Lindsay Miller, president of LYCON USA

Lindsay Miller, president of LYCON USA

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The Sovereign of Smooth 

Lindsay Miller was working in London, England when she experienced her first LYCON wax. She had decided to try out the hottest wax bar in town where celebrities, such as the Spice Girls, went and raved about their experience. Having always been a bit fearful of the pain associated with waxing and the awkwardness of the overall service, Miller was nervous as she walked in. Much to her surprise, she left the wax bar with confidence and not feeling any pain. 

 After moving back to Canada, Miller tried to find a spa or a wax bar that would give her the same pleasant waxing experience. With no luck, she started doing her research and realized that the wax used at the wax bar in London was the answer – LYCON wax.  

Miller reached out to the Australian head office and was able to secure the distribution rights to Canada, bringing LYCON wax to the Canadian market. The following year, she continued the distribution in the United States market with the intention of growing and expanding the product line and availability.  

LYCON continues to be known as the crème de la crème of waxes and is used in over 75 countries around the world by spas and salons. Miller continues her focus on the growth of LYCON in North America with the launch of many new products, including the Pinkini Brazilian Care Collection, a first of its kind, as well as the LYCON Skin line of products which has most recently been introduced to the market.  


“Partnering with Lindsay at LyconUSA has been an amazing experience for us these last seven years. Her continued support of our company, Barely There Wax Supply, has been exceptional.” -Jennifer Vermilyea, co-founder of Barely There Wax Supply  


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