Dr. Mark Lees, president of Mark Lees Skin Care Inc.

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With a very diverse educational background and college concentrations in both animal science and theater, Dr. Mark Lees has a strong love for both science and the arts. He believes that when theater crosses with animal science, the result is impeccable skin care. 

After university graduation, Dr. Lees began his aesthetics training at Christine Valmy in New York, New York. He returned to Florida and began practicing in a full-service salon. After less than two years, Dr. Lees opened his own private practice, specializing in corrective skin care. 

He attracted many clients with acne-prone and congested skin, and even though he was successful, he was puzzled that his clients’ skin improved but still had recurring problems with pore congestion. He began researching the problem and discovered that many of his clients were using high-fat products that contained comedogenic spreading agents that were clogging the pores from the outside. 

Armed with his strong background in biology and chemistry, Dr. Lees began developing products that did not cause this external clogging. The result was the Mark Lees Skin Care line, now carried by skin care professionals across the United States. 

During this time, Dr. Lees also went back to graduate school, concentrating on studies in acne care and sun damage prevention. After receiving his master’s degree in health, he continued to receive his Ph.D. in health sciences, going to classes four nights a week for three years and then completing two additional years of doctoral research. 

A few years later, Dr. Lees published his first book, “Skin Care: Beyond the Basics,” which teaches licensed skin care professionals about real world aesthetics practice. Dr. Lees says, “It is the book I wish I had when I got out of aesthetics school!” The book is now in its fourth edition. He has also written a consumer book, “The Skin Care Answer Book,” and his latest book, “Clearing Concepts,” is all about acne treatments. 

Dr. Lees believes that the most successful professionals are the most educated professionals, ones who have an unending appetite for knowledge. His best advice to professionals is to, “Stop doing facials and start practicing skin care.” The best approach is a program approach – combing great analysis skills with treatment techniques and, most importantly, a user-friendly, carefully chosen homecare program. Dr. Lees explained, “What the client is doing to their skin at all times is what really makes the difference in skin care success.”  

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