Radiating Recognition

I love the month of December. It is full of laughter, love, family, friends, and reflection. It is the finale of the year, and the opportunity to embrace the events of the last twelve months in order to boldly steer into a brand-new beginning. But the best part of December is the announcement of the amazing Cover Contest winner for 2021! 

We all strive for recognition in life. Whether it be glitz, glitter, and notoriety or simply looking in the mirror and proudly giving recognition to the image looking back. In any case, this recognition represents exactly what professionals give to their clients every single day. Skin care professionals look at the whole. They carefully extract the necessary details of their clients’ lives in an effort to improve the way they look and feel about themselves. Professionals provide clients with some of those essential tools to look in the mirror and proudly appreciate themselves. There is nothing more powerful than that. 

This is also what DERMASCOPE’s Cover Contest is all about. Recognizing the amazing women and men in the skin care industry that are the reason for the season –the reason that this profession continues to be the fastest-growing profession in the labor force. A profession that touches the lives of all ages, all ethnicities, all sexes, and all people with only one motive – to help clients live healthier, more beautiful lives. 

To all the entrants, thank you for your submissions. Each one was amazing. Every contestant will definitely have their day. The thing to remember is that skin care professionals are a force that can collectively use their knowledge, skill, passion, and commitment to change the world, even if only in a small way. 

Congratulations, Sharon! This is your moment of recognition. Everyone is so proud of you. 

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