Feeling the Brotherly Love in Philadelphia

Aesthetics International Association (AIA) traveled to the east coast last month to exhibit at the International Congress of Esthetics & Spa (ICES) in Philadelphia, Pa. AIA has been an advocate and supporter of ICES for almost two decades because it is one of the best places for skin care professionals to network, expand their knowledge, and obtain new training and education that can be shared…

Staying Driven and Passionate

Each year, the Aesthetics International Association (AIA) offers several continuing education opportunities, such as the CEU exam within each issue of DERMASCOPE Magazine. AIA also offers live events that are coordinated in conjunction with the tradeshows of the International Congress of Esthetics & Spa (ICES).

Joining a Trade Association

Are you interested in furthering your career but are not sure where to begin? Joining a trade association is a great place to start; there are associations for every profession or area of interest. Kelly Cherwin says, “An association is a synergistic group, meaning that the effect of a collection of people is greater than just one person.” We have a bigger voice and platform…

No Limits

The hair removal industry is bursting with different modalities to remove unwanted hair. From the ancient techniques of threading to the current trend of lasers, there are many solutions for hair removal and even for diminishing hair growth.

Reigniting Passions

As each year dawns, we find ourselves compelled to make New Year’s resolutions. Typically, we choose to lose weight, quit a bad habit, or build up funds in the savings account. While all of those are excellent resolutions, what about your career? What commitments will you make towards your future?

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