Nichelle Mosley, owner of Queen City Beauty Group + Wellness

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Beauty Queen 

In 2017, Nichelle Mosley used her years of experience in plastic surgeons’ offices, dermatologists’ practices, medical spas, and general practitioners’ offices to form Queen City Beauty Group + Wellness. Today, Mosley uses protocols she developed from the treatments she knew worked in each of those settings. Overly harsh treatments do not follow her progressive, not aggressive approach, which regularly produces amazing before and after results for her clientele. 

Mosley discovered the discipline of corneotherapy, also known as integrative aesthetics, in 2018 and realized many of the principles of corneotherapy aligned with the ways in which she was treating her clients. As she studied this method, she noted scientific reasons for the rapid and impressive results she experienced with her clients. At Queen City Beauty Group + Wellness, Mosley continues to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms they visit for. 

Additionally, Mosley has invented a pre-cleansing tool, The Queens Cloth. She has also launched a few product lines, including Rooted Queen Skincare. Mosley mentors other professionals, runs clinics in California and North Carolina, moderates a few online aesthetics forums, represents several well-known brands in the industry, and serves as an ambassador for quite a few brands, including DERMASCOPE magazine. 

On a lifelong journey to improve the industry as a whole, Mosley began to see gaps that made it difficult for solo skin care professionals to compete with some of their larger and better-funded competitors. Licensed professionals that work in clinics often have access to training programs and resources that solo professionals do not. As a result, Mosley is launching an online platform this year, The Skin Barrier Academy, to help any licensed professionals that want access to unbiased, honest, and well-researched information, protocols, case studies, interviews with industry leaders, and so much more. 

Mosley seeks to improve the industry’s knowledge around treating skin of color, as well. Even today, training and education around skin of color lags far behind training centered around lighter skin tones. Mosley believes the client of color deserves a professional who understands their skin and how to treat it safely and effectively. Mosley also believes each professional deserves to be able to treat anyone who comes into their business with confidence and effective treatments. When someone knows better, they can do better.  


“Nichelle Mosley is everything I aspire to be. She has encouraged me to trust in myself and my abilities. I will be forever grateful for her kindness, knowledge, and patience.” -Lynne Dicks, L.E., owner & operator of Skinology UK 

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