Rikki Kusy, founder and CEO of Dermaplane Pro

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In the early 2000s, interest in dermplaning was on the rise. Aestheticians loved the results and wanted to offer the service to their clients. The problem was that there was no formal training or supplies for this service. Blades of any kind were not available for aestheticians who were not working in a medical office. 

Rikki Kusy saw a need in the market for a comprehensive dermaplaning course that included individual coaching, tools, and supplies that would be available to all aestheticians. Her degree in education was put to good use as she developed an all-encompassing dermaplane training course that included an online didactic portion as well as hands-on steps to success with a focus on safety, comfort, and excellent outcomes for both practitioner and client. Kusy also created ProStart Kits so aestheticians would have dermaplaning specific tools, products, and supplies that they could easily integrate into their existing backbar. 

Dermaplaning was originally a way to prepare skin for more even and deeper chemical peel penetration. However, Kusy saw it as having the potential to be on par with microdermabrasion’s level of exfoliation. Moving away from two-to-three feather strokes focused on the forehead and cheeks, Kusy expanded the treatment to include six-to-eight strokes that focus on the full face and sides of the neck, including contouring over eyebrows, under the eyes, around the lips, and the nose. 

Over time, dermaplaning has evolved into one of the top requested treatments in both medical and day spa settings. While dermaplaning can be performed on all skin types and tones, the traditional method of dermaplaning dry posed some challenges. With aestheticians and clients experiencing post-treatment challenges such as breakouts, bumps, and chapping, Kusy developed a serum-like blend of oils that would allow dermaplaning to be performed more effectively on all skin types. The industry responded favorably to the improved safety, comfort, client satisfaction, and improved outcomes as more clients became candidates for dermaplaning. 

Today, DermaplanePro continues to evolve their method and products to better serve the aesthetics industry. DermaplanePro now offers their signature certification course in 42 locations throughout the United States and over nine countries internationally. 


“Kusy provides exceptional training for the beauty industry and does it in a way that is approachable while building confidence for providers. Her techniques are unique, as they are designed for the provider to perform an elevated service while also keeping the physical body mechanics in mind for longevity in the treatment room. It has been an honor to know and work with her in a professional capacity.” -Rebecca Olpin, lead educator for Sorella Apothecary 


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