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The Year of Sparkle: Iysha C. Wedderburn

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In an industry that has many avenues in which all kinds of aestheticians can excel, finding one’s identity as a service provider and skin expert is the first step towards a long, lively career. Social media has made those avenues more easily accessible, but it has also created some prefab aesthetician personalities that are proven to gain the attention of the majority. It can be easy, and some might even say business savvy, for new skin care professionals to fall into these successful cookie cutter careers. Why try to reinvent the wheel?  

However, there are those individuals who cannot help but to sparkle and shine. Enter Iysha C. Wedderburn. An Arizona native, Wedderburn is a tri-state licensed aesthetician, owner of Sparkle N Sparkle Skincare, and one who is for standing out from the crowd. When the DERMASCOPE team first read her Cover Contest application, her personality leaped off the page and led us to her dynamic Instagram page, @ __sparklenshine.  

Self-proclaimed as “Yo Esti Aunti,” Wedderburn is a corrective skin care specialist with style. From her sassy photoshoots to her glowing client testimonies and stunning skin transformations, this year’s Cover Contest winner is a star in her own right. This issue’s cover simply solidifies that fact.  


What is the earliest memory you have of skin care, beauty, self-care, and so on?   

My first memory of skin care and beauty was when my mom was a representative for Mary Kay back in the 80s. She would have parties in the dining room and would always have me assist her with setting up the little trays and mirrors for her guests.  


Growing up, what line of work did you think you would end up in?  

My dream was to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader or a famous showgirl in Las Vegas – something in the entertainment industry. 


What is your greatest strength as a practicing aesthetician?  

My greatest strength is my skin consultations and skin analysis. I can literally look at someone’s skin and recommend products, diet changes, and prescribe an entire treatment plan without even touching the client.   


What is your greatest weakness?  

My greatest weakness is working on a day I promised to take off to accommodate a client. I am working on setting better boundaries with my time off. 


Whose career do you most admire or want to emulate?  

I would have to say former first lady, Michelle Obama’s aesthetician, JoElle Lee. She is so knowledgeable regarding all skin types and how to treat any client’s skin. My ultimate goal is to become a world-renowned educator, and JoElle Lee is an excellent one!  


What do you love about the aesthetician networks you are a part of?  

I love the support, collaborations, bonding time, and how we assist each other with navigating and balancing life as solo aestheticians. We discuss different skin care protocols and modalities as well as what is and is not working for our businesses. We meet up in different cities to mastermind and discuss everything about spa and skin. It is truly a sisterhood. 


What sets you apart as an award-winning aesthetician?  

I do what works and makes sense as far as corrective skin care. I do not follow fads or what is trending. My passion and dedication alone speak volumes about the results and education I provide for my clients and audience. People have always shared with me that they see my passion so strongly in what I do.  


How would you describe your clientele?  

I consider myself as the aesthetician to the executives. The majority of my clientele are business owners themselves or are in the public eye. My clients come to me because they are on a journey to healthy skin or need assistance with learning more about how to care for their skin. I also have a large teenage clientele in which I really enjoy boosting their confidence and self-esteem. It is rough being a teenager with acne in this new world of social media where everything appears perfect. I am a huge advocate for mental health and anti-bullying for my teenage clients. 


How has the increased interest in consumer skin care impacted your business?  

It has been a blessing to me! I am very familiar and knowledgeable with a wide range of skin care products, both professional and over the counter, so I can educate my clients and audience when it pertains to skin care education. It has also increased the virtual consultation side of my business.  


How did you choose your specialty?  

It took some time because I wanted to do everything in the beginning, from eyelashes to waxing to body contouring. The main service that put a smile on my heart was witnessing my clients build their self-esteem with each visit. This helped me realize corrective skin care and education was my passion.   


How did you choose your spa name?  

My spa name describes exactly who I am and what I do. We bring out the inner shine clients always had within. And I love anything bling, sparkly, shining, and clean. 


When did you start reading DERMASCOPE?  

I started reading DERMASCOPE back in 2016 when I attended my first tradeshow in New York, New York. There was a booth where I signed up for it, and I have been reading DERMASCOPE magazine ever since. DERMASCOPE provides so much education and resources. 


How do you give back to the industry?  

I believe in helping fellow aestheticians, so I go and speak to aesthetic students to answer questions and provide information on what to expect right after school. 


What do you think are the most recent, important advances in skin care?  

Important advances have been the awareness and education on the importance of wearing sunscreen no matter what ethnic background you are! I see my fellow aestheticians communicating this on their platforms now more than ever. 


What does it mean to you to be on the cover?  

This issue’s cover means that diversity is here and present. It means so much because I hope that my DERMASCOPE presence inspires someone to believe that anything is possible. I want everyone in the industry to know to never give up! Dream big! Do not knock on the doors of opportunities, kick them down. 



What skin care brands do you carry? I carry Lira Clinical and Skin Script Skin Care. 

What research did you conduct before choosing these two brands for your spa? I took several courses and classes to educate myself on the ingredients and study protocols for skin types. 

What space were you trying to fill in your practice when you decided to partner with Lira 

Clinical? I wanted to provide brighter, healthier, and younger skin care. I also appreciate science and nature’s approach to skin correction and health. 

How has Lira’s products and education impacted your business? They have provided me more revenue through product retailing.  

What are your favorite Lira products? My must-haves are the Mystiq Illuminating Beauty Oil and the Mystiq Illuminating Polisher. 

What do you love most about Skin Script’s support as a brand partner? Skin Script’s headquarters are down the street from where I live. I am always there picking up products or taking a class, and they are always so helpful when I have questions. 

What kind of results have you achieved using Skin Script’s products? I definitely have witnessed many clients’ skin transformations with their chemical peels and the homecare kits for maintenance. 

What Skin Script products have stood out to you the most? The Lemon Zest Enzyme! It gives visible results after the first treatment, and my clients love the smell.  


Iysha C. Wedderburn is proof that success does not have to be the result of perfectly executed formula. She is unapologetically herself and would not have it any other way. From her authenticity to the passion she funnels into her care, the Cover Contest is richer having had her participate.  


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