products for pre-, post-, and removal, new applicators, new equipment, and new techniques. All things that allow for continued growth of a service business. What was once a focus on removing hair from the legs, bikini area, and face has evolved into every inch of the body including nostrils, ears, and custom designed bikini areas for one and all

This month’s issue will serve as a hair removal bible for any hair removal expert. Take the time to explore each page and keep yourself open to new offerings of products. What makes one different from another or different from what you currently use? Where does the product come from and what is the level of both customer service and equational support? Dive into new ways of doing what you are currently doing. You may find yourself surprised that your finely tuned skills can get even better – making your business even better.

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