Dr. Ben Johnson, founder of Osmosis Beauty

Dr. Ben Johnson, founder of Osmosis Beauty

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The Revolutionary 

Dr. Ben Johnson has been in aesthetic medicine as a leader, educator, and innovator for the last 25 years. He is not the first medical doctor to become a formulator of skin care and supplements, but he may be the first medical doctor to approach skin holistically. For years, many wrote Dr. Johnson’s ideas off as the “ramblings of a madman,” but this did not deter him. He prides himself on being a disrupter and pursuer of truth regardless of how much that truth may challenge decades of medical and aesthetic belief systems. He has always remained committed to what his own research and intuition were telling him, and the result is an entirely new understanding of how skin conditions are created and how to resolve them. 

 Dr. Johnson’s rapidly growing following inspires him, but it pales in comparison to the joy he gets from helping people around the world understand how to make real changes to their skin and health. He is that rare CEO that continues to collaborate directly with individuals and professionals so that his philosophy can eventually transform the skin care and medical aesthetic landscape.  

Besides developing formulas that stand alone in creating permanent changes on skin, Dr. Johnson provides a path to resolving many health concerns after learning of the need to address the terrible triad responsible for it all – toxins, pathogens, and emotions. He discovered a new way to read the clues that skin offers, using a novel approach to skin mapping and guidance on the most common foods, medicines, and supplements that create skin and health challenges. Dr. Johnson’s passion and heartfelt commitment to help is palpable in his podcasts and videos, and they serve as an inspiration to thousands of skin care professionals and individuals to carry it forward. Taking the road less traveled can extend the journey due to frequent resistance and challenges, but the rewards for remaining steadfast and heart-centered are indescribable. 


“Dr. Ben Johnson has done something truly unique in the world of integrative aesthetics. While many give lip service to the fact that true beauty is an inside-out game, Dr. Johnson has both innovated and disrupted his field by creating next-level skin care and whole-body nutrition that enhance each other’s effectiveness, bringing skin health and wellness to a level never before achieved..” -Dr. Howard Cohn, founder of Cohn Health Institute 


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